Lucky Strike in Bellevue opening up an arcade section in September


The title itself doesn’t tell much, but i have connections to the general manager of Lucky Strike and we can really push some influence and create something really big here if we try.

Basically, there’s a fairly popular bar and small bowling alley in the semi-new Lincoln Square down in Bellevue (right across from Bellevue Square). I dunno how many of you guys have been there but it is a pretty nice place. Now I’ve been told that the manager has already decided on opening a big area in the back of the bar area and turning it into a bit of an arcade.

Now, if we (through me, I guess) get involved with this, we can really make something great happen. Of course he’s gonna put in DDR and like police 911 since seeing people do that while drunk is probably funny as hell, but with an sf4 cab, or possibly two, it’s entirely possible that we can see exciting events similar to that of Street Fighter Barfights, or even with two setups and their xbox 360 + big tv they already have, entire tournaments at this place. I’m imagining the big great group we have at preppopolis every other week, and placing this big group in a great bar with lights, a sick DJ, bowling lanes, and most importantly, a REAL crowd and audience of regular people who can learn how exciting competitive video gaming really can be. How cool would it be to tell some chicks your friend just introduced you to that they should come by lucky strike on x day to watch a street fighter tournament that you’ll be kickin’ ass in?

This is something that doesn’t benefit me (firstly because i’ve got a few years to go before 21, and secondly because i’m gonna leave to toronto for college as september starts) but something that I would really love to see happen. I want to bring the excitement that we go through so often, magnify it with a great atmosphere, and bring it to “the people”.

Now what I propose is that, if we can get details on what would be needed in order for such events to occur, we can bring these to the manager, along with the promise that if he holds these events, we can give them a show. Questions like, “Where do we really get SF4 cabs, how much do they cost, and do they have video out so that we can put this on the TVs or a projector for people to actually watch and see?”, “Do we have to have more than one cabinet, or would it be better to have just one cabinet for the arcade, and run tournaments on console?”, “Can we reliably get good commentators available for these events?”, and “Would Lucky Strike contributing to make bigger pot prizes be a good idea? Can we bring in bigger and bigger audiences for this to be profitable?” are all questions that need to be answered if we want to see this become a reality.

Anyway I just want some feedback on this, if worse comes to worse and no one is particularly excited about the idea I’ll just talk to Vince and tell him what possibilities lie here, and then maybe lead him here to this forum to any questions he needs to ask himself. The worst thing I can see this being is that we get another place just 15 min east of downtown with an SF4 cab that we can gather at that’s right next to two nice malls, cheaper food, and free parking. Also possibly a marvel cab or whatever else he decides by chance to put there that is worth playing.

Thanks guys.


it would be amazing but the odds of them buying SF4 cabs is prolly low… id love to see this happen though (sorry I dont have anything constructive to say lol)


I’d say a Tekken 6 BR cab would do nicely at Lucky Strike. I imagine the crowd that establishment caters to would make BR viable.


but at the same time sf4 is so accessible to new and old players…


I’d probably go to it if it were to end up like htat, I don’t have much more to offer than that unfortunately.


I don’t know where it is, and I live in Lacey/Oly, but depending on what happens, I might be a steady source of income for dude.


didn’t arcade characters get some balance update for the console release? If so, would the cabinets contain those updates?


I thought Mickey and Frank did a good job on the live stream from gameclucks that one time.

This sounds cool. I think it’s worth it to mention though that they have a dress code at Lucky Strike. It’d be fun to see everyone all dressed up for a SF tourny. haha.

From their site-----

Dress Code Strictly Enforced

The following are not permitted:

  • Athletic wear, sweats or sports jerseys
  • MC colors
  • Excessively baggy clothing (Tuck-ins are not permitted)
  • Sleeveless T-shirts
  • Plain white T-shirts (short or long sleeve)
  • Construction boots
  • Headgear
  • Chains
  • Ripped or soiled clothing


Bellevue’s gay :tdown:


No plain white T-shirts? :rofl:

But yeah, I’d be there quite often. Sounds cool.


YES, please do whatever it takes for him to get SF4 cabs! I don’t give as hit how gay bellevue is, lucky strike is near by where I live, has bowling and alcohol in the same place, and is near a good movie thater. Adding sf4 to the mix can only be a good thing.

Lucky strike does have some weird fucked up rules though, like they are scared of anybody that’s not a bellevue yuppie. When I first saw it with some friends we were checking out the dress code, and it said “no MC colors”. I asked what it meant, it took them like 10 minutes to find someone who knew it meant “no motorcycle colors”. When I asked what motorcycle colors were, nobody there knew, lol. No plain white Ts is another stupid one. (EDIT: wow, I didn’t even realize the ‘no athletic wear’ thing… even that gay ass ‘Parlour’ bar isn’t THAT bad)


Strike 1: Dress Code. (Come on no Jerseys but they clearly allow wife beaters?)
Strike 2: No one under 21 after 8pm. (There goes all of the good competition.)
Strike 3: It has that snooty upscale rich people vibe to it. (It’s in Bellevue, enough said.)

The place has to be more accessible to more people. I guess it’s fine if we all fit the locale’s requirements, but I’m sure there are plenty of people in the NW that don’t fit all of the requirements.

…btw for MC colors think Harleys and biker gangs.


But what are “harley and biker gangs” colors?? Do they have specific colors that I’m not aware of? Not that it matters since nobody in the actual place seems to know anyway, haha.

8pm is way early, but gameworks policy is pretty similar even though it’s 18. It’s not like all the good competition is between 18 and 21. And I don’t really care about venues either, if the place is a dump or upscale- if it’s close to where I live and has sf4 I’d go. I mean- would it be the BEST place to go in the NW? Obviously not, but getting more machines in more locations can’t be a bad thing.


I’d go.


Cabs for new games are expensive. Throw in a MvC2 & ST cab with decent controls and I’d show up. Put ST in a Jap sit-down cab so that I won’t have to deal with standing when drunk, and I’m good.

I haven’t been drunk in public for some time. Just give me an excuse, I’m begging you.


I try to stay away from the Parlor and Lucky Strike unless it’s for a party, all the yuppies and the dress code annoy me. I’m all for being a part of the loud drunk gamer crowd and making them uncomfortable though.


It’s not specific colors, it’s more like wearing Motorcycle Club patches, gear, badges etc. Basically you can’t show that you’re part of a motorcycle club. It’s worded that way so that they won’t get in trouble legally.

I’d probably go to check it out at least once. but that would probably be it. I wouldn’t doubt that the price of a game would be at least $1.50


it’s weird to me that they wouldn’t be able to say no motorcycle gear or patches, but they can say no athletic clothing, haha. But…whatever I guess.

Parlour definitely sucks, and idk about lucky strike, I’ve been in there to check it out, but never hung out there or anything. It’s obvious they’re catering to that yuppie crowd I guess, and the rules they set for that are retarded, but the pepole themselves don’t bother me. I mean…just cuz people have money or dress a certain way they’re still just people…some are cool some are dicks just like any group of people. If they set the price of games high just because of that kind of crowd though, I definitely wouldn’t go, fuck that.


Parlor is actually really good for happy hour… that’s about all I’d go there for though.


I went there to get some shots before a movie recently, and I noticed that at least they got some better looking waitresses. They used to have a bunch of unhappy chubby bitches, and that uniform does NOT look good on big girls, haha. Fat spilling out all over the place, it was nasty.