Lucky's April Tournament - Greensboro, NC - 04.04.2009: SFIV/3S/AC Teams!

:clown: YOU and your poker terminologies …hehehehe…

I want a ride to this, Ill team with whoever…and sign me up for everything single/teams!

No ggac cause I was never taught that game…:frowning:

I like kurt li over eric kim BET IT

so wait…do we have to have a team before hand? or will one be appointed to you like always??

O FUCK!!! is IFG making a return!!!

i want in on this.

i like VA/MD over NC in all.

I will be teaming with Eric Kim. We will both be attending, provided all goes well.

Just since you talked shit to me: isn’t the economy kind of busted right now? Instead of Matt Frank I’m going to start calling you Dow Jones. Need a bailout? Whatever…this leads to…

Instead of Matt versus myself, how about we do…

Matt vs Eric Kim


Roski vs Havoc

…and/or both of us versus each of you guys? and/or 2v2? Whatever is cool. Robin or Pat?. This shit would be fun. I don’t know if Hav and Matt have played, but Eric and I haven’t. I hope you guys can all make it.

Watch out for my stimulus package.

No homo?

There is an auction, still looking for MvC2. You know where the after party will be.

roski: sounds good:) majors should stay home, hands will be put on NC and i don’t think he is ready for it o o

Ooooh, he sounds confident. This aint gamestop, bro. :china:

where’s my pad??!?!?


Whatever’s done, I still want to see Matt/Alex go down.

yo Roski add SC4 to that roster-o-games. I’ll run it, 10 dollar entry, double elim, etc.

can someone in fayetville see if kevin micheals is coming out to this?

NC vs MD/VA?

in SF4?


20 a head?


Do it.

SF4 team tourney? Nice! I’ll try to see if I can get someone to team with me.

Also, I play on 360 and don’t have a stick for the PS3.

Will anybody have a stick for PS3 that I can use for my match(s)(?) Don’t worry, I’ll probably be one-and-out. :rofl:

I will try my hardest to attend this. Are people encouraged to bring their own set-ups?

I have a 360, a 22" LCD Samsung monitor and a pretty good speaker system that would be good for casual play or anyone that may prefer to play on 360.
it was a hit at the Charlotte ACM tournament so if you guys want me to bring it let me know. :cool:

I’d actually like to know this as well, I haven’t gotten to make it to a Lucky’s tournament yet and was thinking of coming, but won’t have a ps3 compatible stick :frowning:

Ouch. Fuck that $20 a person business. You guys are way ahead on this shit. I’ll do $10 because I think I’m coming along well. :wgrin:

So far we have Me vs Hav and Frank vs Eric Kim ft5. I’m down for a 5v5 as well, or playing Eric too, whatever works.

You guys without PS3 sticks, don’t worry. I can’t guarantee that you’ll use the same one for all tournament matches, but you can feel free to use mine if it’s available. I don’t want to speak for people necessarily, but most everyone is cool with letting others use their stick so long as they don’t act like maniacs on the buttons.

Don’t forget the singles and team SFIV tournaments are double elim.

The team tournaments for 3S and AC will be random and single elim. For those that don’t know, for the random tournaments, we will have a proven player for the team anchor, and then randomly select the teammate(s). Probably be 2v2.

We don’t really have to ask many to bring the TVs anymore, but PS2/PS3 plus games always helps out.

Your offer is definitely appreciated, but PS3 is the tournament standard, and I’m not using any LCDs for tournaments anymore (lag issues). You can feel free to bring the setup for casuals and I’ll make a spot for you, we just won’t run any SFIV tournaments on it. Again, much thanks though.