Lucky's April Tournament - Greensboro, NC - 04.04.2009: SFIV/3S/AC Teams!

Good shit everybody. A huge thank you to all of those who helped out. :tup:

Street Fighter IV Singles - 41 players!

  1. Eric Kim
  2. Cajunstrike
  3. Robin Palm
  4. Matt Frank
  5. Ultra David
  6. Loborine

Street Fighter IV Teams - 2v2 - 14 teams

  1. Team Triad (Psoul and Cajunstrike)
  2. Team Ultra (Ultra David and purifyweirdsoul)
  3. Team Dragon (JiBbo and Kevin Michael)
  4. Team No Sticks (Garrett and Kris)
  5. Team Kirk Li (Eric Kim and Renegade)
  6. Team Black and Brown (xyourmasterx and Loborine)

Third Strike Singles

  1. Cajunstrike
  2. JiBbo
  3. Eric Kim
  5. Bryan Ford
  6. Knuckledust

Third Strike Teams - Random/Seeded Anchors/3v3/Single Elim

  1. Team Roski (Blake/Angus/Cajunstrike)
  2. Team Tom (Cornertrap/Sumaragi/Knuckledust)
  3. Team JiBbo (Darklight/Coast/David-Paul)
  4. Team COMMONSENSE (SamX/Austin/Javier)

Guilty Gear AC Singles

  1. Matt Frank
  2. SamuraiX
  3. Beast of Fire
  4. Brent Taylor
  5. James
  6. Austin Wright

Guilty Gear AC Teams - Random/Seeded Anchors/2v2/Single Elim

  1. Team Blake with JiBbo assist
  2. Team Brent with Javier assist
  3. Team Aaron with Lu assist
  4. Team Matt with Sam assist

I hope everyone had a great time. Thanks to VA for showing up as well as people from almost all areas of NC. If we continue to have turnouts like this from the local players, and VA continues to come, and we get SC/GA to show, the next SFIV tournament here could hit 50-60 people easy. It was great to see and meet so many new people from across the state. You all keep showing up and supporting the scene!!! Congrats Eric Kim for taking IV. Good games everyone.

Next tournament will probably be May 9th. I’ll call Lucky and confirm on Wednesday so be on the lookout for the thread.


Good games. I’ll be looking out for the next one.

So many quotables.

“Lobo, you know how we talk about Face playing Chun-Li? You’re that guy now.” - Commonsense

“We used to play dodgeball over the summer, omg it was soooo much fun!” - Face
"… why would you even admit that…" - Lobo

“JIBBO! uhh err… DP!” - Tom

“Hey what’s going on Zepeter?” - Kevin

squeeze farts” - Phil

Looking back, I had a pretty good time. SF4 tends to shut down the hype for me, but I think it’ll come around.

Special thanks to VA for coming down, always a pleasure.

Edit - Alex: Would be nice if you went out a couple more places for SF4, along with characters. :coffee:

Great tourney! Saving this space for videos.

Props to roski for hosting and beating me in IV. Well done. I came away really impressed graham? C viper, matts rufus, kevin’s ryu (as always), and brents rose.

Ggs all



Renegade vs Matt Frank
Eric Kim vs Alex Roski
Ultradavid vs Knuckledust
Ultradavid vs Kevin Micheals
Matt Frank vs Jibbo

Much love to Hermitt Nai, but I was on team Tom not him, just forget about the afro man :sad:

For the next tournament I’m practicing hard to make a good placing a SFIV, got that hunger son.

The lesson to take from this is, NC is gr8.

Edit: Also, apparently not impressed enough Robin. Garrett was the Viper player, not Graham. There be no Graham. Yar.

Guys I had a great time and ill definetely come back everytime i get the chance. Thanks to Alex for hold in the tourney, being hype, and very approachable. Thanks to everyone who talked strategy with me and helped me on my matchups.

Shoutouts to Jibbo for placing us in 3s teams. I am sorry i couldnt help you out because i never played 3s, but watchin your Yang in action has actully made me want to play this game a little more. Ill practice up, thanks for being cool about it though.

Shouts to Chris and (the other bison player in the yellow shirt: Sorry cant remember the name dude) You guys were mad cool and I learned alot from watchin you guys play and talkin theory as well.

Brandon/brandowned: Good seeing you again. I see you moved to Rufus and he is working out for you. Looking forward to playing you again sometime man.

Shouts to Lobo and Face. Cool seeing you guys again man. Both of you played well and lookin forward to the next time we meet. And Yes, Face I confirm that i kinda like 3s now but only because the way i saw Jibbo wreakin.

Wayne and Justin: Thanks for the ride up and good games from both of you. We will level up and do better next time trust me.

Hermit-Naii/Corner-Trap aka Fayetteville’s Finest?: You guys are really cool and i gotta come down and get more games in with you sometimes. O and thanks again for my avatar hermit.

Ultradavid: Thanks for coming down first of all. Glad i met you and had the talk we did. I also appreciate you wreakin me with Fuerte/Dhalsim in casuals. Very cool dude and lookin forward to your return to the arcades.

Sam and Darklight: You already know that you guys did well and apprrciate you guys keepin me in and teachin new stuff all the time. Julian we didnt help David-Paul at all!!! But he is cool though and didnt take it to hard. Gotta let me borrow 3s so i can level up.

Your Masters: Why didnt you tell me that was you? naw just playing bro good shit with Sagat all day long and lookin forward to going to East Coast Throwdown with you bro!

xSamuraix/ Sam: Thanks for beatin me with fei. I found out a few mins later that Bison actually ownz fei long, and was disappointed at the lack of xp against him. Good shit though man.

Garrett: Super Flashy Viper man. I will figure it out after a while but your Viper is disgustingly good. Also thanks for sendin me to losers.

If I forgot anyone please forgive me but I tried to squeeze in everyone. It was great overall and def. got to do this again Mr. Roski!!!

rofl, Gary, Graham.

Shout Outs:

Garmond: Yo your c.viper was good dood, you were awesome.

Coast: Yeah good fight man, but how does Bison own Fei? In my experience Fei does just fine against him if played right.

Zangief: You’re a faggot.

Other people: GGs too lazy.

Amazing games plenty of great times to go around. Mad props to everyone that came out. VA for coming down always cool to holla at you dudes. Eric Kim get your stick fixed you know what for. Nice meeting you David your Dhalsim is smooth as hell man. Its time to pick up the sticks again good games everyone.

Nice, nice! Where was CVS2? Canceled?

Roski: I recorded the first two matches of you/Eric Kim, got plenty of kara shoryu but I’ll just have to put in the description that you ended up winning lol. Do you know what I placed in IV? I think it was like 9th.

Jon: Beat Potemkin next time.

Javier: I’m your hero huh? haha

UltraDavid: Cool teaming with you. thanks for the meaty info in the Balrog fight.

Everybody I beat in IV: Go character unfamiliarity!

James: <3

Grant: Beast Viper dude.

Coast/other new players: Good shit on coming out. I’ll have vids on my youtube page before long to relive the hype.

Others players that watched the match said fei can’t get in with rekkas (which is how you kept the pressure on me)if i just do standing mk and rh. But you exposed me though and i am not saying the match would have been different. your fei was good without a doubt. Great game bro.

Thanks Brent good games to you as well. O and you got me sold on Arcana Heart 1 and 2. I am going to get them as soon as possible and level my game up so next time i should at least be able to hold casuals with you. But i got a lot of catching up to do. Thanks again for being cool and i look forward to next time

nah I was using cr.LP into rekkas so there wasn’t a gap, but yeah, if they try to rekka at range, a lot can beat them. Best bet in that match is to just zone fei and don’t let him get in where he’s dangerous. Only problem is if he gets a life lead, j.HK with Fei beats everything Bison does trying to get in. We’ll definitely have to play again sometime though, maybe you can learn the matchup by then. :rofl:

Garrison: Sick c.viper dude, you gotta teach me.

True dat, give teh afrotrap credit where credit is due.

Nice meeting you Ultra David, really appreciate the advice against Gief.

Good shit Eric Kim, always a beast.

Roski, I hate you, good shit, I’ll figure out mak mak at some point in my life, then we can actually have some good games against each other.

I also hate DP as well. Fuckerz…GS GS


Good to see all these new faces, you guys better keep coming to these.


Thanks for the tips. That def. makes sense. But yeah we will see each other again and ill my best to put up a better fight against the dragon. I was actually kinda proud the way i handled myself against your Sagat though. I was watching your matches b4 and just kind of strategized but the dragon was different. Thanks again though and see you next time sam

Garvey: Your Viper is nasty man. Good shit.

Let’s keep this page going until Wednesday when Lucky’s opens back up so I can confirm a date. :bgrin:

Ayo I heard Garfunkle’s C.Viper is straight beast.

I think we’re all better off just calling him “that guy with strep throat that yells at crystalburger staff for straws at 4 AM at FRXI.”

Garfield’s C. Viper was pretty good too.