Lucky's February Tournament - Greensboro, NC - 02.28.2009: LOSER LEAVES SRK

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

3929 High Point Rd
Greensboro, NC, 27407
Lucky’s on Google Maps

Venue Fee: $5

The first three Playstation 3’s and the first Wii+Tatsunoko through the door will receive free entry to Lucky’s as well as chips and a drink.

Registration begins at 12:00pm and ends at 1:00pm. **
Registration will close promptly at 1:00pm and we will start to make the brackets. Call Lucky and give him your name and the games you are entering if you will arrive later than 1:00 so that we can add you.



[$10] [Double Elimination] [Finals 3/5] [Grand Finals 4/7] [70/20/10]
Street Fighter IV (PS3)
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Super Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix (PS3)
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Guilty Gear Accent Core
Capcom vs. SNK 2 [all finals 3/5]


Soul Calibur IV Regional Qualifier
Click here for the regional qualifier rules.

Loser Leaves SRK Grudge Match: Jeff “arstal” J versus Matt “FrankTheTank” Frank
HD Remix
First to 5
Winner keeps character. Akuma is banned.
The loser will be banned from SRK for 3 MONTHS.

Money Match: Matt “FrankTheTank” Frank versus Kevin “Dragon Punch” Michaels
HD Remix
First to 5
Winner keeps character. Akuma is banned.


Tatsunoko vs Capcom rules:
[]4:3 aspect ratio
]default settings
[]winner keeps characters and character order (Holding down or the partner button will cause the character to switch before the match)
]game breaking glitches banned
[]match will be restarted in the event that an unknown game freeze occurs that would not have necessarily lead to a loss
]Viewtiful Joe VAR glitch banned ([media=youtube]Nx49kCH7PXo"[/media])
[]if the Joe glitch occurs the player must mash out immediately or forfeit the round
]if both players wish to select Yatterman-1, they must agree on the color or coin flip to decide ([media=youtube]cZ5tKZVIVlY"[/media])
[]if the fire stage appears on random, either player can choose to reselect the stage if so desired
]if the Megaman/Joe bomb glitch occurs the match is replayed (doing this intentionally results in an automatic loss)
[]if the Casshern glitch would occur, the person who pushblocks the dog forfeits the round ([media=youtube]hyczhz-DjfI"[/media] aka please don’t pushblock the dog if you kill Casshern)
]any battery/remote/stick failure or pause will result in a loss of the round

Feel free to bring Wiimotes but I’m going to try to have 2 dedicated to the system. Please keep your own remote away if you’re not in a match.


We will probably need some help on copies of SFIV and SCIV and US GGAC in addition to those PS3s/one Wii. If CVS2 doesn’t have 8 entries then it will not be run. Major thanks in advance to everyone who has already offered to help out (Blaine, Brent, Demo) and to those who will.

GET HYPE …:coffee:

I’m playing Alex this tournament, because he’s a good character.

I’ll bring a Wii to help run Tatsu if need be.

Looking forward to this, I’ll be there for TvC, SF4, SC4, and GG.


Awesome. Thanks, Jon.

Arstal vs FrankTheTank sidebets:

-Jeff: $5
–Roski: $10
—EM Disruptor: $10
------Priest: $20

Matt Frank
-SamuraiX: $100
–Loborine: $10
—Blake: $10
----Knuckledust: $10
-----Brandino: $10
------Nick: $20

Kevin Michaels vs FrankTheTank sidebets:

Kevin Michaels
-Roski: $10
–David-Paul: $5
—David Paul: $20
----Knuckledust: $10

Matt Frank
-Loborine: $10
–Matt: $5
—Brent: $20
----Blake: $10

I’ll update this as needed. Lets throw some money around.

Roski, I’ll match your $10 on both bets.

I got $20 on Matt, any takers?

That’s not as fun…I wanted someone else to step in. I knew you’d take it. :wgrin:

Roski ill match your 10 on both bets(meaning i bet on matt winning)

and im down for

Hd remix

Against Kevin? :rofl:

If i go to this then here will be my characters:

HD: Claw, Dictator, Honda, and/or Dhalsim

3S: Twelve, Ryu, Grandmaster, and/or Urien

CVS: Combination of Honda, Dictator, Claw, Dhalsim, Guile, Ryu, Sagat, and/or Blanka all in K-Groove


Man I will be a little bit late for this tourney. I actually don’t know when I’ll get there but it’s looking like a little after 4pm. :frowning: I’m gonna miss the arstal vs. matt battle. DANG IT!

Both games?

It’s all good - Matt said first so I’ll match him.

Anyone got Lobo covered?

Got 50 cents on Matt. . .vs. Arstal

Alex: let Lobo cover the bets; You’re right, It’s more fun that way.

You still got my five on you and kevin right? :lovin:

Anybody want 3s money matches? I’ll break out the Yang. :wonder:

Lets go!!!


Eric V


All TVC mm accepted!

Name ur price!

2/3 for $5 vs your Alex?

ugly colors.