Lucky's February Tournament - Greensboro, NC - 02.28.2009 - Results/shoutouts!

Major thanks to Darklight, Dez, Blaine, Brent, Blake, Bryan and everyone else that helped out.

SF4 - 32 players

  1. Matt Frank (Akuma/Rufus)
  2. Alex Roski (Sagat)
  3. Angus (Guile)
  4. Knuckledust (Abel)
  5. Brent Taylor (Rose)
  6. Saisyu (Zangief/Gouken)

Third Strike

  2. David-Paul Automattock (Yun/Yang)
  3. Alex Roski (Makoto/Ken)
  4. Bryan Ford (Chun)
  5. Knuckledust (Makoto)
  6. Saisyu (Alex)


  1. Kevin
  2. Kris
  3. Blake of Sewer - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUCKA
  4. Jason
  5. David
  6. Tom


  1. Matt Frank
  2. Beast of Fire
  3. XSamuraiX
  4. Garrett
  5. Austin
  6. Shaun Cosby

TVC (round robin)

  1. Alex Roski
  2. XSamuraiX
  3. Angus
  4. Sam
  5. Austin
  6. Darklight


  1. Shaun Cosby
  2. Alex Roski
  3. Lucious Clayton
  4. Kevin Michael
  5. Erik P
  6. Phillip Haith


Matt Frank beats Arstal 5-2 and bans him from SRK for 3 months! SHIT WAS HYPE

Q should have the results for the SC4 regional. Thanks to everyone who came out from surrounding areas. Good games to everyone I played and good to meet some new faces and see some old ones (shout to Rod, Erik, Joey). You guys keep showing up! Thanks again to everyone for the help in making this a successful tournament. Good times.

Next tournament April 4th. Good shit everybody.

Congratulations once again, Mr. Sense on your first real tournament victory.

Alex, you definitely swayed my opinion on top 3. Sagat is beast.

Good shit Tom for placing so high in SFIV.

THE RETURN OF SEAN COSBY!!! Good games sir.

Matt Frank, no suprise that you took the first SFIV tournament. NC will definitely level up as a whole as a result of your skill and dedication to this game. I look forward to being on your level in future tournaments. :smile:

Good match Face! Friendly five is friendly mine!

ANGUS! Good stuff man. Guile takes so much work to win matches but you’ve got the ball and still do well. Congrats!

This tournament was hella fun.

SFIV Teams next time, IMO.

I’ll play SFIV teams

Good to see some old familiar faces. Glad I was able to stop in and say hello to everyone. Congrats to the winners, too.

Damn…shouts to Rob and Endris too! I wish I would’ve had more time to bullshit with you guys.

gs nc sf4

whens the next one roski??! i wanna play:)

not one member of the rog army in top 5. for shame nc. for shame. nice sf4 turn out. cant wait to see if you guys are serious in 4 yet.

Great seeing everyone. Congrats to the winners! :cool:

I got there late, so I didn’t get to see the GTFO match… or Erik “Rise from your Grave” P.

Catch you guys at FR - and maybe another Lucky’s in the near future!

Top 5 in SF IV. Doing good for one week of practice and no system of my own. lol.

RDU takes all top!

RDU Faction:SaiSyu,AB-Styles,The-Priest,NeoJedi,Atreyu,Kokuryu,ShinGodFist,#7with Heaven, CommonSense, Iceninja!!!

Shout out to everyone that made it out. A Angus third is not an option you know now you cant go home right :nunchuck::rofl::nunchuck:. Yo im calling first at 4 at the next tournament im learning crazy comboes now. C.j c.j c.s headbutt ultra :encore:. Yeah its over now good games everyone. Sean Cosby first in CVS2 dude a living legend :pray:.

3rd 4 Life

who do i send this money to on paypal:rolleyes:

Hmm…no Chun counterparts from NC? :sad: .

COMMON SENSE, holding shit down for the house of dudders…I WANNA SEE THAT WHITE BUTLER!!!

MESSAGE 235. This account has been deactivated. Goodbye.

No, I play Chun. I went 2 wins and 2 losses.

get a hold of nick, YOUR MASTER on srk… i told you , it was giving away money

Really good shit this tourney. ABstyles on point with that Guile, Battle for 3rd place was fucking hype.


I really felt like all my SFIV practice kind of hurt my 3S game and I understand why Kim hasn’t been playing Mak at tourneys lately. I’m gonna step the shit up for FR. I wanna see everyone step the shit up in SFIV too. GGs everyone.

Oh yeah and GS Frank on the first SFIV win and peacing out BeaverG.

ggs to all the people i played

with sf4 not being out that long everybody there seemed to play pretty well

this made me :wgrin::wgrin::wgrin:

good shit HA-VIER…(javier)

i dont know how much third strike is in my future, but its good to see DUD in first place.