Lucky's - Greensboro NC - 06/27/2009 results!

It was real cool to talk and meet all you new players in the scene. I hope you all enjoyed it and keep checking the boards for future tournaments. Hit up the NC Players thread in the Atlantic South section for gatherings and everything else.

Street Fighter IV Singles - 30 Entrants

  1. It’s The R! - Sagat, lost to JiBbo once
  2. JiBbo - Gen, lost to Roski twice
  3. Kevin Michael - Seth, Ryu, lost to Roski twice
  4. P-soul - Boxer, lost to Jibbo, Kevin
  5. Darklight - Chun, lost to Loborine, P-soul
  6. Loborine - Zangief, Boxer, lost to P-soul, Kevin
  7. Peter - Dictator
  8. Kombokaze - Akuma
  9. Justin Denning - Blanka, Sagat
  10. Ceron - Chun
  11. Hubert - Sagat
  12. Brian - Guile, Honda
  13. Saki - Boxer
  14. Smurvis - Zangief
  15. Jonathan -
  16. Paul Z - Ryu
  17. Andres - Ryu
  18. Titanium Beast - Akuma
  19. Robert -
  20. Sumaragi - Chun, Dictator
  21. PacStrife - Guile
  22. megabadd - Guile
  23. Erik Petersen - Honda
  24. Demo - Rose
  25. Brent - Rose
  26. Brad - Boxer
  27. Jonathan -
  28. Dusty - Ken
  29. Austin - Fuerte
  30. longshot -
  31. Gary -

Street Fighter IV Teams - 10 Teams, 2v2

  1. JiBbo/Kevin Michael
  2. It’s The R!/ocelot_357
  3. P-soul/xYourmasterx
  4. 7th/John
  5. Darklight/Kombokaze
  6. Brian/Peter
  7. Austin/Q
  8. Erik Petersen/Brad
  9. Robert/A
  10. Loborine/Andres

3rd Strike

  1. It’s The R!
  2. JiBbo
  3. Face
  4. Ghibli Cat
  5. Arcas V
  6. Loborine
  7. Darklight

KOF2002 UM

  1. Siasyu Kusanagi
  2. Arstal
  3. Shiki
  4. Demo
  5. purifyweridsoul
  6. Justin Denning
  7. Darklight
  8. Jonathan

Thanks to everyone for helping out. The after party at Majors was fun as hell. I’ll post shouts later and update all the characters if people like.

The next tournament should be early August, so stay posted. :wgrin:

lol KomboKaze, told you to stick to Balrog. You still be getting hit.

JIBSTER!!! Mad close it seems, I really hope you take the next one. You’re definitely one of the hardest working players!!!

wtf 3 people playing guile now im mad i wasnt there for support an inspiration

roski = Sagod cheater, lol :lol:

yo, when we gonna play?

Good games everyone. Shoutouts to all the new people I met. I hope yall had a good time and continue to support the NC scene here!

good games everyone… i had alot of fun yesterday…see everyone at evo…

p.s you are my nemesis (in a friendly way :smile:)

lol nah son , he overrated . I just had hella trouble with roskis sagat
juilians chun

ggs to all
TY JiBBo for teaching me hands in person

IDK if i will be in NY or NC by next tourny ,but looking for to coming to the next

G/L At evo pplz
LOBO = CaroPower

Sam you have my skies of arcadia. :frowning:

Had fun, GGs everyone. Too bad we didn’t end up doing anything Guilty-related, but it was fun to mess around with BlazBlue. Tuesday can’t come soon enough.

see everyone at evo(jibbo?!)!

lobo, i teamed up with a friend out in washington a while back for 3s teams.

Roski calling himself “it’s the R!” is just fucking awesome.

Before evo we should have a as many day possible sf4 crack session. Would anyone be down?

Sorry I ducked out early, I wasn’t feeling well.

Playing Rose is too hard.



Since you don’t play your PS3, bring that shit to the Triad!

I will , just not yet… not yet

thats cool man… i need a team mate soon… i hate to not play 3s in the first year (and maybe the last) in which 3s is team… seeing that i love teams
see you at evo

i havent yet brought ryu in tournament play, i polishing him right now

Good shit yall. Definitely had a lot of fun at this one.

But I feel like… like… I’m still not ‘hungry’ enough man. You know? Kombo, what do you think I should do about that? :wonder:

Yo let’s get up at Evo. I definitely need some good Sim practice.

We need to get some 3S practice in before Evo also!! Let me know when shit is going down!

Yo! Ghibli where the matches at??

lol, my bad. I only got a few cause my camera battery died! but I’ll put up that one of you and roski, and whatever else I got. Sorry I couldn’t capture the losers finals and grand finals :(.

GGs to everyone I played in casuals and in tournament, especially Roski. Never really get to play against a makoto at all (I mean, we all know how scary she is but seeing it happen to you is just a different feeling). Face, good playing you; I can get some rounds of that chun, but when you got that meter you just go for the kill - I gotta admit defeat to that. Good luck to all going to evo.

Very sincere thanks and apologies to Tony. I hope your sleep on the box spring wasn’t terrible lol. Nice talking to you and good luck with your house renovations.