Lucky's July Tournament + Ranbat 2.5 + SC4 TOURNAMENT - Greensboro, NC - 07.26.2008

Saturday, July 26th, 2008
Registration begins at 12:00PM. Tournaments start at 1:00PM.

Lucky’s Card Shop
3929 High Point Rd
Greensboro, NC, 27407
Lucky’s on Google Maps

Venue Fee: $5



[$10] [Double Elimination] [Finals 3/5] [Grand Finals 4/7] [70/20/10] **
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Guilty Gear Accent Core
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Capcom vs. SNK 2 [All Finals 3/5]

[$5] [Double Elimination] [Finals 3/5] [Grand Finals 4/7] [70/20/10]**
Sengoku Basara X
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo [Arcade]
King of Fighters 98: Ultimate Match [All Finals 3/5]


[$2] [Single Elimination] [Single Character] [Finals 2/3] [Winner Take All] **
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Guilty Gear Accent Core

1st - 10 / 2nd - 7 / 3rd - 5 / 4th - 3 / 5th - 1


BONUS: Soul Calibur 4 Tournament! $5 - 70/20/10 split - PS3 Version


We will need converters + save for Marvel. I will have 2 Dreamcasts available if needed. I’ll also need some help with a few PS2s as usual, and thanks in advance to those who usually provide.


I almost forgot…


I, hopefully, will be attending this along with some other VA players after hearing word of this by TornadoFlame.

Name: Raymond J. (K.I.S.S.)
Location: SoVA
Tourney (MvC2, SFIII:3S)
Ranking Battle (SFIII:3S, GG:AC)
Cajun**, mind detailing how this ranking battle is supposed to work (specifically, 3S if there is a difference)?

edit: I can bring 1 DC and PS2 and save states w/ each game I’m entering (minus GG:AC).

edit2: No Arcana? :frowning:

Good shit. The ranking battle is Gamers Vision rules: must keep same character throughout the tournament, single match/single elim, semi finals/winners finals are 2/3, the two losers from semis play 1 match to determine 3rd place. The only difference is the money.

Arcana kind of fell off around here. There are a few people who would play, but not really enough locals to support a constant tournament. If the players want to round some people up though we could probably do a side tournament.

I’ll try my hardest to make it to this one to help rep the New School team.

Problem is, I can’t afford to import UM to practice…

Cajun Jibbs Frank vs insert your losing team here


You need to get into that UM. I think that game will catch on here. It deserves to.

Make it happen sucka!!!

Show me the money, cause I gets it! And I’m sure the NC crew has my back too.


If it is a 5 on 5, I say Ed and Lobo get the next two spots. You guys going to have enough 3S players coming to field a whole team though? I want flipkev playing twelve to be your anchor.

The “Five” for GG will be ready, given that we’re there.

I’ll definitely try to make this one.

Name: Arturo M

Location: Dungeon House

Im down for the 5 on 5
Team Dungeon House will run this shit

I’ll take MMs for 3S, GGAC and Arcana. I’m down for team whatever as well. Lemme know what’s good.

Ultimate Match is cool but I think people are starting to realize that original 98 is still better. I talked with my boy in Japan and he said UM has just got people going back to playing regular 98 again. I always thought 98 was a cool game. One of the few KOF games that isn’t all kinds of broke. It’s actually rather balanced and has a nice old school feel to it. Very offensive game. Also hoping that the game sparks some interest and gets people running some tourneys for it. Kinda doubt it cuz it’s another old ass SNK game but we’ll see. If luck has it the only place we’ll see regular tourneys for the game is in NC as usual.

As far as attaining a copy of UM…u can always get it for free. Though I would assume you’re trying to buy a real copy to support SNK or whatever.

A subtle tone lies at the end of this sentence. Good shit. Good shit. :wgrin:

Edit: I’m up for any 3s money matches as well.

If I knew people would definitely show up for Marvel, I’m sure I could convince some gay Charlotte people to come.

I’ll play regular 98, I like that shit as well, but as of now, I still feel UM might be better. 98 does turn into a 10 character game at high level, something I don’t think UM does. I doubt the game will survive SF4 (but I don’t feel 3s will survive SF4 either)

What kind of converters? I don’t think I’ll be able to make it up there but if I do, I have 2 Saturn arcade sticks + 2 Saturn-to-Dreamcast converters and my save file. Heh, as much as I like Marvel, I can’t play it at high level to save my life :rofl: