Lucky's July Tournament + Ranbat 2.5 + SC4 TOURNAMENT - Greensboro, NC - 07.26.2008

Third Strike

  1. Cajunstrike
  3. JiBbo
  4. Matt Frank
  5. Face
  6. Eric V

Third Strike Ranking Battle

  1. Matt Frank
  2. Cajunstrike
  3. Saisyu
  4. Face
  5. Everett
  6. James A.
  7. Loborine
  8. JiBbo

Guilty Gear AC

  1. Matt Frank
  2. Beast of Fire
  3. Brent Taylor
  4. Cajunstrike
  5. Samurai X
  6. Austin

GGAC Ranking Battle

  1. Beast of Fire
  2. Austin
  3. Samurai X
  4. Cajunstrike
  5. James A.
  6. Kris Erik
  7. Matt Frank
  8. Brent Taylor

Soul Calibur 4

  1. Samurai X
  2. Q
  3. Priest
  4. James A.
  5. Matt Frank

Super Turbo

  1. Kevin Michaels
  2. Matt Frank
  3. Arstal
  4. Justin A.
  5. Vega
  6. Loborine

KOF98: Ultimate Match

  1. Arstal
  2. Cajunstrike
  3. Lucious Clayton
  4. Kevin Michaels
  5. Demo!
  6. Matt Frank

NC vs. MD/VA 3S Team Tournament: NC wins 5-1. This shit was too much fun.

Fun tournament! Much thanks to everyone who helped out. Good games to everyone I played and thanks to all you MD/VA players that made the trip down. Good luck to those headed to Evo. I’ll have the thread for the 8/23 tournament up soon. Good shit everybody. Peace.

Good Games at the tourney shit was to hype. Virginia much props for coming down Eric i might learn CVS2 just for you. Cant wait for the next one peace.

Ranking Battle Standings:

Third Strike:

Cajunstrike - 38
JiBbo - 23
Saisyu Kusanagi - 18
Face - 12
Matt Frank - 12
Loborine - 9
IceNinja - 7
Knuckledust - 6
Beast of Fire - 1
Austin - 1
ABStyles - 1
P-Soul - 1
Ecko - 1
Everett - 1
James A. - 1


Beast of Fire - 34
Cajunstrike - 23
Matt Frank - 18
Austin - 9
purifyweirdsoul - 6
Christian - 5
Samurai X - 5
deadontime101 - 4
Troyboy’s Back - 3
Steven - 2
James A. - 2
ABStyles - 1
Q -1
IceNinja - 1
Blaine - 1
Loborine - 1

FUN stuff… :slight_smile:

NO ONE should EVER drink EVERclear… :frowning:

oh yea. P.S

sleep is NOT over rated

I will always bring the hype for these tourneys. Who was on the teams for the 5 on 5 event? I kinda wanted to stick around for that (maybe even fill in for a spot), but my friends and I were getting hungry (my thanks to Lu for the directions to IHOP). Anyways, good shit all around. Those Krispy Kreme donuts coming out of nowhere was just awesome.

GGs to those I played in casuals, especially Face (who I seem to play more than anyone else lol, thanks for putting up with my oro).

ST was chill; that super-gun was especially awesome, props to Majors. GGs to Kevin for mistakingly picking ken and then playing it off by dizzying me with those damn cross-ups.

I look forward to coming to the next one at this venue. I’ll try to stick around longer for hypest events. :tup:

No CVS2? I guess MD/VA didn’t come out to this at all. Something came up at work and one of my co workers is out for a while so I didn’t wanna mess up the schedule anymore than it already was. I’m just worried about Evo right now so that’s where I’ll be in less than 2 weeks. See ya’ll there.

Oh and good shit to Matt Frank and Cajunstrike for beasting in dat 3rd. Beast of Fire still runs that Guilty stuff.

Good stuff. Hopefully next time I’ll do better in ST. Maybe I should practice…or even play it. Cammy needs to bring the pain.

Had crazy fun…luvin 3rd these days…Gotta get better for VA’s sake…and COMMON get at that CVS2…lol

Kevin good seeing u bro always!!!
Majors is the MAN!!!
Cajun good shit for running shit!!!
M frank and Jibbo always a pleasure to play u guys!!!
Face got those Chun tactics!!!

Get ready folks our whole scene is gunna do a script flip within the next year…the revival of our scene thru new titles!!!


GL To all doing that Evo thing mang!!!

This tourney was mad fun guys. Mad props for bringing dat Calibur 4 and for the hype VA/NC battle. Now if I can just stop giving games to Roski, haha. Looking forward to the next one, it’ll be a welcome break from school.

Fun times i needed that trip, it was a long week of work, but anyway sc4 was hype, had fun. Any body that wants to get some games tuesday when the game releases let me kno so i can get ur tag for x-box live ill be there for the next tourney but after that, thats it im goin back to the rock for school… class of '09 holla


Awesome matches in 3rd DP and Javier. I would say the same to Matt but I dashed INTO a YUN COMMAND GRAB from half screen and will forever hate him for it. This may have been the most random thing ever to happen, except for that time he reset me and then I’m on both sides or some shit.

Good GG matches James and Austin. Me and Austin have this randomly generated rivalry going on. I don’t think James will let me sneak that comeback next time.

I’m coming for you in AC Blake. I’ve started to like the game more, and I think this tourney-only practice has made me focus less on combos and mixup and more on why I’m getting hit.

Jibbbs! Get them vids and don’t get down on shit. Don’t be afraid to anti-air, sj back, or walk under until you can get that control back.

Javier is still hungry. Good shit man. We might have gone to set 2 had you been a little more patient and careful.

Eric V is coming up in dat THIRD.

Good times talking and chilling with all you VA guys. PVP made a vag face after winning with r4 Bison that had me rolling outside.

Thanks to Tony for the help and the after party. Thanks to Face/Blake/Blaine/Lu for helping as well.

Face stop playing the book or the l33t strats so much ad focus on the mindgames and I think you’ll get past this point. You’ve done a lot better since getting a little less technical.

Lobo aka Hector - don’t get down man and keep sleeping and playing. You’ll learn to fight Chun soon. She’s definitely a bitch though.

We gotta play more. Shit is getting strong.

Good games everyone. Fun times peoples.

I’M IN YO HEAD SON!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Seriously tho, that was pretty random, but as a Makoto player, random shit happening can’t be new to you at this point.

Damn Kev Michaels waking up after being down 3-0 in ST finals. Dude decides all of a sudden he’s gonna Dragon every normal I throw out for the remainder of the finals, does it, and wins 8 straight. :sad:

Good shit to everyone here, especially TornadoFlame for deciding to show up after all at like 7 or some shit. GGAC finals were mad epic…one of the most fun/stressful sets I’ve ever played in anything.

I’ll see everyone that’s goin to Vegas in Vegas.


Oh yeah…

Good shit to Anthony for hyping shit up and coming down. Hope that drive back went ok for all you guys.

Good shit in UM to Jeff. Sorry I went outside so quick, but that shit was really aggravating. You were outplaying me and then my reaction went followed by my execution. I need to learn some more characters. I think I could’ve done better with a roll but my stubbornness got the best of me. Old school: 2. New school: 1. I’ll try to put up a better fight next time. :tup:

Good shit at this. One of the more fun times I have had at a tournament in recent history.

Fun times in 3rd to everyone I played in casuals. Lobo! No more mid-tournament naps! Jibbo, I am taking our next set sir! Roski, thanks for letting me look great in the one round I took, then destroying me otherwise. Same goes to Matt Frank, but you were a bit more generous in giving me a whole game. Stop being smarter than me and adapting!!!

Javier makes Dudley look like Chun or something. Every poke works for him… So scary.

Eric V/VA! Great to see you guys again and your Chun is so much better than the last time I played it. Just show up before 6 PM next time! And bring a REAL 3S team!

Good shit to Majors for hosting everyone afterwords. Let it be known that I beat PvP in CvS2 (yeah, it was 8-1 him, and he was using random select, but still).

Note to self, don’t try to drive home at 4:30 AM next time.

Good games everyone, I’ll miss the next one but you know you’ll see me around.

<-- Houdini hurricanes. :lovin:

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Thanks to those who were involved in making this tourney possible: too much fun…despite the fact that Marvel never happened. NC got lucky :wink:

3rd was a blast! My 1st 3rd tourney and I went 1-2 w/ my elims being vs Roski (Akuma? I did better vs you w/ Hugo haha) vs PVP for a close 1-2 lose that was too crazy…your Alex was a toughie, but you and your Oro gimmicks! I like! But they won’t work on me anymore…as you noticed =)

NC, your 3rd crew is too solid. I only wish I had more experience to have put up even more of a fight. This tourney really made the game shine for me, and I will be doing more with the game. Maybe VA will actually formulate and practice w/ a REAL team rather than tossing in a random scrub like me (although I almost and could have taken Lucious-the OG Ken player?–but got too hasty, not knowing it was single elim for 5v5…spilt milk, but it’s all clean now).

Majors has so many reasons to walk downstairs in his place and just smile. Be blessed dude.

VA, thnk all of you for making this trip possible for me. :tup:


Noone has posted it and someone asked, so:

NC v MD/VA (lol?) 5v5 Single Elim

1st match:
Lucious (ken-sa2) v K.I.S.S. (hugo-sa3) LOBO 2r-1r FTW
Lucious (") v UnknownEnemyZero (yang-sa3?) LOBO 2r-0r? FTW
Lucious (") v TornadoFlame (makoto-sa?) LOBO 2r-1r FTW
Lucious (") v EricV (chun li-sa2) ERICV 1r?-2r FTW
JiBbo (yang-sa3?) v EricV (chun li-sa2) JIBBO 2r-1r? FTW [‘psychic’ sa2 punish on seiei enbu activate…but even I saw it coming :stuck_out_tongue: ) correction: sa2 just caught yang during his jump frame AFTER activate…i gotcha JiBbo, close one
JiBbo (") v Pat Van Pelt (alex-sa2?) JIBBO 2r-1r FTW [damn, PVP…so close…st.RH??? :stuck_out_tongue: )

funnnnnnnnn…but long enough to make stomachs growl and 3rd strike soundtracks etch notes into brainsssss…i need to learn more games (gg:ac, sc4) and bring more $$ so i can play more next time…since there wasn’t any Marvel. yea, i said it again :stuck_out_tongue:

You forced me to stop being stubborn. I like using Mai last, but you made me use her first. I still have a few more tricks up my sleeve as well if needed, but you’re making me run through all of them. Also learned there’s one more character I really have to work on dealing with.

I dont play ken :wonder:

i was sleeping through teams… So i think your thinking of some one else. :rofl:

Yeah, that was Lucious “3S is a piece of shit game” Clayton.