Lucky's June Tournament + Ranking Battle 2.2 - Greensboro, NC - 06.07.2008

Nice tournament. Congrats to JIBBS for grabbing his first real #1. Team tournament was crazy hype. Thanks to everyone for the help. Brent…it’s all good man, I was just trying to manufacture some beef to try to get some hype. I didn’t take the situation serious and I hope you didn’t as well. Too bad that NGBC never really caught on, huh?


3rd Strike Double Elimination

  1. JiBbo (YA)
  2. Matt Frank (YU)
  3. Cajunstrike (MA)
  4. Loborine (RY)
  6. Edmondantes (KE)

3rd Strike Ranking Battle

  1. Cajunstrike (KE)
  2. IceNinja (CH)
  3. Saisyu Kusanagi (AL)
  5. JiBbo (YA) / Loborine (RY) / Matt Frank (YU) / Knuckledust (MA)

Ranking Battle Standings:
Cajunstrike - 17
JiBbo - 11
Saisyu - 8
IceNinja - 7
Loborine - 6
Knuckledust - 2
Psoul - 1
Face - 1
Matt Frank - 1
Ecko - 1


  1. IceNinja
  2. Cajunstrike
  3. Kevin Michaels
  4. Loborine
  5. Troyboy’s Back
  6. JiBbo


  1. Matt Frank
  2. Beast of Fire
  3. purifyweirdsoul
  4. IceNinja
  5. I have no idea what happened on these brackets. :sweat:

GGAC Ranking Battle

  1. Beast of Fire
  2. Matt Frank
  3. Cajunstrike
  4. Troyboy’s Back
  5. purifyweirdsoul / Q / IceNinja / Blaine (withdrew)


  1. Team JiBbo (Face, Loborine, JiBbo)
  2. Team COMMONSENSE (Blaine, Knuckledust, COMMONSENSE)
  3. Team Neckdunker (Kevin Michaels, IceNinja, Kevin Michaels)
  4. Team :sad: (Sam, Beast of Fire, Cajunstrike)

Good shit everyone. Be on the lookout for the upcoming dates later in the week.

4. Team :sad: (Sam, Beast of Fire, Cajunstrike)


Team sad face? hahhahahhaha

GG winner’s finals: [media=youtube]dGZnvtSjtlY[/media]

Oh I thought the double elim was the ranbat part.


how about giving me the brackets? kthx.

I think GGAC 5th was Austin and you, Roski. But that is what happens when you try to have 9 people in an 8 man bracket…

Kevin Michales was the captain and the anchor. The man is too good.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Congrats Jibbo!

What’s an ancore?

Nice tournament! It’s so great to see the NC community progress. Thanks Alex for making these tournaments possible! :lovin: :lovin:

Shout-outs to my teammates Bryan and Miguel. GOOD WORK TEAM!!! high fives all around

GG’s to Frank in the grand finals. CLOSE CLOSE game. Lucky for me it was my turn to win.

GG’s to Alex in loser’s finals. Our matches just get more and more intense. What are we doing!?!? :rofl::rofl:

GG’s to Javier. Take them bricks out your gloves. :mad:

Never the more bricks the better :wink:. Nah good shit Jibs good shit to everyone that came out. Tom I dont think that they were ready for that breakfest.

IM ALWAY ready for breakfest…:woot:

You just earned yourself one extra brick :mad:

Ohh snap! Disrespect him! hahaha

LMAO what i do… just cause you fall asleep and drool over yourself… doesnt mean, i aint taking advantage of breakfest LOL

Team Continental Breakfast, Son.

Sorry for the poor performence fellas…7 Months over seas makes you pretty rusty I guess ( I thought it would be like riding a bike, guess not ).

Good Shit though it was fun playing new people. I’ll deff try and make it out to another one sometime.

Was typing too fast. Thanks for the spell check dust kun.

Congrats Jibbo! I see Cajunstrike with his goddamn Makoto. I never would’ve got past a Makoto.

Good stuff Jibbo!

So you guys gave up on ngbc? We were finally starting to learn it lol.

Hey…if you guys want to play, we’ll still play. Interest just kind of faded away with so few players.