Lucky's March Mayhem - Greensboro, NC - 03.01.2008 RESULT'S!

i WAS WONDERING WHAT happend at this tournament today since I had to work today.:wonder:

It was lots of fun.:rolleyes:

From what I saw…


  1. Justin Wong (he won both boss battle fights for a free 100 dollars)
  2. Purify
  3. Me


  1. Marn
  2. Bof
  3. Me


  1. Marn and justin split the pot.
  2. Me
  3. Matt Frank

didn’t catch any other games.

Marn wasn’t at that tournament… I’m in Texas wtf? O_O;

Oh yeah that was some other guy posing as marn or something. Fucking fags always doing that.

Wow no triad in the top 3 of ngbc?!?! I miss out on everything! Congrats to all the placers!

I had fun, but the tournament brung disappointments. Sad TK5DR didnt go down

Thx for the 10$ MM in vf5. you know you are

ggs in 3s especially the dudley user…and I did eat your reeses…haha j/p

Wish 3s started earlier and I didnt leave during tournament …

uhh gg’s to Lobo and Roski nice Ryu and Ken… next time when we play Ill have a stick Hopefully.

Nice to see Jwong beast in CvS winning with just ken most of the time…

Gg’s to Travis P. who brung the 360…

and Roski if you have any extra sticks 4 sell pm me ill forward my number
Good to see my homie Steven (The short army vet that came with me)
gg’s to him to.
Hopefully i’ll get to play jwong l8r

awaits official results!!!

Triad banned themselves (and a couple others) from the NGBC tournies…

Yah I had to work too. It sucks b/c it sounded like it was alot of fun. I gotta get shit straight though so I dont miss FR.

so what are the official results?



  1. J Wong
  2. Shaun Cosby
  3. Kevin Michaels
  4. Peter
  5. Nick/Lu (I think).

still awaits official results!!!

:rofl: Good shit on the thread Larry.

Yeah we banned ourselves from NGBC, but then play the winner in a 3/5 set and if they win a match, they get $50. Well uhh…let’s say Justin surprised us. The pride took a hit but I’ll be ready in that shit by FR.

I accidentally left the brackets at Lucky’s. He’s closed Monday but I’ll swing through Tuesday and post them asap.

I got 3rd in Third Strike after failing 2 up on Eric. Good shit man. I’m hitting the lab hard for these next two weeks before Final Round because there’s mad shit I need work on. This tournament showed me that I really can’t slack on the practice.

Hope you all had a good time and thanks to everyone for making it. I’ll post the official results soon.

Good shit guys. Shit was fun even though I fucked up.

Good shit to CvS2 players. Always fun.

Good shit to the rest of Team Brandon for taking 3S Teams. Glad nobody held me back.

GS to SOVA for the ride. Kev, calm down son…

Also GS to Matt Frank for betting against me in the Boss Battle. You gotta believe.

Can’t, not my style:shake:

I had a ton of fun this time around, great way to ring in my 25th. These tournaments are always really fun, Alex really has it down with this venue and format. I really wish it hadn’t run so long so I could have grabbed some dinner with everyone afterwards, but that’s the way it goes sometimes and it was still a lot of fun. Being hungry probably benefitted me since I wasn’t overtaken by tiredness on the highway. =/

GGs to everyone I played, trying to see if we can get up with marn this coming weekend or something for some FR training in Guilty.

Why do people keep saying I was at this tournament?! God.

P.S: I will fly to NC just to train you guys in GG.

nah man I got cash I’ll fly out to Texas

This was a fun tourney. 3s teams was most hype lolz. Good shit for roski for holding a NC tourney. Good shit for tornadoflame and flipkev for picking me up and dropping me off to the bus station. Good shit on everyone in the car for not being smarter than a 5th grader. No props to eric kim for not reading the naruto manga, which kills the convo :frowning: And good shit for team brandon winning 3S teams. See everyone at FR

just give me a window seat, i’ll wait it out:shake: