Lucky's March Mayhem - Greensboro, NC - 03.01.2008 RESULT'S!

Great games to everyone… I had alots of fun on this one.
which i would like to add

team third strike NEVER FAILS to entertain… Rooting for someone other than yourself is too good.

good games to everyone i played… i swear third strikes comp gets better and better…

i need to move to i can stop trailing behind…

good games to everyone again.


We should do that shit this weekend. We could use the ass beatings. But first I gotta rape everyone’s face at the free Brawl tourney on Saturday. We should all go to one and get a free game, haha.

Justin - good having you back in NC again, we gotta play some Mirror Matches in GG during FRXI sometime. Tell Noel I’ll MM him $20 at FRXI in SC3 his Xiangha Vs. my Tira, haha.

Ron - those donuts were FUCKIN GODLIKE!!!

Tornado Flame - fun matches in VF5, I def. gotta memorize Vanessa’s new movelist cuz I noticed some cool shit / pressure strings you were using.

Shiki - Mid attack in a 3D game > blocking low :rofl:

Austin - gotta play you more often…those fuckin ghost!!

Mike G - …fuck Potemkin :mad:

Jibbo / xYourMasterx / Roski / Lu / everyone: good seeing you guys, it’s been a while since I’ve been to an NC tournament.

see everyone at FRXI!!

…I feel so hustled. Free owes me a bag of skittles tho. Best believe I’m collectin on that shit.

I got 4th in 3S, due to random ass Kimmicks. I fought 1 person the whole tournament that wasn’t playing Makoto. Fuck that slut.

Did I play you any at VF5? I forgot.

Local tourny’s all always fun! Good to see everyone. I’ll be healthy for Final Round!

Contrary to my logic, alcohol does not kill germs…or at least it did not help me in the least on getting well. My Sunday and most of Monday was spent in the bed.

Yo this tournament was mad fun. Shout out to everyone who made it out. Majors thanks for being doctor i think my stick can live for another 6 months. 3s team man that is so hype. Peter was the highlight of the night man i still sick from all the laughing. Jump up with the jab and come down with jab for the win :smile:. Hope to see yall dudes at final round.


I love how like…any time he touched the other guy, everyone would go crazy and jump around and shit. That was by far the best part of the night. Everyone went wild when he got the random ass elbow drop kill, lol.

Much <3 holmes. Thanks for the mad matches.

I need to see footage of me vs. John so I can count the number of pixels that ruined my placing.

GGs to all.

O so TornadoFlame was Vanessa player ,ggs I was Eileen/Shun

Good shit guys! I had so much fun Saturday!

Thanks to !(?_?)! for letting me use your arcade stick for a while and thanks to Majors for fixing mine.

Mad props to my teammates and everybody else for holdin’ it down for the team tourney. That and NGBC Boss battle was TOO HYPE! I didn’t see that outcome coming. :sweat:

It was good to see everyone again. Good games… good times! :lovin:

Dunno really, I played a lil’ earlier (like 2 or 3 matches) then I played Shiki and Tornado Flame at the end of the night during the HYPE 3S Team tournament.

After that teams tournament, I think we need to refer to Pete as Macho Man Randy Savage. What with his top turnbuckle elbow drops and whatnot.

It was good seeing everyone again. I came straight from my trip to Chapel Hill so I was mad tired, but it was worth it. GGs everyone.

Hey man, I earned those pixels like the rest of us. :rofl:

I was like ok I’m gonna mash throw when he lands and hope to god this shit works. Kinda surprised me when it did. GGs though. Both our fights in the tournament really coulda gone either way. I dunno why our fights are always so damn close, but they’re definitely fun. You and Byron definitely need to come up to more tourneys.

Also, I need some videos of me vs. Blake so I can see the exact moment my brain turned to mush that kept me from 2nd and getting to lose to marn.

I agree, our matches are always ridiculously close and fun. I’m sure Byron and I will make more and more tournies, as long as Roski can get them started a little sooner than 4:30 and not kill off guilty casuals.

I was the Jeff player.

Naw, never got to play you then. I’ll start messing w/ VF more often though Vanessa is way more fun than Pai.

We really need to get people into VF5, but I just can’t see it happening. Maybe some MM’s or something- I don’t know.

I won a MM against the imposter MARN playin msp on msp…thanks for the monopoly money…lawl

MVC2 Results

Eric V
Dee Lima

I will hold random 3rs teams everytime im down there…it was to much hype…
and Matt i do owe u a bag of skittles…FREE!!!


and yes JWong…Eric KIm did ruin our convo???