Lucky's March Mayhem - Greensboro, NC - 03.01.2008 RESULT'S!

sure could use some official results

I hate you Patty Van Melt.

I’m going by Lucky’s when I get out of work and grab the brackets and I’m going to try to scan them in and post them.

w/hand drawn smiley faces and leaving out marvel 2nd place on purpose. :slight_smile: :lovin::lovin:

<3 Roskee

all GG fans should use my no GG at evo avatar

I just became an atheist.

For the record, tho, I think both GG and CVS2 should be there, and ST should be cut out, due to the lack of a halfway decent console version of the game and STHD most likely being released in November 2034.


Brackets! Lucky scanned everything and emailed them to me but we don’t have losers 3rd or losers AC. Sorry. :sweat:


  1. Justin Wong
  2. purifyweirdsoul
  3. Villainous

Third Strike Winners

  1. Justin Wong
  2. ramza
  3. Cajunstrike


  1. Justin Wong
  2. Noel Brown
  3. Villainous


  1. Justin Wong
  2. Shaun Cosby
  3. Kevin Michaels


  1. Justin Wong aka CTF Clark
  2. Cajunstrike
  3. SieClayton

GGAC Winners

  1. Justin Brown
  2. Beast of Fire
  3. Villainous


  1. Justin Wong
  2. ???
  3. DeeLima

Random Third Strike Teams (bracket missing)

  1. Team Justin
  2. Team Noel Brown
  3. Team Roski

Thanks for all the help running these things everybody. I think I’m going to start scanning these and posting the results real-time.

Man Lucky is too awesome for being such a help. I love that guy.

And damn I got 3rd place on lockdown.

Damn who the hell is Justin Brown? He must be godlikeee

Eric V. got 2nd in Marvel.

No he didn’t.

nah im pretty sure no one got second in marvel.

roski, who was that playing with that on our team…

any who…
good shit roski for carrying me to third place on teams heheheheh

i think we were the only team with out top tier…
bwahahhah see people, there are other characther other than yun, chun, ken…

and apparently makota… damn i never seen to many of that bicth in one tourney…

good games to all

Noel Brown and Justin Wong fusion, too strong!


Well then I Fucked up. Because, I gave him the second place prize money.

LOLs! Post tourney drama!

Eric V, what do you have to say about yourself!

How the hell is a dude named Noel?

Lobo: that was Julian aka Darklight.

That’s exactly what I said. Who the hell is Eric V? Was he at the tournament?


Looks like I should have stayed for the rest of the tourney.

True story.

I knew that was Isaac because of the skin-tight Japanese shirt he was wearing.

ok so its official. isaac got second at Lucky’s March Mayhem. yes folks he is that good.:hitit:

How was there a Team Noel Brown when Noel wasn’t there? and Marn won GGAC.