Lucky's No Notice Oct. Tournament- Greensboro, NC - 10/10/09 - SF4|MB|BB|KOF|AC|3S

Whatever we have time for, I’m down. I’m continually learning and trying to get these things done faster and I think this weekend will be smooth.

There might be something going on Friday. How many people do you think you’ll have (as I can’t personally help, but may be able to assist)?

Whatsup man. What I meant with Tekken, is that since it has a lot of hype (seemingly) and 6 is about to hit, we’ve got some good Tekken players here and everybody could warm up. Not a tournament necessarily, but I’m going to try to have it on a TV for a good bit of the day, so people can at least play.

Much thanks for the offer, and it would definitely help out. If the TV isn’t too much of a pain, feel free, but we need to PS3 and SFIV more so. As long as you bring the system, you’ll be getting in free.


If anyone can help out with systems, it’ll be much appreciated. We’ll need a few more. Thanks everyone.

i have a 360 stick on a way D: i plan on dual modding it for ps3 and 360 tho =p but not anytime soon as it’d be my first time. i’ll be lookin’ forward to your later tourneys tho :o

I’ll be there Roski. I’m not 100% on what I’m playing, so I’ll let you know when I get there. Melty for sure though!


More team tournaments!

I’ll try to run turbo speed so we can get some time for teams and then hopefully food.

Regional SF4 Evo-style team tournament? HUH?

Need help on PS3sssssss.

FOOL you better play GG.

Whew! …thought you were talking to me for a second. I feel I got lucky there; glad I didn’t go into the whole “can only play one mashy-loli at a time” diatribe.


You’re not a fool, but you should still play GG as well. lol

You can call me a fool all you want, but I just got scared that someone was yelling at me to play GG again. :sweat:

I will be there. Maybe some SoVa cats will come through? RyRy? Ariez? :smile:

I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it out this time. We’ll have to see.

Also, here’s an idea. Instead of making KOF XII single elim, make it a double elim. But instead of doing best 2/3 matches, just do one match since you do have 3 characters which is almost like doing a best 3/5 rounds anyway. :bgrin:

I fought RyRy’s Seth online and it made me :sad:


Hmmmm. I wonder. Seth = Ryry’s new flavor of the month?

Ryry’s seth lost to Fisher Price fighter 4.

The cook is hungry…

Here’s an even better idea.

Instead of playing KOFXII, we play 98UM or 2002 UM instead.

Blackula, I like that idea. Much better than Shiki’s. Now if you had said XI… :wgrin:

I can see it taking a bit longer, since everyone will need to be called at least twice, but that does provide more opportunity to play. But then you run into the issue of not being able to counter pick…Everyone stopped playing anyway really. Of course if the turnout is there we’ll continue, but I’m thinking this may be the last one we run for a while.

Shiki, nobody plays those either. Maybe bring back VS?

VF5 anyone? :bgrin:

sounds like a good time. ill bring my stick but i only have a 360 version if thats cool. if needdd i can bring my system