Lucky's No Notice Oct. Tournament- Greensboro, NC - 10/10/09 - SF4|MB|BB|KOF|AC|3S

I got Desmond’s SF4 fee and Brent’s MeltyBlood fee. Put it on my tab!

hell yea!!! run it!!!

ill buy everyone a sausage biscut!!!

roski: what about jojo??

I’m there Roski. PS3 in tow with SF4/BB/XII. Put me down for BB, MB, and GG. I’ll decide on whether or not I’m entering 4 and XII when I get there.

For XII I think single game double elim is best idea also.

Counterpicking isn’t really a big deal in XII like it is other games.

I’m only entering SF4 this time I think, unless HDR or VF5 is run.

Awesome man, and thanks.

In my experience mainly with Raiden/Terry/Mature vs a lot of Kyo/Iori/Clark/Kensou/Shen/Ash, the matchups and order actually matter, but yeah it isn’t like other games.

Though I do think this is the better idea, so we’ll be running it single game/double elim. Since there will be a winners and losers finals, I’m thinking keep those single game, then do grand finals 2/3 (w two sets if need be). Or 2/3 for winners/losers and same for gf? Thoughts?

Oh, I’ll be bringing my stuff through too.

And thanks Jibbo.

Still painting the garage, but I’ll be there nice and late. I should even have the long lost Jimmy in tow since his g/f is outta town.

Pete-> I’m totally getting us a cooler full of ice this time.

Damn man, I just ate and I’m not hungry anymore.

I lost my library card and got rejected from every publisher I submitted my book to. They said it was too easy to read for the intended target audience.

Even worse: I was typing my last name and accidentally typed “fray” instead of gray.

This is not a good sign. Not a good sign at all. :shake:

…I’ll be there if I can get a ride though. :smile:

Marvel anyone…tha PSN competition rekindled my fire…but if anything…if b the n00b and play 3s

if you need a 3rd PS3, I can have mine available, I only have SF4 and KOF XII for it.

That’d be great Kris - much thanks. Venue waived.

If you’re feeling daring, there is The Ride of Champions

tomorrow hype hype hype!!!