Lucky's No Notice Oct. Tournament- Greensboro, NC - 10/10/09


Thanks for the help everyone, especially after the Tylenol filled vomit escapade I had in the morning. :rofl:

I had the brackets in my bag, but then took them out for some reason, and now they’re at Lucky’s. I’ve got top 3, and will probably grab the brackets on Wednesday (when he re-opens) and try to scan them in. Congrats to Jon for coming out of nowhere in SFIV.


  1. Roski (Sagat)
  2. SamuraiX (Fei Long)
  3. Matt Frank (Rufus/Akuma)


  1. Beast of Fire (Ragna)
  2. Matt Frank (Rachel)
  3. Maxwell (Arakune)


  1. Matt Frank (May)
  2. Beast of Fire (OS)
  3. PacStrife (Sol)

Melty Blood Actress Again

  1. Beast of Fire (Full Kouma)
  2. Matt Frank (Crescent Akiha)
  3. Purifyweirdsoul (the cheesiest character in the game Full Riesbyfe)

We also ran a big team event - Team Roski vs. Team Matt Frank 11v11. Everyone signed up, and then Matt and I alternated picking the teams, and we played king of the hill style in reverse order from those picked. I think the event went well and was good to get everyone involved.

Apologies to Coast, I was busy running around and completely forgot to write down your name even though I was sitting right in front of you. Sorry man. Highlights were DP playing on Matt’s team, using DAN, and running through like 6 of our squad. Then Kevin Michael, on our team, won 5 straight with some clutch victories, made it to Matt Frank, who then beat him and me for the victory. I’ll post up the full teams and results when I get the brackets back.

Much appreciation to whoever brought the little salt packet over near the SF4 setup. :rofl:

Not enough entrants for KOFXII or 3rd Strike unfortunately. :shake:

New tournament thread coming up soon, with Tekken 6 included! Thanks again guys.


great tournament play! i hope everyone enjoyed the view of my sexy ps3 slim lol


i don’t think i’ve seen a slim in person yet

gs to starbucks, jwong fan, and yun player. where was yang player=/


Salt lake city. :sad:

Edit: oops, posted on Josh’s computer. This is dp. :lol:


Damn that Brandon is you Brandon?

Jwong Fan only lost to me; he took out Yun and Yang with Bojangles and General Tso’s.


Good Shit Roski!!!


Q gave me the salt packet, I put it over there. Should have kept it, cause I was a little mad how I realized my buttons were wrong in the middle of my team fight with Blake. When he set his, I must have changed mine without knowing it…my HP was three punches. I didn’t want to make a scene of it in the middle of the match though and stupid me for telling Blake he could punish drills with uppercuts.

F. Ries is a pretty cheesy character. Cheese Fries. She’s actually above Half in the newer tier lists. I would have thought Phil, Angus or Roski could have beaten the very basics of said cheese, being me playing the character, but I guess not? Once Again?


I was playing fei way before justin so get it straight. Justin’s name is xsamxfan -_-

Anyway, I doubt anyone really respected those finals. I looked like a scrub fighting Roski but that is a really really difficult matchup for Fei when the Sagat is played well. Not a whole lot I can do outside of reading really well and not getting read myself because I have to make a lot of educated guesses it seems like. TK sorta rapes the range fei likes to be at and in close is too dangerous so there’s not a lot of non-risky options to initiate offense. Was kinda embarrassing really.

I’ll have some more tricks in my bag next time. Good games to everyone I played though. I know Matt and DP were butthurt, lol.


Jon I wanted you to win. I didn’t care how you did it, I just wanted you to win.


I respected the finals. You were trying to win and you did well. Not your fault people got hit.

And yeah, Jon has been playing Fei Long since SF4 dropped I think.


haha yeah I played him in ST. Just kinda funny I did well with him AFTER Justin wins a tournament with him. I even wrote a crappy guide on him in the Fei forums that people apparently liked.

I just wanted to land ultra like…really…really badly, just to hear people get excited. I’m glad roski was just spamming uppercuts in the last match for the fun of it.


GS everyone. Like I said, I was totally free without fail (is that an oxymoron?!) but going out to chill and get drinks afterward made it all worth it. Good shit to L.I.T.s. Good shit to like 12 Cop cars RUSHING THAT SHIT THE FUCK DOWN on some runaway vehicle trying to get away. :rofl:

Like I said before if anyone is driving to SB4 and has room for me tag along, please message me so we can work something out.

Til the next Lucky’s… peace.


GGs everyone. Had fun, as usual. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I did in MB, we need to play that game more. GG finals were fucking EPIC. BB finals were fail. Good shit to Jon in SF4. Teams was fun as well, DP going on that ridiculous streak with Dan was too funny. Chilling at Ham’s was too good, too many funny stories and stupid shit. Remember Alex, you’re a FRAUD! :lol:

See you guys at the next one. Tekken 6!


stop doing bird kicks=/ :grrr:

3s better be there next time i go. you guys better practice

…or i’ll win with akuma???


:rofl: Man I keep scrubbing out in this game. I can’t finish a damn combo in tournament to save my fucking life (literally).

We do need to play this more.

I hope you didn’t take any disrespect there. That was a situation of my life/bar vs your life + my sarcastic attempt at entertaining the audience. :sweat:

As a bit of constructive criticism, react more (especially to jumpins) and guess less. I did pick up on some patterns in your offense too, which allowed me to guess crouch fierce to stuff the rekka’s (poke, poke, delay, rekka for example).

Good shit though man.

You look so happy with your face on that raw meat. :razzy:

I swear Akuma is my worst matchup in that game now. :lol:

I was really disappointed 3rd didn’t happen and really looking forward to 6 more attempts to fuck up a super. :coffee:

We’ve definitely got to run some matches wherever next time.


Oh nah it’s cool, you had a ton of matches to use for trying something different anyway. Little uppercut spamming here and there to keep people on their toes never hurt.

I have a habit of focusing jump ins for some reason, I really should just take the free damage with a flame kick. Timing has to be really tight on the focus to hit them during those few frames of landing recovery I believe. Might as well take what’s FREE.

And yeah good shit on picking up on that. Trying to get a counter hit since I’m used to rekkas stuffing shit at mid / long range, was weird running into CVS2 to my balls when I went for it.


wow. good shit blake… shutting down top tiers


Better and no. 3rd didnt happen? Yeah time to move NC you have failed me.


Lol. Yeah its all gd because I did post up before the tournament and said I would be the last one picked anyway. .

Great tourney guys. Really had a lot of fun as always. sorry I didn’t get any good byes after the bacon cheese fries.

Jon: good to see you again man and good shit in getting second on 4. I remember the first time that fei raped me.

Alex: Its the R, Baby!Yo its all good. and thanks for letting me run Blazblue brackets. Mad cool.

Dez: Yo good shit with elf man. O and no more slides bro. Im not in sync with sf4 right now due to my xbox red ringing so I couldn’t distance my self well to make my slide meaty. also thanks for showing us the evo pics. im walking to vegas with you next year, son!

Charlotte Crew: You know what it is. Max good shit. Peter and Brian good shit as well. Peter with 4th! Travis u r playing next time. Logan nice to meet you. ur part of the charlotte Crew now. Julian ima body you with bison next session, son! Roy what the hell is going on man? get that shit together!

Pac/ Q / Chris: Great talks man. thanks for all the strategies. Pac thanks for suggest the gd-like bacon cheese fries. Q- bison needs that paint the fence. lol.

DP: good shit with the old man. I hate your dan by the way though. lol. good shit

Matt: Good shit as always man. Thanks for letting me press buttons on tager when playing blake. I got those combos in for you man. lol.

Kombo: Bring your ass out next time and stop asking can you talk to each and every person at the tournament on the phone son! doesn’t work like that. naw just kidding man!

Great tourney again and I will c you guys again next time. Lucky for the M-F Win!!!

p.s.- Alex: “That shit ain’t funny!”


Enjoyed it as usually. Sucks that neither 3rd nor KOF12 got run but I know I was trying to be careful with what I entered so I wound up contributing to that. Big props to DP with Dan.