Lucky's Random Impromptu Tournament + Tekken Gathering - 10/24/09

Much thanks to everyone for making it out on such short notice, Priest for the T6 setup (that shit is HYPE), and all of those who brought equipment/games. Everyone leaving midway to go get lunch was a good idea. Good times all around.

**TEKKEN **6
1.MAC (Marduk/Eddy/Paul)
2.Beast of Fire (Jin)
3.KomboKaze (Kazuya)
4.Roski (Paul)
4.Priest (Leo)

-tie for fourth because Arstal (Asuka) lost in winners finals and had to leave before losers finals.

1.Roski (Sagat)
2.Matt Frank (Akuma/Rufus)
3.YourmasterX (Sagat)
4.Purifyweirdsoul (Rose)
5.Kris (Dictator)
5.Darklight (Chun)

1.Matt Frank (May/Pot)
2.BOF (OS)
3.Roski (Pot)
4.Kris (Slayer)
5.Brent (Ky)
5.Shiki (Robo-Ky)

1.Roski (H-VAkiha)
2.Matt Frank (C/F-Akiha?)
3.Kris (Nerrvenquiszer)
4.Purify (F-Riesbyfe)
5.Darklight (Arcuied)
5.Beast of Fire (F-Kouma)

1.Matt Frank (douchebag Cable aka what the fuck are you doing here? gs gs :lol:)
2.YourmasterX (real teams)
3.Roski (douchebag Cable and random mashed DHCs to Psylocke)
4.Maxwell (Clockwork/some Tron team)
5.Kombokaze (Clockwork)
5.Shiki (sorry Shiki, no idea here)

1.Matt Frank (Yun)
2.Kris (Urien)
3.Roski (Ken/Mak)
4.Darklight (Ryu (I think you SF4 and 3S characters should switch =p))
5.Mac (?)
5.Priest (Alex)

1.BOF (Ragna)
2.KomboKaze (Bang)
3.Maxwell (Arakune)
4.Darklight (Ragna)
5.Kris (Nu?)
5.Shiki (?)

Thanks again for coming through. See everyone on November 14th!

Sounds like yall had fun. :lovin:

I lost to Nick in winners semis, and then came back in grand finals against Matt, and there was this incredibly awkward silence for like 5 minutes immediately following the match.



Yyeeeeeou arrrrrrrre powerless!!!

dude it was a blast so much great talent there in so many games (sometimes it’s not about qantity(SP) ) rather fight 2 good people than a room full of scrubs. :smokin:

EHHH Yuuuuuu! YuuuuuARRRRR~!

does sound like fun

Didnt brent record Roski(Sagat) vs Matt Frank(Gouki) money match? I must see, such hype

I did.

This was really fun. Good seeing a lot of the regulars out. So I could have just punished Roski’s ultra and won? I’m going to have to look at that…

I played 3s…I played Ken…i scrubed it out but I still played…

Lots of fun guys as always…

Chili’s Cheesecake = gdlike!!!


I had a great time, thanks to everyone that showed up. Spiral/Cable is too gdlk.

I had a good time. I saw a lot of things I needed to see for the next time. Everyone, thanks for playing casuals with me in as it helped me download some valuable info.

I will be grabbing a copy of Tacky Outfit 6 because that shit was fun as hell.

Alex, or Tom next time I want to do some vs Ken and Makoto in 3S if we got time.

Coast, play dat Urien son! He’s dope as FUCK. :rock:

Til the next one… peace.

Tekken 6 and GG are really fun.

Maybe I could actually try to learn them for a change this time around.

Thanks and GG to all.

Hopefully next time I won’t lose so free to Roski in casuals. I got the first round and was all “this ain’t so bad” then he decided to plug his stick in and nothing else good came from it.

I might have to snag a copy of SF4 for PS3 and harass you into hopping online and beating my ass once in a while. I think SF4 is starting to make sense, and reading theories and watching vids will only take me so far. I just need to PLAY more.

Good shit though, fun stuff and can’t wait for the 14th.

Kris good shit in that 3rd man I see you. Frank Frank Frank the love is still in your heart lol.

Roski this is Maxwell and I used Team_Z in marvel, not “Some Tronne Team”

Thanks man…honestly I know roski hasn’t been playing 3s but I still don’t see how I won that(I still think he was sandbaggin me…:coffee:)

Well shit you sandbagged your nuts in his mouth good shit.


Good job Mac for taking T6. Maybe the original Monroe DR champ should try to make it on the 14th.