Lucky's Ranking Battle 2.1 - Greensboro, NC - 06.01.2008 - RESULTS!

Good shit everyone. Surprised as hell to see Mike there. Thank you to those who helped. Fun times! I’ll scan the brackets tomorrow.

SFIII: 3rd Strike Double Elimination

  1. Cajunstrike (MA)
  2. JiBbo (YA/DU/KE)
  3. Knuckledust (MA)
  4. Saisyu (AL)
  5. Psoul (EL)
  6. Loborine (RY)

SFIII: 3rd Strike Ranking Battle (single elimination - GVision rules)

  1. JiBbo (YA) - 10
  2. Cajunstrike (KE) - 7
  3. Loborine (RY) - 5
  4. Saisyu (AL) - 3
  5. Ecko (EL) - 1
  6. Knuckledust (MA) - 1
  7. Psoul (EL) - 1
  8. Face (CH) - 1


  1. SieClayton
  2. Loborine
  3. Saisyu
  4. Cajunstrike
  5. Ecko (tie for fourth = Peter withdrew in Winner’s Finals)
  6. JiBbo
  7. Darklight

Hit me up about the 14th Shiki. See everyone next Saturday. :smokin:

Had fun everybody. People who are curious should play GG casuals next tourney.

Awesome stuff in 3rd today everybody. I really love good tough matches, gives me hate, my hate gives me focus. Let’s bring back the old days of Arcade heat. Great stuff to Kuncledust! After a while I will be fighting my self, what a hellish dream come true! LOLOL! See you guy next weekend.

SaiSyu Won.

Good shit to everyone. Hopefully by next week I will have rebuilt my stick. Great matches to Lobo and Jibbs (heartbreakers, both of them). Also, if we’re going to do CvS2 (free or not), it HAS to be single game until grand finals from now on. Shit just takes too long.

See everyone next week.

good games to all…


me getting 2nd in cvs2???

totally random …LOL

Yeah, sorry about that :sweat:.

Good stuff everyone. I had a great time in 3rd and CvS2. MAN I LOST TO LOBORINE IN CVS GAAH!!!

Ed: I tested it again and you can in fact reverse low forward on block with Yang’s standing short. The timing is extremely strict, but it’s there. :smile:

You deserved the match anyway.

#1) Yang’s standing short kick is not 3 frames

#2) Next tournament “bet it” 50 dollars you can’t reverse with standing short against any other -3 frame move in the game. If it is 3 frames then you should be able to punish all -3 frame moves correct. Crouching jab is out of range due to push out but standing short kick is not so there should be no excuse that it should not hit.

#3) The american guide is trash, beware.

… You want a frame data money match? :wtf: Gas is too high for that. It hits. I don’t need a japanese mook to tell me that. Test it for yourself.

I had fun. Good games to everyone I played.

Knuckledust- I think you were the Makato player that crushed me at Final Round. I was the Urien/Ken player that you beat close to the end of the tourney. Anyways, hope you guys get some vids up of your ranbats.

Had fun at this, hope GG gets some more activity on Saturday. GGs in 3rd to everyone I played, can’t believe I actually want to play this game now. :wtf:

How many entrees for each game? I wanna come to the one on the 7th.

It was sort of low with the tournament being moved to Sunday at the last minute. 16 for 3S ranbat and 14 for the singles. CVS2 had 11 I believe.

We usually seem to get around 30-40 individual people on a consistent basis. The numbers jump when VA comes down, on the rare occasion that SC drives up, and then when all of our players show as well. Max we got was ~100 individual people for our big tourney in September.

JiBbo! Where the vids homie!?

Been too lazy to split the sets from the vids. I’ll get the grand finals up by tonight.