Lucky's Ranking Battle 2.4 - Greensboro, NC - 07.12.2008

Saturday, July 12th, 2008
Registration/Money Matches/Casuals begin at 1:00PM. Tournaments start at 3:00PM.

Lucky’s Card Shop
3929 High Point Rd
Greensboro, NC, 27407
Lucky’s on Google Maps

Venue Fee: $5

Upcoming Events:
**07.26.2008 **- Tournament + Ranking Battle
08.02.2008 - Ranking Battle
08.23.2008 - Tournament + Ranking Battle



[$2] [Single Elimination] [Single Character] [Finals 2/3] [Winner Take All] **
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Guilty Gear Accent Core

1st - 10 / 2nd - 7 / 3rd - 5 / 4th - 3 / 5th - 1


[$5] [Double Elimination] [Finals 3/5] [Grand Finals 4/7] [70/20/10] **
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Guilty Gear Accent Core

[$2] [Double Elimination] [Finals 3/5] [Grand Finals 4/7] [WINNER TAKE ALL]
Sengoku Basara X
The King of Fighters 98: Ultimate Match




Played UM for the first time against Blake tonight (hadn’t even fought the cpu lol) and I think I’ll like the game a good bit. A suitable Coliseum replacement if we keep it around. That said, I’m always up for NGBC.

Sorry for missing the last one, I’ll be sure to make the next several. :tup: Good shit Roski.

I still gots your prize from AZ! And emo-Jon’s…

Not sure how I’m gonna get there considering Tom is out of town. I NEED MY POINTS THOUGH!!


Bump! Damn y’all are quiet.

I predict the Triad will take Ultimate Match…please begin manufactured beef thread moving conversation.

I’ve still got some Old Man tricks left in the bag that said I need to learn the game some more, some of the new stuff is going to throw me off.

I’ll be there for 3rd. Got to get my points sucka!!

After party at my place, so finish up early and you can play some ST how it should be played!

Ultimate Match is going to be interesting…

Yeah, you guys are going to surpass me at some point cause you’ve got more talent, I just need to hang on and trick you guys as long as possible, or pray a new stick improves my execution 100%.

Yo, I need a ride to this.

I’m sorry to inform, sigh your truley wont be there…i think ill make the next one… but defentley not this one…

someone play ryu :frowning: tear…

…we’ve got some tricky shit ready for this weekend…

I’ll MM someone with Ryu…

Ryu mirror match sucka!! FIRST TO FIVE, FIVE BUCKS!

Denjin only! DO YOU ACCEPT?


:rofl: That’ll be fun. Deal.

:rofl::rofl:please someone record :slight_smile: i might pick something up by watching :wgrin:

This just in!

I probably won’t be there this time. :sweat:


I keep thinking this tourney was Sunday for some reason, I’m ready for 98UM now! I’m taking first place no bull shit!