Lucky's Ranking Battle 2.4 - Greensboro, NC - 07.12.2008

Good tournament everyone. Thanks to those who helped. Congrats to Jibbs, Commonsense, and Blake. Damn, Kevin is an Alpha 3 BEAST. Good times at Tony’s and the random trash bag giveaway of free beer was rediculous. This tournament was backwards day for me. Good shit!

SF3: Third Strike Ranking Battle**

  1. Commonsense (DU)
  2. Cajunstrike (KE)
  3. Face (CH)
  4. Knuckledust (MA)
  5. Loborine (RY)
  6. Beast of Fire (AK)
  7. Austin (NE)
  8. JiBbo (YA)

Current Standings:
Cajunstrike - 31
JiBbo - 22
Saisyu Kusanagi - 13
Face - 9
Loborine - 8
IceNinja - 7
Knuckledust - 6
Matt Frank - 2
Beast of Fire - 1
Austin - 1
ABStyles - 1
P-Soul - 1
Ecko - 1

SF3: Third Strike Double Elim

  1. JiBbo (YA)
  3. Cajunstrike (KE/MA)
  4. Kevin Michaels (UR)
  5. Loborine (RY)
  6. Knuckledust (MA)

2v2 Turbo Speed Third Strike Teams

  1. Kevin/JiBbo
  2. Tenkei Sensei/Cajunstrike
  3. Loborine/Face
  4. Kunuckledust/COMMONSENSE

GGAC Ranking Battle

  1. Cajunstrike
  2. Beast of Fire
  3. Christian
  4. Loborine
  5. Steven
  6. Austin

Current Standings:
Beast of Fire - 24
Cajunstrike - 20
Matt Frank - 17
Christian - 5
deadontime101 - 3
Troyboy’s Back - 3
Steven - 2
Austin - 2
James A. - 1
ABStyles - 1
purifyweirdsoul - 1
Q -1
IceNinja - 1
Blaine - 1
Loborine - 1

GGAC Round Robin
-There was a 3-way tie for first between Beast of Fire/Austin/myself. We all played each other one match to determine the winner.

  1. Beast of Fire
  2. Austin
  3. Cajunstrike
  4. Christian
  5. Steven

KOF98: Ultimate Match Round Robin

  1. Cajunstrike
  2. Arstal
  3. Beast of Fire
  4. Kevin Michaels


See everyone in two weeks @ Lucky’s July Tournament + Ranking Battle 2.5 - Greensboro, NC - 07.26.2008!

Cool tournament! Here’s some pictures, I’ll upload vids later when Josh isn’t all over MGS4 online. :wink:



Me and Alex

Me and Face


Elizabeth’s 1

Elizabeth’s 2


Head to head cabs! Too good.

The Free Beer story.

Setting: Outside of Major’s place, walking from the parking lot.
Characters: Myself, Loborine, Beast of Fire, Strange Man

Strange Man - voice projected towards Me with harsh tone, also carrying a trash bag in his right hand HEY… HEY YOU!..

I keep walking because I’m not exactly sure if he’s talking to me or not.

Strange Man - HEY!!! Hey YOU!

Me - Are you talking to me?.. :confused:

Strange Man - Yeah. YOU. walks up to me, loborine and beast of fire You guys like BEER?

Blake, Myself, Loborine - :confused:

strange man turns to Beast of Fire

Strange Man - Do you like Beer, huh???

Beast of Fire - Yeah! I like beer! :cool:

Strange Man - hands Beast of Fire the trash bag

Beast of Fire - Thank you! :woot::lovin:

Strange man walks off the stage

Loborine, Myself, Beast of Fire - :confused:

You know how many people dream for this to happen to them lol. When you came inside I was like shit just aint right. Good games everyone tournament was fun all around. Majors your spot is like Heaven. Playing head to head is the way fighters are meant to be played. When I left man i really shed a few tears. :sad: Anyway who going to take me off of Virtua Tennis 2 because my opponents Face,Jibbo,Knuckledust are no match for me.

I got some tricks with Lidsay Davenport for you son! Just ask Knuckledust about them!!!

Good job Jibbo! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Too bad I can teleport myself there when you guys do play. Looks like fun was had by all.




Ranbat grand finals