Lucky's September Tournament - Greensboro, NC - 9/5/2009

Much thanks to everyone who come out from GA, SC, VA, MD and all kinds of people from within the state that I’ve never met before. Good to see everyone again too. Sorry for the long tournament; in retrospect, I probably should have played a lot less, and a 30 man KOF XII definitely needs more than two TVs. We wouldn’t have finished at the time we did had it not been for everyone helping.

Special thanks to Justin, Bryan, Phil, and Blake for helping to run the brackets, and to Will, Demo, Dez, Julian, Blake, Blackula, and Brent for helping out with all kinds of random shit, and to Magnicious and Cool-Breeze for helping out with the feed.

Awesome turnout. 65 people is solid as hell for us. All you new NC heads keep coming through! Good matches to everyone, and I’ll try not to play like a moron next time. :sweat:

SF4 (38 players)
1.Automattock Jibbo DP (Gen, lost to no one)
2.Eric Kim (Sagat, lost to Automattock Jibbo DP x 2)
3.Cajunstrike (Sagat, lost his books and sonned by Eric Kim x 2)
4.RugiOHH (Akuma, lost to Eric Kim, Cajunstrike)
5.Ryry (Dhalsim, lost to Automattock Jibbo DP, Rugi)
5.Nickmasterx aka Billy the Bastard (Sagat, lost to Automattock Jibbo DP, Cajunstrike)

KOF XII (26 players)
1.abstyles (lost to no one) - repping RDU
2.Cajunstrike (lost to abstyles x 2)
3.Psoul (lost to abstyles, Cajunstrike)
4.Saisyu (lost to Psoul, Cajunstrike)
5.Ryry (lost to Psoul, Saisyu)
5.Jibbo (lost to abstyles, Cajunstrike

BlazBlue (22 players)
1.Frank the Tank (Nu, Rachel, lost to Zoogstin once)
2.Zoogstin (Carl, lost to Frank the Tank)
3.VR-Raiden (lost to Frank x 2)
4.Beast of Fire (Ragna, lost to maxwell, VR-Raiden)
5.Maxwell (lost to Zoogstin, Beast of Fire)
5. abstyles (lost to Frank, VR-Raiden)

MBAA (15 players)
1.Frank the Tank (Akiha, lost to no one)
2.Moosen (Warachia, lost to Frank x 2)
3.purifyweirdsoul (Reisbyfe, lost to Frank, Moosen)
4.Psoul (lost to purify, Moosen)
5.Tarnish (lost to Frank, Psoul)
5.Pacstrife (lost to tarnish, Moosen)

GGAC (12 players)
1.Frank the Tank (May, lost to Zoogstin)
2.Beast of Fire (Order-Sol, lost to Frank x 2)
3.Zoogstin (Zappa, lost to BOF, Frank)
4.DBC (lost to BOF, Frank)
5.Pacstrife (Sol, lost to BOF, Frank)
5.purify (Ky, lost to DBC x 2)

3rd Strike (18 players)
1.Eric Kim (Ken, lost to no one)
2.Face (Chun, lost to Knuckledust, Eric Kim)
3.Knuckledust (Makoto, lost to Eric Kim, Face)
4.Saisyu (Alex, lost to Eric Kim, Face)
5.Loborine (Ryu, lost to Eric Kim, Face)
5.Cajunstrike (Makoto, lost to Tom, Saisyu)

Good shit everyone. New thread coming soon.

Good shit SF4 placers.

Big wtf :wow: @ 3s results all over. Did jibbo enter? kimmiks undefeated, I can’t remember when he last played that O_O.

it was messed up jibbo kept getting hit in the head in the middle of a match

This is Justin, the one who ran the BlazBlue brackets and I want to seriously apologize for sounding like an angry motherfucker. I know some of you thought it was funny that I was so intense, but I think I came off as rude to a few people - especially when I trying to help get the SF4 tournament started for Shiki and Face. I think I fucked up that match between Coast and Cool-Breeze and sent them to the wrong tvs, so I’m sorry about that. We needed to get things running and looking around, there was a lot of players just sitting there looking bored. My voice was pretty coarse afterwards.

GGs to all I played and an awesome job by those guys who set up HDremix - good shit. :tup:

good shit jibbo and cajun:tup:
sorry we couldn make it out cajun,we really been training on the sagat match up! so we learned alot. hopefully we will get to play at sb4? and the atl cats that came,how did they do?

Justin, I really appreciate you getting things going like that. That’s some shit you really didn’t have to do, and I just wanted to say thanks again. I remember hearing you yell “SFIV is starting!” while I was playing KOF and remember thinking “man, that’s fucking awesome.”

Good games everyone. Thanks to all the out of state people for coming out, we really appreciate your support. I was really impressed with Rugi’s Akuma. Good shit man!

As far as 3rd strike, I put myself in the losers bracket because they had me playing somebody I came with. It was his first tournament and he could have used the experience more than I would. I lost to Lobo early on in losers, so that’s that.

Shoutouts to Eric Kim and lk > tiger knee in the corner. You asshole. :lol:

Good shit to Jibbo, much respect.

Also, good shit to eric in 3S. A switch to ken is not surprising at all. I told him he wouldn’t pick makoto if he started 3S today.

GGs everyone I played in BB, GG, and KOF :tup:

Lots of really close games in BB.

BB was fun. GG was a disappointment for me but I do like how I forced Matt to counterpick me. Honestly Matt I you probably would’ve beaten me with May in loser’s finals because I was so upset with how I played Blake. GG’s regardless with the ABA.

great job getting 3rd in BB bro! =D


Fucking awesome tournament, slowness aside. KoF XII is the slowest game EVER.


Eric Kim - Quit putting me out of every tournament dude!!! Jap Chun will be back, I promise. Save up and come to Japan with me next year.

Matt Frank/Jibbo - We didn’t play, but please keep playing 3S. You’re both fucking beasts and if you would practice just a little you would be right back to winning tournaments.

Tom - Epic matches dude, seriously the most fun I had playing all day. Don’t get so bummed on yourself though!!

Ed - Close match sir, you played really well!

Rob/Maxwell - It was awesome seeing two new players play a game that everyone says is “dead”. Keep practicing and coming to tournaments, you will improve with every game!

Lobo - Pick Ken.


Preciate it. I’ll definitely return, though probably when more than one game I play is run. :rolleyes: haha. And fuck anyone who says this game is dead. We’ll let them play their trendy tiger-knee game while we have fun.:arazz:

No way! Best Ryu I’ve seen…

Props to all those people who play with pads/dualshocks. Never seen such sickness in GG without a stick.

Matt Frank Jr.

Eric, RyRy, what happen:(

Gs NC crew. Jibbs and Alex, Powerful.

That old man shake down!

GS guys. Keep that 3s alive in the U.S.

Lobo - Pick Ken.


good games man… sorry for the outburst of hitting my stick, my execution was WAY off… i guess thats what i get for not playing…

I think everyone can tell that you got better in your trip to japan. And i might pick up ken…only if i face a chun… but we’ll see… ive been saying that forever…and never do…

Good seeing alot faces again… Tom goods games sir… see ya at the next one.

breaks bracelet

Jibbo, good shit bro, still repping and helping out with the console character revolution!