Lucky's Summer Ranbats/Tournaments Poll!

So which do you prefer?

Please only vote if you plan on showing for most or all of the times chosen.

3 Sunday Ranking Battles / 1 Saturday Tournament
3 Saturday Ranking Battles / 1 Saturday Tournament
2 Saturday Ranking Battles / 2 Saturday Tournaments

The ranking battles would be like the official tournaments, but only 3S, AC, +1 random game (rotating or due to interest) on those days. 3S/AC would be gvision style, single elim, finals 2/3. I’d also like to do 2v2 3S teams as well. The single elim ranking battle tournaments will also be included on the main tournament days. The ranbats will be more relaxed and would also include casual/money match time.

If the ranbats are on Saturdays, they will start at 12:00p and will end at 6:00 or 7:00p. If on Sunday, they will go 1:00p to 6:00p.

Everything will start May 31st or June 1st, depending on the day chosen.


Well I intend to pick back up my job at Fedex (3-8am, Tuesday-Sunday) so combined with my delivery job on the weekends, Saturday would be tough for me. But eh, I think Saturdays would be best since Sunday’s is more of a day that people stay with there families COUGH KEVIN MICHEALS COUGH. I really think the ranbat idea is great, so there’s my vote for three of them.

How does the Charlotte venue fit into this?

Only 3S and GG are guarantees for the RanBats? Well, I know that’s all like 90% of us even play regularly anymore but…I guess that decides what I’m going to vote for. :smile:

Show for what you want and make sure others do too.

The Charlotte venue could do different days or something else that we work out. It sounds like a good venue but you haven’t posted any plans for it, or thrown anything there yet.

I know, I know.

Like I said, I want you guys to see the place in person for like a gathering/small event before planning anything too big.
However, this month is already busy with the tournament this weekend and Animazement/C3 in 2 weeks.

I still wanna hold something this month, but I was thinking the only time would be like a Fri night or Saturday next week…

One option is for one place to do 3s/3D stuff, the other to do GG and SNK…

I don’t think that’s a good idea, you’d create inconsistency with the results due to players being unable to make certain locations on certain dates.

I can attend a tournament a month, but I work 2 jobs so there is pretty much no way for me to take off every saturday (or sunday) to go to Greensboro. I gotta save bank this summer so I can graduate…finally.

You also split the community and eliminate crossover. That’s no good.

I’m all for it Shiki. Why don’t we just plan on whatever dates this deals out for Lucky’s, and if your venue works out, we’ll just switch the location on some dates. I’d much rather drive an hour and half from time-to-time than lug tvs and be pre obligated for hours every Saturday. :sweat:

For your venue, I’d say run two/three tournaments for big games (to give people more of a reason to show) and have a lot of casuals setup. People would be more inclined to show if there were some tournaments rather than just getting together in a random location to play. Just find a date and set it up. We can work things out.


Yeah…something every weekend is pretty crazy. Two things a month is cool, like one ranbat and one tournament. I know I for one can’t make everything, or probably even half of it all if there’s something every weekend.

Or to solve the “wahh boo hoo I can’t come to so much” problem, you could indeed have four things a month, but two weekends of GG and two weekends of 3S. For the people that can make it every time and play both games, we can do side events (teams, random, etc) for the game that’s not the main focus of the weekend…and have a side game or two at all of them.

Ehhh…I think you’d get more people at each one if you do both each time. I don’t want to split things up at all. The ranbats will go a lot quicker. I’ve bought 2 extra 27’’ crts for the tournaments and I’ll be buying another PS2 this week. I’m going to get a third 27’’ for the house and bring this 25’’ beast I have now in there too. Single elim will also make it quick.

Believe me, with a girl and a M-F job, I’m all for not being completely obligated for the whole day 2 Saturdays out of the month. I’m thinking the ranbats with casuals will usually go about 6 hours or so.

Sounds good.

The thing about having things every week…well, it’s a given that not everybody is going to be there every single week. It’s just so that during the summer there’s going to always be at least SOMETHING going on, so whenever people do have a weekend available, they know they have something to look forward to.
So maybe if people only have one weekend off in July, for example, and it doesn’t happen to fall on a tournament day, at least there will be a gathering or something.

Also, part of this is to get new people into the mix. I think we have just enough people to pull this off for the Summer, but I expect new recruits to join up, which is part of the reason I was looking for a Charlotte venue.

good point, I really do look forward to these things. And yeah, I don’t want us to possibly split any more than we already are :sweat:

Oh I’m coming for yall in AC! Just give me a few beatings and about a month, I’ll be good at it. If it brings the community together, I’ll play it. :tup:

Random post over.

Voted for 2x2 Saturday, but I can make the Sunday options as well, what with my being a Godless heathen and all.

Voted for 3 Saturday ranbats and one tournament. Gvision actually does top 4 2 out of 3. They almost never do double elimination though. Single game/single elim until top 4, then 2 out of 3/Single Elim. When they do teams it is almost always single game/single elim the entire tournament.

Also, 2v2 teams would be HYPE, especially if it isn’t random.

great idea… i vote sunday… cause i dont have nothing to do that day… and this is the case EVERY sunday :frowning:

btw team 3rd ranbat would be awesome

Voted Voted for 2x2 Saturday. Atlantic South Hype for the win =3

Thanks for the sticky! (…Kyah?) :tup:

So…it looks like it will probably be the 2 and 2…We’ll be starting May 31st with the Ranbat, and then June 7th with the tournament, and continue alternating throughout the summer.

However…Lucky has a huge Yugioh tournament going on June 14th…so…SHIKI! Want to move the ranking battle to your venue for that day?

EDIT: Also…when a C3 happens to fall on one of the ranking battle days, there is a good chance it will move to Sunday.

Sounds like a plan…