Lucky's Tournament - 02/20/2010 - Greensboro, NC - SF4-TVC-T6-MBAA-BB-AC-3S-HDR-CVS2!

Great turnout! I think we had 62 people total. Thanks to everyone who showed up and to all those who helped out as well. Good games to everyone.

Street Fighter IV (36 players)
1.Roski (Sagat)
2.Saisyu Kusanagi (Gouken)
3.Kevin Michael (Ryu)
4.RyRy (Sim/Ryu/Sagat)
5.Matt Frank (Rufus/Akuma)
5.Darklight (Chun)

Tekken 6 (20 players)
3.Tom Brady
5.Charles S Caveman
5.Small Wonder

Melty Blood Actress Again (15 players)
1.Garrett BZB (Roa)
2.Roski (H-VAkiha)
3.Frank the Tank (C-Warc)
4.P-Soul (C-Mech)
5.Brandino (F-Ciel)
5.deadontime (Nero)

3rd Strike (15 players)
1.JiBbo (Hugo)
2.Loborine (Ryu)
3.Saisyu Kusanagi (Alex)
4.Roski (Ken/Makoto)
5.P-Soul (Elena)
5.abstyles (Urien)

TVC UAS (9 players)
1.RyRy (Chun/Jun/Ryu/Alex)
2.SamuraiX (Zero/Polimar/TBlade)
3.abstyles (Batsu/Soki)
4.Roski (Karas/Ryu/Tekkaman)
5.Darklight (Ryu/Chun)
5.Moosem (Zero/Polimar)

GGAC (8 players)
1.Frank the Tank (May/Potemkin)
2.Titanium Beast (OS)
3.Zoogstin (Zappa)
4.abstyles (Testament)
5.purifyweirdsoul (Ky)
5.deadontime (Slayer)

HDR (12 players)
2.Kevin Michael
4.Return of Shiki

Blazblue CT (6 players)
1.Zoogstin (Carl)
2.Titanium Beast (Ragna)

CVS2 (8 players)
2.Slick Rick
3.Kevin Michael
4.Lucious Clayton
5.Mister K

Be on the lookout for the next one. Top 5 for now but I should have full results and Tonamento updated tomorrow hopefully. If anyone has vids of anything please post em up - too much hype!!

GG’s everyone. I’m gonna make it to Guilty Gear grand finals next time. Thanks for your help blake explaining my problems.

Lots of Melty matches uploading right now. lol at CvS getting 30 votes and 8 entries.

GGs everybody. Matt was right about that air j.K string with Ky, it’s really good.

I want to apologize to Slick Rick for our 3s match (I was the red urien player). I felt bad that there weren’t any accommodating sticks at the time because you definitely could’ve done a lot more damage to me with those opportunities you had. That really sucked.

Anyways, good shit to AceUnlimited and Demo in T6. GGs to all I played in HDR. Nice meeting you Duncan, I was Justin at the table. Big :tdown: to that car break-in shit, seriously…

Hope some of you can make it to the event we’re holding here in Christiansburg next weekend. Most likely be running the same games, with the exception of CVS2.

It’s not your fault, man. All tournies are “BYOS” events, so it’s my problem. Don’t worry about it.

Major props to you guys for hosting! It was very well organized. Everything started on time and moved along without delay. I’ll be in NC for the rest of 2010 at least, so I’m looking forward to future events.

Nice meeting everybody!

That was a fucked up day for me LOL. I did better in HDR than in four and I don’t even play HDR so go figure. Had my car broken into but the dumbass didn’t hit up my trunk which had that junk they were looking for…phew! Then about 2 blocks from house @ 0200hrs in the morning my right rear tire decided to just peace out on me! LOL other than that I always have a good time at luck’s!

Roski, there should be a tournament on June 20th. June is the seventh month of the year, and seven is a lucky number. I think it’d be the perfect day!

Actually July is…

Jibbo, that’s pretty random…and June is the sixth month of the year. Trolling? lol…

Inside joke S.R. …kind of…

oh ok. i figured i was just out of the loop :bluu:

OH dang, I guess i miscounted my seventh finger twice, or no wait zero. Jon played Zero in the tournament!

DP now im salty… avatar = :sad:

Yo good shit everyone, had fun… good seein everyone, time to start playing for real again

see you guys friday sessions and gamefrog

fun tourney overall, had fun playing every thing especially tvc, its good to play other people once in awhile until next time

fixed. you can’t just say you’ll make it to grand finals, you gotta beast ALL competition.

GGs everyone, congrats to Austin and Garrett for securing 1st place in BB and MB. The ride back was weak as fuck, I swerved on the road from tiredness and a state trooper lit me up on cue. Thankfully it didn’t amount to anything, but I was scared shitless and embarassed. Ed saw me and stopped to make sure I was okay, thanks go out again for that. See you guys next time!

My god excellent turnout. I’m so sad I missed another one :(. One of these days…one of these days.

Good to see that you had a decent turn out for TvC.

I think DP fucked up his joke. :lol:

Hugo fucked up my mind. Shoulda stuck with Ken probably, though I don’t know how different things would’ve been.

I’m so ass at TVC. I’m learning some pixies.