Lucky's Tournament - 03/27/2010 - Greensboro, NC!

Awesome time. It was good to see a lot of new faces as well as the return of some of the newer guys. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions regarding tournaments, games, whatever.

Thanks to everyone for coming out; next tournament will be May 8th with the thread coming soon. The first time using Tonamento was a success! HUGE THANKS for the immeasurable amount of help provided by Ron, Darklight, Angus, Lu, Lucky, Brent, and anyone else who helped with equipment, games, running tournaments, whatever.

Results and brackets:

Street Fighter 4
1 Alex Roski
2 Richard “Slick Rick” Kimball
3 Thomas “Knuckledust” Chadwick
4 Duncan “Mister K” T
5 Miguel “loborine” Angel Muniz
5 Raf Garcia
7 Alex “West” B
7 Angus “abstyles” Brown
9 Julian “darklightjg1” Gray
9 Kevin “JabroniKenshin” Michael
9 KomboKaze
9 Saisyu Kusanagi
13 Travis “priest” P
13 Mikaul “Her0” M
13 Blake “vivaldi” Z
13 Scott “scotte” E
17 Jimmy “Smurvis” Hines
17 Ian “CoImBo” Rich
17 Brent “purifyweirdsoul” Taylor
17 Brett “HKN” G
17 Alfonso “Frission” E
17 Hector “P-Money” P
17 Matt “Gummowned” G
17 Patrick “sk8” R
25 David “Azn_boy” N
25 OJ White
25 Joshua “tectondrio” Morrison
25 Conrad “conrizzle” I
25 Pon Sundara
25 Shaun “giggidyboy” T
25 Van “Tricky” S
25 Matthew “mafro” Morrison
33 Andre “ddrexan” Wilson
33 Phillip Dawson
33 Jeff “arstal” J
33 Karney “Kotp” T
33 Shaun “IceNinja” Cosby
33 Cody “Jazz” B

Street Fighter 4 2v2 Teams (11 Teams - Single Elimination - Waseda Style)
1 This Game Is Okay Sometimes (Frank the Tank, Roski)
2 Irish Puerto Rico (Mister K, P-Money)

Melty Blood: Actress Again
1 Brandon “Brandino” Lee
2 Matt “Frank The Tank” Frank
3 P-Soul
4 Kris “testament101” Kelley
5 Alex Roski
5 Brent “purifyweirdsoul” Taylor
7 Angus “abstyles” Brown
7 Jimmy “Smurvis” Hines
9 Julian “darklightjg1” Gray
9 Dale “Robocurse” D
9 Kevin “JabroniKenshin” Michael
9 Aaron “ShinshoBeam!” N

Tekken 6
1 Larry “ando” A
2 Jovan “SmallWonder” Martin
3 Duncan “Mister K” T
4 Dale “Robocurse” D
5 Shaun “IceNinja” Cosby
5 Richard “Slick Rick” Kimball
7 Mario “tco” Smith
7 KomboKaze

Street Fighter III: Third Strike
1 Miguel “loborine” Angel Muniz
2 Alex Roski
3 Thomas “Knuckledust” Chadwick
4 Matt “Frank The Tank” Frank
5 Saisyu Kusanagi
5 Kevin “JabroniKenshin” Michael
7 Justin “GhibliCat” Anselmo
7 Everett “Arcas V” Turner
9 Julian “darklightjg1” Gray
9 Travis “priest” P
9 Shaun “IceNinja” Cosby

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars
1 Angus “abstyles” Brown
2 Julian “darklightjg1” Gray
3 Michael “VR-Raiden” O
4 Brent “purifyweirdsoul” Taylor
5 Ian “CoImBo” Rich
5 Aaron “ShinshoBeam!” N

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
1 Matt “Frank The Tank” Frank
2 Blake “TitaniumBeast!” Mansour
3 Michael “VR-Raiden” O
4 Brent “purifyweirdsoul” Taylor
5 Ronald “ryucross” H
5 Shaun “IceNinja” Cosby
7 Angus “abstyles” Brown

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
1 Kevin “JabroniKenshin” Michael
2 Everett “Arcas V” Turner
3 Justin “GhibliCat” Anselmo
4 Alfonso “Frission” E
5 Scott “scotte” E
5 Rob “Trykt” T
7 Hector “P-Money” P

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
1 Blake “TitaniumBeast!” Mansour
2 Michael “VR-Raiden” O
3 Everett “Arcas V” Turner
4 Aaron “ShinshoBeam!” N

Vampire Savior
1 Blake “TitaniumBeast!” Mansour
2 Everett “Arcas V” Turner
3 Matt “Frank The Tank” Frank

Gs to everyone.

This one was GDLK. The extra monitor with the bracket was nice! Good stuff to everyone!

Realy happy i won :smile: , had mad fun with friends. = GREAT MOTHER FU (watch your mouth) weekend ever!!!

more fun at Ham’s…

pics i took.

Good shit to the winners, that said:

Next 3S tourney is mine. Don’t care who’s there, I want it, I’m going to win it.

GG’s to every1 in T6. Hopefully next 1 we’ll have a bigger turnout :slight_smile:

Fun Shit, first tourney i played from start to finish…
look forward to the next one whenever that may be.

Anyone with vids, pics, whatever, please post them here. Thanks!

Good games in GG guys. I was a bit disappointed in my performance…but hey, when am I not. Dropped lots of stuff I don’t normally drop, probably due to pressure.
Anyway, it was still fun and glad I got to play you all again. GG ftw :rock:

also GG’s in BB, waiting to see the matches that were recorded.
Enjoyed our Ragna mirrors as usual Blake. GG Aaron.
Everett, our losers finals match was like :wow: way too close, I totally pulled that win out of my ass lol.
Looking forward to playing everyone in CS :tup:

and GG’s in TvC, Darklight, purify, and abstyles. Darklight, I should have been quicker on that burst button, that lvl3 hurts haha.

Alex Roski=“Cajunstrike” for those who do not know.

For further clarification, his first name is actually Micheal. Your identity is important, brother.

Actually, my first name is Michael. Micheal (My-keal?) would sound all weird and shit. I think I’m going to change my name on Tonamento to just Roski. Alex “Roski” Roski would look fucked up. Do you like my last name? I do. I have a middle name, too. Why are we talking about this?

EDIT: Oh shit, hey VR, thanks for all the help man. Your extra PS2 really came in handy. :tup:

You all to need fucking learn how to say 1,2, and 3 in German. This will prevent any further lobo losses.

Lobo Reversal Normals own me free. :bluu:

Seriously though, good shit to Lobo. Good games man. Sorry I got my salt on you.

Aw man, No problem. All in good fun. I didn’t take it personal. Jokes are jokes.

GGs to everyone I played, especially in HDR. KEVIN FUCKING MICHAEL…

Only have a few sf4 videos of matches against our local player vivaldi:
(Sorry about my shaky hands, I think I’ll be investing in a tripod soon)

Glad we got to play some vampire savior this time! Good shit on that. Next time, I’ll be sure to stick around afterwards again and chill - always good times.

Roski, you should put characters used so everyone can see that you countered me! :arazz:


Edit: Priest, where’s the vids, mang?!

is it lobo’s birthday? why did you guys let him win?

stop getting countered rick. shoulda picked guile and vega before the tournament to throw him off his game. a sandbagging technique i learned long ago. :tup:

i have to give props. i havent been to a local monthly tournament thats been organized and ran well in… years. at least you guys are doing one thing right.

but still

dead to me…

Yeah you trolled me in casuals…I thought guile was your main LOL. So when we played at C3 I was like “this guy’s gonna be FRAY!”…then you stopped sandbagging :bluu:

Winners Finals are up among some others
Saiysu vs Kevin Michael
Lobo Vs Roski
Lobo VS Pat
Roski Vs R Garcia
Duncan Vs R Garica
Pm0ney VS Ian
Pmoney Vs Duncan
Saiysu Vs Cody