Lucky's Tournament - 03/27/2010 - Greensboro, NC!

SF4 Loosers finals



uploads got canceld for some reason the other night ill have the rest up when i get home from work

Good shit guys. Much thanks for the vids.

The white roski video will be posted tonight!!!

You’re dead to me

Good stuff to all that came out but don’t rest yet, we are taking it back east into RDU land, it is tournament time people!!! Will lobo take 3rd strike again? Only one way to find out!!!

Thanks again for the uploads guys. Slick Rick…the counter pick vids have arrived. :wgrin:

If anyone is interested, I finally got the February results on Tonamento as well, so all three Lucky’s tournaments this year are up. You can click your name and see what tournaments you have played in and where you placed. It’s a good motivator IMO. Seeding should also become more accurate with each passing tournament.




Roski, our entire set was epic. Good shit :tup:

this is really late but here is my match with VR-Raiden [media=youtube]rt5dP2pGD-M[/media]