Lucky's Tournament: The Return! - 08/21/2010 - Greensboro, NC

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. I’ve got to head out to work, but I’ll definitely post some shouts later. Oh I also have the SSFIV Teams bracket in the car, so I’ll post that later tonight as well. Tekken and HDR were run too, so those with the brackets, please post up.

We’ve got a lot to learn - STAY HUNGRY.

Unique Entrants: 55

Super Street Fighter IV
1 Arturo “sabin” Sanchez (Team Spooky)
2 min
3 Alex Roski
4 Matt “Frank The Tank” Frank
5 Jon “xSAMURAIx” Layton
5 Angus “A.B.stylez” Brown
7 David-Paul “JiBbo” Mattock
7 Julian “darklightjg1” Gray
9 Richard “Slick Rick” Kimball
9 Thomas “Knuckledust” Chadwick
9 Saisyu Kusanagi
9 Brent “purifyweirdsoul” Taylor
13 Kevin Michael
13 Scott “scotte” E
13 Dominique “AceUnlimited” McCowin
13 Miguel “loborine” Angel Muniz
17 James “PacStrife” Alderman
17 Raf Garcia
17 Tiger Bookmaster
17 KomboKaze
17 Conrad “conrizzle” I
17 Brian Peck
17 Brian Zebrowski
17 Fingers MLD
25 Quinton “Xiomar Fox” Gray
25 Jimmy “Smurvis” Hines
25 OJ White
25 Steel “steeloyangster” Yang
25 Patrick “sk8” R
25 Sam Tuza
25 Simon Chen
25 AJ “King Wok” S.
33 Will “Ceron” Dean
33 Tyrell “basiccomplex” Morris
33 Rob “Trykt” T
33 Brett “HKN” G
33 Kevin “shadow of godjira” Potts
33 Kahlil “Special K” Watson
33 Austin “Zoogstin” Wright
33 William “Corner-Trap” Pass
33 Jason “Godren” Setzer
33 Alton “aceflashy” King
33 Jose Hamilton
33 Abbenyi Abbenyi
33 Keith “seasofcheese” Shusterman
33 Ian “CoImBo” Rich
33 Alfonso “Frission” E
33 Jimmy “gamewizard” Tran

BlazBlue: CS
1 Austin “Zoogstin” Wright
2 Jon “xSAMURAIx” Layton
3 Blake “TitaniumBeast!” Mansour
4 Matt “Frank The Tank” Frank
5 KomboKaze
5 Maxwell King
7 Angus “A.B.stylez” Brown
7 Jimmy “Smurvis” Hines
9 Cortland "Lucerne"
9 Cameron Watson
9 Kahlil “Special K” Watson
9 Julian “darklightjg1” Gray
13 Kris “testament101” Kelley
13 Keith “seasofcheese” Shusterman
13 Brent “purifyweirdsoul” Taylor
13 AJ “King Wok” S.

Street Fighter III: Third Strike
1 Thomas “Knuckledust” Chadwick
2 !(?_?)!
3 Jay “Ecko” Banks
4 Saisyu Kusanagi
5 David-Paul “JiBbo” Mattock
5 Arturo “sabin” Sanchez (Team Spooky)
7 Miguel “loborine” Angel Muniz
7 Alex Roski
9 Julian “darklightjg1” Gray
9 Angus “A.B.stylez” Brown
9 Kevin Michael
9 Keith “seasofcheese” Shusterman
13 Abbenyi Abbenyi

Melty Blood Actress Again
1 Matt “Frank The Tank” Frank
2 Alex Roski
3 Brent “purifyweirdsoul” Taylor
4 James “PacStrife” Alderman
5 Angus “A.B.stylez” Brown
5 Sam Tuza
7 Austin “Zoogstin” Wright

Good shit to Tiger Bookmaster.

Tekken 6 results

  1. Dominique “AceUnlimited” McCowin (Asuka)

  2. DeMorris “SilentSymphony” Edberson (Lee/Dragunov)

  3. Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez Team Spooky (Jack-6)

  4. Blake “TitaniumBeast!” Mansour (Jin/Lars)

  5. Josh “Ghostface_Khz” Betthauser (Lili)

  6. Rob “7thFonon” Lipscomb (Xiayou)

  7. Jay “Ecko” Banks (Bryan)

  8. Bryan “Guerilla S.” Bigelow (Steve)

  9. James “3DJames” Liverman (Marduk)

  10. Quinton “Xiomar” Gray (Julia)

Tiger Bookmaster?

I got to stop getting 13th.
Good shit to everyone, as always.

If that’s the same person as YourMaster, then ggs. He kicked my ass with Abel.

Arakune ftw, Arakune mirrors ftl.

I’d like to see those team brackets myself. Somehow me and Jon avoided having to fight Tiger Bookmaster’s team, DP/Kev and Rick/Matt.

I didn’t get to fight Art, but playing Min was like, damn I feel so pot monster right now son.

Blazblue is so bullshit. I think I play enough games, might be leaving that one out lol. Also, hate @ Roski for remembering how to play Melty in loser’s finals.

Silver Strike 2009 Results:

  1. !(?_?)!
  2. TS | Min
  3. Arturo “ASS” Sanchez
  4. Alex Roski (DQ)

I should quit playing Street Fighter and start hustling rednecks in shitty bars along the entire east coast…

Silver Strike 2009 Results:

  1. !(?_?)!
  2. TS | Min
  3. Arturo “ASS” Sanchez
  4. Alex Roski (DQ)

I should quit playing Street Fighter and start hustling rednecks in shitty bars along the entire east coast…

Yeah I would like to see the team results as well. Think you could put them up Roski?

Shout outs!

Brent: Good shit on soulaytovania x disco of righteousness. We were too white for the opposition. Also I know I told you before but I think you should put some time into Jin and learn his stuff for real.

Roski: Hey man we had a great match, you definitely put a lot of work into that match and you were playing to win. Glad you finally defeated that demon man lol. Next time I’m going to lame you out though. :lol:

Blake: Great match in losers finals in BB. Sorry if me getting all hype afterwards pissed you off, I just felt good about that win.

Austin: Really good match with you too, you really gotta come to Raleigh sometime and play, or somehow get on PSN. Maybe one day I’ll be able to tell what the blob of hitboxes around me is doing when I fight you lol.

New York guys: Good games and all that, you guys should come down again sometime. NC needs to play good comp more often.

With that said…


i said i was coming down to this tournament to put face on notice. and i failed. in 3s, silver strike 2009, and at life. i should just kill myself while im still ahead. :frowning:

nice seeing everyone too. -_-

Oh yeah…I saw like 6 cameras at this Lucky’s, hope it isn’t like all the other times where nobody uploads anything/posts it. What’s up with that? You just delete stuff that doesn’t make your boy look good?

I took a few pictures, but mainly it was the “keyboard” stick and Sabin’s viewlix since i hadn’t seen one in person.

i might have a few other ones of the venue, i’ll try to post somewhere. basically the keyboard mod was the hero of the day for me, that “stick” looked crazy, and the dude was actually pretty damn good…FADCs and all :stuck_out_tongue:

Shout outs to Art and Min for coming down and making the entire state fray. It was good meeting you guys. Yall got me fuckin hype about moving to NY next year :bgrin: Take it easy.

Super Street Fighter II’ X: HD-REMIX

#1) Arturo “sabin” Sanchez (Team Spooky) {Dhalsim}
#2) SaiSyu Kusanagi {Dee Jay}
#3) Kevin “Jabronin Kenshin” Micheals {Ryu}

GOOD SHIT TO ALL NC, and NY of course. I had alot of fun.

first I must aplogize to Brent and Roski, I was totally Unaware that you guys were playing finals when I talked to ya. My bad!

So much to post, that i wont. I talked to everyone. Had lots of fun. See ya at the next lucky’s.

and i second that on video getting uploaded




DISCLAIMER: Sorry for the shaky film work and constant zooming, this was my first time attempting to record matches. A Tripod may be a good investment for me in the future. And for those wondering I was the cat with the Black Wu-Tang Clan shirt on.

Good stuff to everybody. Stay Hungry for the next tournament!!! HERE A NEW CHALLENGER!!!

Still working on uploading the vids. I’m missing the cable I need to put it on my computer but I should be able to take care of that soon enough.