So much hype! Damn proud to be a (lousy) Rose main! :smiley:



as is tradition the rest of you are now dick riders and tier whores


He went out of his mind with Rose!!! Took out 2 top tier Fei longs and a Sagat in grand finals!



now eat your own dick for making that other thread


And with a PS1 controller.


Huge Rose nerfs incoming!
(just ask Xian)


They can do whatever. The “Nerf Rose” crowd however…

But yeah, LOUFFY!!! AHHH!!!


Soul Spiral -20 on block at all distances, 2stronk.


I knew some asshole would comment about the other thread, he conveniently didn’t face an Abel or a Hakan with the nasty throw set ups I was speaking about in that thread so go pound a dick up your ass.



begins to wait for the army of rose’s tomorrow.


HOLY SHIT Louffy played like a boss. GGs to all of you Rose mainers; I came here solely to congratulate you guys and the fact that the person who I wanted to win EVO actually freaking won.

Now, I gotta face a shit-load of Day 1 Rose users online. Oh God…


Now I know who I’m picking up when physical USF4 drops. Although I at least have the excuse that I always really liked her design…


Uh right, Rose still bodies Abel hard, and frankly there isn’t enough relevant data to know about the Hakan matchup with so few Hakan mains. Louffy DID get a lucky draw with pretty much all even to advantage matchups, especially notable he got every major Fei in the tournament (Mago, Gackt, and Fuudo). He was also put in loser’s by Xian and didn’t have to face him or Ricky thanks to Snakeeyes.


USF4 Rose reminds me of 3S Chun-Li. She’s so difficult to punish and has some moves that are just too good, like her backdash, ultra 2… oh well, the game is still new so maybe in time she will be figured out.


Luffy really played perfect. His reads were spot on (did you see him soul throw Gackt’s Fei on reaction to EX chicken wing!?), his reactions flawless and really never lost focus. I think this is a classic example of him outplaying his opponents and not the other characters per se.


I’m really happy for Luffy(Louffy). I’ve been hoping he could make it far in EVO ever since I first heard about him in Vanilla SF4 days, so when I saw him on Friday make it to top 8 I was excited, but nervous for him with all of the strong competition he had to face. But now he’s at the top of the mountain.


lol. really?

fuck outta here. you had me for a second


Why do you guys keep spelling Luffy’s name with an O? Couldn’t you read his shirt? It very clearly said Luffy on it…


Fuck yeah, Was rooting for Louffy. Nice surprise to wake up to. But uuuuuugh, Rose nerfs incoming.