Luffy's pad?


According to a number of sites, the latest street fighter champ, Luffy, was using an original PSone pad to win EVO2014. What system were they using for SF4 this year and how would he have modded it to work?


There are PSone -> Common Ground converters like the FGW converter that toodles sells ( The output of that can be hooked into most controller PCBs. also sells converters.


Luffy uses a PS1 digital pad and Xtokki 360 converter from eTokki.

Edit: Evo SF4 was on 360.


I looked it up since I didn’t want to give you the wrong info. I’d heard it was an Xtokki, but it might be an Xconverter 360.

I would stick with the Xtokki as it’s more portable.


Copy Louffy’s pad setup. Win majors. Profit.