Luigi help


Hey. I main luigi in brawl/melee and would like to know a few things.

1st: Combos. A rarity in ssb for me outside of some occasional inventivenss. Please teach me some of these as well as some set ups.

2nd : oddities/glitches-What kinds does he have? Does he have any ch specific techniques?

3rd: canceling. What are the different ways to cancel in brawl? how do I practice?

4th: the wierdness of sliding. How on earth is shield sliding used? I’m guessing to close distance gaps for throws and whatnot.



combos: sh,dair>nair>utilt>uair>uair
fireball and techchase to grab, dthrow>uair>fair
dB>uair>fireball>sliding usmash
dthrow>sh-uB(kills if over60%)

tapping b really fast while doing the dB will give you some lift and if good for returns
use fireballs to space your opponents
spam bair,nair,throws
down taunt spikes on the edge
dair also spikes but it’s close to where his ass is

brawl doesnt really have any cancelling in such a way that melee could, instead you’ll have to practice buffering your aerials, by this i mean if you time/space your aerials properly you get less-no lag when landing on certain moves

personally i think sheild sliding is pretty useless unless you’re playing a projectile spammer

here’s a vid of wigi dittos from a long time ago

i dont main wigi, but i do use him a lot, if you wana play me to see how i use him, just post your fc here and i’ll get back to you to let you know when i’m free to play