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YO! Any of you who know me on here well enough know I’m a huge hip-hop fan and have shared tunes with quite a few of you. Well during some spare time I hade over Christmas break I put togethetr a compilation called “Best Beats of 09”. STRICTLY instrumental tracks meaning no one ever sang/rapped over them. (I.e not the instremental to a Jay-Z song or something)

So I shot it around to a few pwople and everyone loved it and it has since made at least 6 blogs that I know of including a very popular blog in the UK. THat same blog wants me to do more mixes so be on the look out for more. Here’s my first one. If you like it pass it on!

01 Listen (Prod. by Kev Brown)
02 flor y uva (Prod. by Afta-1)
03 King (Prod. by Jay Dee)
04 MetallBrass (Prod. by StatikMusic)
05 Dok for Slumgullion Music - Taste! - Track17 (Prod. by Slumgullion)
06 A Lo-Fi Hymn Before The Cosmic Rain (Prod. by Louis Bordeux)
07 Rusty Beat (Prod. by FS Green)
08 CFC 37 (Prod. by J Bizness & Ariyo)
09 CafC?? Paume (Vlooper & Kenlo)
10 Good (Prod. by Waajeed)
11 Japan Air (Landing) (Prod. by Raul Supreme)
12 CSV (Prod. by Kelakovski)
13 Denice (Prod. by J. Bizness)
14 Yo (Prod. by 1st Angle)
15 Hello_ (Prod. by 14KT)
16 Secondhand Sureshots (Prod. by J Rocc)
17 Super Heroes (Afta-1 Remix) (Prod. by Afta-1)
18 Formule One (Prod. by Sir OJ & Ful Crate)
19 Dancing Serpent in Dawns Quiet (Sir OJ remix) (Prod. by David Rysphan)
20. S1 n Caleb - Every Girl Remake

hiphophypedog: BEST OF BEATS '09 COMPILED BY LUIGI-BO 87

Iaght, not goign to peep right now, but I’ll mos def shop later… :tup:

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Thanks sir. YOu should like this since you make beats yourself. You’ll notice how Dutch producers are shittin on what everyone else is doin right now

I’m gonna peep this when I get home from work.

That one Waajeed joint that you sent me awhile back was pretty dope.

Im feelin this,good job man.peace

this is a pretty dope collection of beats and it definitely flowed nicely. i don’t know what’s up with track 13 though. it sounds alittle amateur compared to the others.

good shit loving that blogspot you got up there. Also you play HD Remix, I swear to god I’ve played you before if not then nvrmind. GT is the same as my screen name.

Scoop! I’ll give some feedback later.

LoL, oh shit. Even got Luigi on your art. I’ll give this a listen to.

Edit: Good stuff. I like some more than others, but that’s how it is for probably a majority of people who listen to albums, etc. I slapped it on my MP3. Good looks, Luigi-:bluu:.

Great stuff man! :tup:

Yea it was. He just upped and sent it to me for no reason too!:lovin:

Glad you noticed I tried to put the beats in an orded so that it did flow. I’m kinda OCD like that lol. Track 13 (Denice) is by a relatively new producer, but it’s pretty decent.

Never played on xbox, but I did use to have the greatest Cammy on PSN. Then 4 came out and fucked me all up in HD :sad:

Thanks man, at least you liked some. Just trying to introduce new music to peeps.:bluu:

THANKS for all the feedback so far. I’ll probably post my “Sleepers of 09” that I have backlogged in a couple days. Be on the lookout for my NEW mix early FEb. That one is gonna give you all the stank face! I’m working on it as we speak:tup:

The mix is dope man.:tup: I’m about to hook some of my boys up with this.

Defninitely subscribing.

Thanks guys. Just checked the numbers and this has over 1,000 downloads in less than a month!!!:woot::party:

I should be throwing up my “Sleepers of 09” that I have backlogged sometime today. JUST finished my new mix for this month, listening to it right now to see if it all techs out. I may do 2 this month cuz this one was too big so I had to split it up. Part 1 will becoming very soon though.

It’s all 8/16-bit oriented beats. You guys will love it. Thanks for the support!

Welp, as promised here’s “Sleepers of 09”. This is basically a hodge-podge of songs from throughout the year that I really liked, but felt that everyone else overlooked/didn’t know about at all. THe generes in this one range from Hip-Hop to Soul to House, something for everyone to like on this. Let me know what you guys think!:tup:

  1. Imjussayin - BJ the Chicago Kid
    2 Cassette Tapes - Add-2 (freakin CLASSIC song)
    3 Chillax - Caucasian & FS Green
    4 All I Need (f. Skyzoo) - Splash
    5 Never Give Up (f. Coultrain) - Hawthorne Headhunters
    6 Innersoul (f. GMB) - Home Made
    7 Feel Like (f. Mar) - Home Made
    8 Enjoy Ya Self - Slakah the Beatchild
    9 Give It Up - Caucasian & FS Green
    10 No Ordinary Love - D-Black
    11 Real Talk Pt.2 - Jon Hope
    12 Gucci, Loui, Whateva (f.Paramonte) - Detour
    13 Thinking OUt Loud - Sha Stimuli
    14 Untucked Nunchucks - Fresh Daily
    15 We Are 1 - Mikkey Halstead
    16 Rosada (f. Aja-Monet) - Charles Hamilton
    17 Potential (f. Eric Roberson & Substantial) - J Soul
    18 Thought About It - yU
    19 What You Got (feat. Kev Brown, Asheru, & Grap Luva)-* Hassan Mackey
    20 Without You - Finale
    21 She Was Fly - Full Crate & Mar

(LAST zshare link, I swear. Lol)

Coppin’ it now.

Keep ‘em comin’ :tup:

Thanks Just listened to the new mix like 3 times in a ro, pretty happy with it now Wasn’t quite sure at first Just need to make a title up and you guys should have it by next Friday.:woot: It’s kinda scary though cuz people online are already hyping ti up cuz I named some of the artists on it (pressure)


Alright guys, THIS is the one that EVERYONE on this forum needs to hear!

Of course we all like video games and the majority like some form of hip-hop and this compilation is the perfect medium between the two. This is a collection of 8 and 16-bit inspired instrumentals that will be sure to make you want to bust out that childhood console.

01 Disko Bowler (Prod. by Slumgullion)
02 Freeze (Prod. by J1 aka THE DEER)
03 Streetfighterchronicles (Quiet Rage) (Prod. by Myke Forte)
04 Creeps (Prod. by Kelakovski)
05 Dreamy (Prod. by Slumgullion)
06 Window (Prod. by Slumgullion)
07 Sirtet (Prod. by NAMELESS)
08 Outtake 8 (Prod. by Samon Kawamura)
09 Blind Witness (Prod. by Vlooper & Kenlo)
10 out-take 0809-006 (Prod. by Samon Kawamura)
11 Future (Prod. by NAMELESS)
12 Goal Banger (Prod. by Sir OJ)
13 Chancletas (Prod. by FS Green)
14 Underwaterways _ Grimey Cutman (Prod. by Hayzee)
15 He’s In The Cabin!! (Prod. by NAMELESS)
16 Elevation Intended (Prod. by S1 n Caleb)
17 The Offbeat (Prod. by FlyamSam (Flying Lotus + Samiyam))
18 Bionic Fist Blastin’ (Prod. by NAMELESS)
19 Time Space Continuous (Zone) (Prod. by Raul Supreme)
20 Shell Shook (Prod. by NAMELESS)
21 Castevania (Prod. by Slumgullion)
22 In the Night_While You Slept (I Crept) (Prod. by Jay Dee)
23 (Bonus Track-3) Feb-2009 (Prod. by Raul Supreme)

Blog post:
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Please pass this around SRK because I know all of you guys will like it. If for no other reason, to hear StreetFighterChronicles :amazed:

Getting tons of positive feedback on this via Twitter. Glad people like it. Last I checked I was around 80 dl’s for the firs t day. If I can get 100 I’d cry tears of joy! LETS GOOOO Diddy claps