Lumines Supernova: FINALLY!

Thought I’d make a thread for us to trade tips and such for this game.

Nevermind that first post. I was under the assumption that this had online play and I hadn’t gotten to it yet.:bluu: Dammit

move ova for super nova

hmm suikoden

castlevania chronicals also

i haven’t checked psn since st came out lol

btw i’m pretty good at lumines, i got the max score in part 1, can’t remember if i did it in 2, it’s been awhile since i played

I’ll give it a try. I loved the Lumnies demo on the 360. Is there any information on the price?


i’m pretty interested to see what songs they have in this one… maybe its about time to start looking this up since i didn’t even know they were making it. Thanks for the heads up Luigi-bo!


Hmm. Seems a little expensive for my tastes. Especially for a game that I’m skeptical about. There will probably be a demo though. Thanks for the heads up.

i’m downloading it now… didn’t know u couldn’t download at the same time as watching a dvd

i wonder what the track list is… supposed to be a mix of old and new… probably no pop songs though but we’ll see. I <3 genki rockets, junior senior… even holla back girl was pretty amusing to play to… but i don’t think there is any of that in this game. There’s also a bunch of free DLable bonus content available for free right off the bat, so I’ll definitely be getting that.

Well I know they brought back Bean Jam wich is good for me. The holiday pack has a couple catchy tunes as well. they also brought back good ol tiny piano.

its not bad

ow my eyes though

the holiday levels are ok but i got stuck on one of them for like 200k poitns (the snowman level) so i just killed myself on purpose… anyone know what is goin on, is it a bug or what?

Idunno about that. Is there any difference between the advance stages and the basic stages besided advamced has cooler music?

i don’t know, i only played one beginner and got thru all the stages, and one holiday game where it got stuck on the same stage.

615K on advanced then… messed up lol

this game is seriously lacking in the music department. Lumines without the licesenced tracks to look forward to is pretty blah

This game is a lot of fun and one of the few that wifey can play along with.


i’m gettin sloppy

the top score is 3M400K i believe

The music overall sucks.

Hopefully they will bring back some of the Mondo Grosso tracks, those were my favorites from the first game. “SHIIIIINIIIIN”

Still an awesome game, after stepping on my PSP and DESTROYING IT, I was glad to pay 15 bucks for the only non-emulator game I ever played on it.

supernova is fun but i can’t even get past like the 4th stage on basic or advanced. i suck so damn much.

Lumines is AWESOME!!! When I first played it on the PSP I lost a week of my life to it. Haven’t played it since, but so far the one of the PSN is pretty cool. The PSP music is still better though methinks.

the new classic stages are out (lumines 1) no licenced music though. Also it might be easy, I broke 1M on my first try (before my head exploded)

Thanks. Haven’t played in forever lol. As long as they have that one techno joint I liked, I’m good.