Lunar Phase CAN groundbounce when used in a combo

You just need to hit the opponent with certain assists while the Lunar Phase is going. If done properly, they’ll groundbounce even though you started LP mid-combo.

And best of all… they don’t have to be in the corner for it fully connect!

Assists that work that I know of:
-Firebrand’s B Assist.
-X-23’s B Assist.

There’s probably a lot more. The one downside to all of this is that the assist needs to hit while LP is still going, which in most cases means that you have to call the assist before attempting a hit-confirm, which limits the usefulness of this.

Example of combo:
Call Assist, s.S, s.H, Lunar Phase, s.S, Standard Air Combo into High Time xx Dimensional Slash OTG or relaunch with other assist.

I don’t really get what you’re trying to say. Do you mean that you were able to get two ground bounces in a combo? Cause LP always caused a ground bounce in or out of a combo

Lunar Phase already causes a ground bounce though.

In your example all the assist is doing is hitting the opponent before the s.SH chain causes the first ground bounce in the combo, slightly delaying it so LP causes the ground bounce.

What I was trying to say was, chaining Lunar Phase to s.SH (which is the most practical, easiest way that I’m aware of to get it to fully connect mid-screen) normally stops it from groundbouncing.

Using an assist, you can still get the groundbounce mid-screen and do a variety of things from there. Still, throwing out s.S does seem kind of unsafe, doesn’t it?

Yes, yes it does

L M c.H > Lunar Phase is much, much, much more practical midscreen if your goal is to use Lunar Phase at the beginning of your combo, which I assume is your goal from the combo example you provided in your original post. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Even if your goal is to use LP mid to late in your combo, c.H provides the vertical popup needed to chain LP without having to depend on assists to stop the ground bounce with s.SH

Well, against my expectations, I’ve managed to find a good combo that makes use of this trick:

Stinger, Call Assist, s.SH, Lunar Phase, S, MH, 2H (or just H, 2H), OTG Assist, S, MH, 2H (also possibly just H, 2H), High Time, Dimension Slash.
Does 600K. (It seems to do 570K when I don’t mash Dimension Slash, but I’m not sure if mashing DS actually does anything. Somehow, I managed to do 630K with it once, but I’m not sure what I did differently that time.)

For the first assist, which has to be called as soon as you hitconfirm Stinger, I use Firebrand B, and for the second OTG Assist I use Dante B.

If they block Stinger, just xx Judgement Cut L to go +8. If you whiff Stinger… I dunno.

And, if you were wondering, my team at the moment is Firebrand B, Vergil B, Dante B.

EDIT: Turns out that
Stinger, s.SHS, MH, 2H (or H, 2H), OTG Assist, S, MH, 2H (or H, 2H), High Time, Dimension Slash.

does 619K and is a whole lot simpler. Also, it doesn’t require two assists.

2nd EDIT:
Upon testing the above combo with both MH, 2H and H, 2H, I found that H, 2H not only caused the pre-Dimension Slash damage to total 495K instead of 493K, and also reduced damage scaling on the Dimension Slash.

Conclusion: just use H, 2H for long Vergil air combos, unless it’s necessary to use L or M for the combo.

I would’ve made another edit to the above post for this, but this deserves it’s own post, I think.

I just did 732K with one meter with the following Vergil combo:

Stinger, s.SHS, H, 2H, Crystal Assist, S, H, 2H, Demon Missile (Charge) Assist, High Time xx Dimension Slash.

Requires 2 assists and does damage that’s seemingly randomly decided between 660K and 732K. Usually hits about 670-680K, but does a lot less (600-640K) in the corner.

This was done on Wolverine, by the way, so on larger characters that DS hits even more, it should do more damage. Demon Missile Assist and High Time xx Dimension Slash do require some timing, though.

Try other assists and other characters to see how much you can do!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that it does 532K without the Dimension Slash. So, you can do 532K meterless with Vergil and an assist. (495k without) Firebrand’s B Assist seems to add large amounts of damage to your combos if you just find the right time to call it during them.

Also, got it to do 741K on Nova.

2nd EDIT:
A damage chart for it (ignoring the rare 730K+ instances):

Standard (with Crystal): 660-710K
With Samurai Edge Low Shot: 670-720K (doesn’t work on RR)
With Level 1 X-Factor: 940K (only tried once)
With Devil Trigger: 770-800K
On Hulk: 670-720K
On Hulk with Samurai Edge Low Shot: 680-750K

Additionally, it pays for 80% of the 1 bar that it uses, making it almost meter free.
It can also be done without the OTG assist if your OTG assist is dead:
Stinger, s.SHS, H, 2H, Firebrand B Assist, High Time xx Dimension Slash
Does 600-630K.

These are extremely basic, and quite frankly useless combo. Go read the combo thread bro.