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Tron vs. Ammy, what do I do?

I love Tron, but I’m having the hardest time fighting off Amaretsu. That stupid dog eats me alive every time because it seems to short to be hit by jump H, and Ammy’s charging head butt (forward+M?) out hits me out of my ground attacks and even anti-airs me sometimes. All I’m doing is stuck in an Ammy spam rush down, pushing back with advancing guard doesn’t seem to help as much as Ammy’s normals push her right back in, and she’s so short. Any advice when I’m Tron and trying to fight Ammy?

where j.C would hit, j.S will as well. and u can set up the same combos. amaterasu has little life, so once u get her once with j.S into a tron BnB, she’ll probably be looking to tag out. save 1 bar and snap her back in and finish her off.

Ask a simple Tronn Question and get an Answer. No need to make new threads.

I’ll start. Does Tron have a way to combo OTG without an assist? If I don’t have an assist I’ve been just doing crouch+H into forward+H (boulder) Was wondering if there was something better.

None of her attacks are fast enough to catch the OTG she has besides the boulder toss.

Kirrus, you can always just use her j.S into a ground bounce so you can hit the character with a Light qcf, trap them in the air, and hit them with King Servbot and then link it into standing H into Lunch Rush.

Here is my question: Which character do you think is a better anchor? Doom or Tron? My current team is Wekser(b)/Tron(b)/Doom(y) in that order. I find that Doom isn’t exactly the greatest character to be alone but then again, Tron isn’t the best either. Which of the two do you guys think will be better alone?

Can anyone give me advice on getting in with Tron? I have combos, but I have trouble getting the first hit in. On the rare occasions that I do, I’m so surprised that I forget to follow them up with the rest of the combo. -__-"

That and can anyone tell me which assists work in her combos involving the down + H OTG where she uses both supers? I was planning on using Sentinel’s drones, but I’m probably going to replace Sentinel with her instead.

How can I mixup my approach game with Tron? I just spam jump S.

Let’s see…

Nope, there’s nothing else you can do at that point if you’ve knocked them down. The answer is don’t use a launcher unless you need meter or you know the air combo + OTG will kill your opponent. You can do plenty of damage on the ground with Tron using the forward M jump cancel into ground bounce or Bonne Strike into Takeout (and if they block, air Bonne Strike is relatively safe anyway).

I honestly think it’s Doom, just because Doom can sit back and zone a bit and let the opponent come to him, but Tron has to play a bit risky and go in for the kill. Tron has very damaging solo combos and her X-factor is awesome, but that doesn’t mean anything if your opponent just turtles and you can’t land a hit.

I will say though, that X-factor drills do a LOT of chip damage. Do not underestimate this!

Everyone knows that j.H and j.S are awesome, but they’re also predictable and easy to block. Alternating them can help a bit if your opponent is using advancing guard all the time, since they hit at slightly different times. If they aren’t using advancing guard, then throw in some low attacks on the ground after a blocked jumping attack and see if it catches them. Jumping M is also useful since it reaches so far and most opponents won’t expect an attack to hit them from that distance. You can cancel that into an air Bonne Strike to start a combo even from max range.

In my experience the best way to land one of those attacks is to bait out a long range attack that can be punished (like a fireball or something), super jump, air dash, and punish. Tron actually has a surprising amount of air mobility if you time things well.

Also, if your opponent isn’t blanketing the ground with projectiles or threatening assists, Bonne Strike is a really great way to get in and create pressure. If you’ve got an assist that can lay cover fire for you while you do this, even better. I catch people with random Bonne Strikes all the time, and any that land can be canceled into a Servbot Takeout, or you can continue a combo off them.

Finally, it can’t hurt to throw a Beacon Bomb out every now and then, especially vs. Marn’s Sentinel. lol

Someone named xMiKeIzKeRaZex created a video to illustrate them - I don’t know if this is everything that works, but it’s a good guide.

Now for a question of my own… What are the best ways you are landing Tron’s Level 3 Hyper? I usually only get it when an opponent gets in close and waits for me to do something (the “staring contest”, I’m sure you’ve all seen it). I’ve also landed it once or twice as a counter to a dashing hyper on the ground. I’m looking for more ways to put this to use.

Well like any command throw, you don’t really plan on landing it until your opponent is mind fucked, so wait til you’ve landed at least one combo in most instances.

After killing a character or after a snap back you can do a quick dash out dash in/air dash dash in little mind game and just dash in and throw it out, it helps if you have an assist. Generally people are afraid of jump h so doing empty air dashes to land beside them will work too… Most of the time it is gimmicky though unless you come up with a good reset.

Get em scared and than get creative, think about what would make you afraid to press buttons and try and recreate the scenario, for instance, X factor is a good tool to create intimidation as well.


EDIT: Use your assists to great effect in order to get the opp to block as well, when they’re coming in use an assist early to whiff and get them to block and throw their ass

I have tron as ancor so can’t use the combo’s in the combo thread. It’s stupid how they’re for her as point anyway.

So can somebody please give me her corner and midscreen bnb with no assists please. Thank you.

Oh and what’s one combo i can use with her and Dante. Cos Dante my other guy.

Oh and how the hell you do that fire move with her. Not in command list lol. THanx :slight_smile:

With dante’s Jam session you can use trons OTG to continue a combo.

As for BnBs. the same combo’s should work just don’t call out an assist and instead use a finisher. But from my personal experience tron isn’t good or great with finishing by herself. I could be corrected.

The one i use is her
down+H to boulder throw

Her Gustav Flame is forward+M

And tron is a very powerful character.

without an assist I wouldnt do the same combos because you cant OTG into hyper.

youd probably want something like:
j.H, L, M, 6M, j.M, j.M, j.S, L beacon bomb, king kobun
you can probably get another relaunch in there. and after you can do H into lunch rush depending on range.

How necessary is a OTG assist to Tron? I run Wolverine and Tron, and Wolverine needs a projectile assist to help him out. I can’t have an assist that helps both of them most of the time. If there’s any characters that wolverine and tron can both get a good assist from can you please let me know. :expressionless:

How do you get in on Magneto? I find that even if I build meter with Morrigan assist, they refuse to approach because it seems to make it easier for me to get an opportunity. He can anti-air with EM disruptor, hyper grav, and many other things. Tron doesn’t exactly have a good assist-punishing super either. If I use Servbot Surprise he can just jump over and attack me from behind. The assist takes some damage but then he can just loop me into Gravity Squeeze. I’d be forced to DHC to keep her safe, but that’s not really a solution for the root problem. It seems easier for me to get in on Dormammu and Arthur.

How to perform TK Drill consistently ? 42147H ?

ill will go ahead and tell you my team and my main game plan, and maybe this might give you ideas.

Tron(Gustav Flame), Hsien-Ko(Senpu Bu), She-hulk(Torpedo)

How i usually get in is gimicky, BUT since a lot of people don’t know how to block IT WORKS.
I just jump and spam j.H all day. (HUH!?!? You do that too? Ok, lemme tell you the secret)

Before I Jump i call in she hulks assists(Torpedo). for the most part they always get hit by the torpedo and is sent flying into my j.H (Haha) and i can continue a combo off that.

If i have about 3 bars i will always finish with LUNCH time into hsien-kos tenrai ha at the beginning of trons train. witch will give extra damage and leave me enough time to use her armored super and safely naked tag back to tron.

This will scare the living crap out of people.
call in hsien-ko jump cross up j.H and see if you get a hit. If not you still deal a lot of chip damage.

I usually don’t worry about magneto too much since i can do she-hulk shenanigans (Resets Forever)

If you want those hard hitting tron combos.
the yes a good OTG will be needed.
you can call wolverine with his berserker barrage with her d.H

i know people like to use Akuma’s Tatsu assist as well.

You can keep doing it on ground

421.H, 421.H, 421.H, 421.H
you can only doing it four times consistantly before hitstun deterioration says STOP.

It sounds like none of that actually works against good Magnetos that properly anti-air and punish predictable assists. I don’t spam j.H because, for one thing, Tron has many more ways to open people up, and secondly that shit gets denied by any Magneto with a solid defense.

As soon as you get into range where one of your assists can pressure him, he will do something like call assist, EM disruptor. If you called assist, he’ll cancel into shockwave and punish your assist for free, while also pushing you right back out of range. If you didn’t call, you still get pushed out. Drills can go over EM disruptor at the right height, but that gets punished on reaction for free by launcher or shockwave/Gravity Squeeze. Air dashing and attacking gets anti-aired, air dashing and blocking to bait something accomplishes nothing but you getting pushed back out.

Overall it just seems like a big counter matchup.

Tiger knee drills are very very difficult. If I just tell you the inputs then it wont really help, its better if I describe the motions. When I am on the right side I do back, then quarter circle back ending in up back. (so basically the motion you described). When I’m on the left side I do backwards shoryuken, then up back. I usually end up doing 6-2-3-6-9 on the right and 4-3-2-1-4-7 on the left. The most common mistakes I ran into when I was practicing were that I was missing the last “9” input on the right, missing the “1” input on the left, and pressing H too early. you have to delay H longer than you think after you finish the input, its very awkward.

I have a friend who has a really strong Mags, so I have a little bit of experience in this matchup. In general, this matchup is not good for Tron. He can keep you out with disruptor and rush you down because you cant zone him at all. But, Tron has a few good tools to win this matchup. The first thing you need to realize is that you NEED to kill Magneto when you hit him. If you land a jump H anywhere on screen there is no reason he shouldnt die. But getting that first hit is the problem. A good assist helps, ideally in this matchup you want a Beam assist and a “get off me” assist. Doom’s plasma beam and Haggar’s lariat work great. The beam assist needs to be abel to beat disruptor cleanly and make mags block. if magneto is blocking you need to be wavedashing in to start your offense. youre options for offense are all pretty good at this point.
One of Tron’s best tools is square dash crossup jump H. If spaced correctly you can make this very very difficult to block, and it almost always leads to a 100% combo as long as you still have both of your assists. However, this attack has almost no priority when used as a jump in, so mags can anti air this if he reacts quick enough. Another tool tron has is square dash jump M. This thing has crazy priority, so if Mags is trying to anti air you every time, you can change your jump in to stuff his anti airs. Another option is to use a tiger knee drill. Magneto will almost always block this, but if you mash it you can put him in blockstun for long enough to call another assist before he has time to push you out. And of course, if magneto is just blocking everything, you can wavedash in there and throw him, which can also lead to huge damage.
The ass-end of this matchup comes from when Tron is on defense. Magneto can pretty much get in for free on Tron and force you to deal with high/low mixups all day. I would reccomend trying to anti air him with gustav fire, but thats easier said then done. An invincible assist really helps. Honestly though, its better if you avoid this matchup altogether. Use King servbot to DHC to a character that can keep Mags out effectively. Even if your next character doesnt have a safe DHC, King Servbot will usually stay out long enough to make it safe.
If you are down to just Tron and no assists youre pretty much fucked. If magneto has the life lead he can run away really easily. Youre only hope is to catch him in the air with a random H Beacon Bomb (servbot gun). If hes rushing you down, a really good option is to cancel your blockstun with x factor and punish something with level 3. This matchup is really bad for Tron there isnt much more to say.