Lupinko says there will be a Super MvC3 [rambling and dreams: enter at your own risk]

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**Characters speculated to get in based on various clues, and A LOT OF WORK put in by several dedicated posters, sleuths, and hype training. (I am honestly too bummed out to find all the clue links.)

Phoenix Wright
Red Arremer
Frank West (or Chuck Green)
Dr. Strange
Silver Surfer (or Thanos)

Obvious mechanics update.

We were working on the kool kat clue. We came down to Felyne (popular in Japan), or Black Panther.

The translation of the tweet:

Capcom is going to make Dattomavuru upgrade.

Lupinko returns! Super MvC3 confirmed - Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Message Board for PlayStation 3 - GameFAQs


EDIT: For anyone that can’t or hasn’t been following these past few days:

Credits to enzo_gt from NeoGAF. Recently, Carnage and Jubilee have been deconfirmed. 6 more days until MvC3 at Comic Con! GET HYPE!

ROFL. Here we go again…


Oh boy!

It’s true, if it’s Lupinko, it’s true. Lupinko hasn’t lied or trolled yet. Predictions. 8 new characters, including Frank and Mega Man. Couple new stages, everyone gets a new super and new costume. X-Factor and TAC system altered.

What the…

It was kinda expected… MVC3 is such an unfinished product it’s not even funny…

Ima miss my DHC reset. I know that shit is gonna be gone by then. LOL. I’ll find a way to make my team work any way. Just gonna have to focus more on mix ups and spacing after combos.

Yay, now I never have to play a Capcom game ever again. Who wants a CE MvC3?

This game is way more fun for me than SFIV so I’m down with whatever. If I’m going to play any of these new games I’ll take the one that has real block strings and allows you to punish people who try too fast to escape your blocking.

I’m kind of hoping he is this time. Not because I don’t want an SMvC3. Just for the lulz.

Gonna hold off on further DLC purchases for the time being, at any rate.

I’m a sucker for this shit, and I really don’t mind paying for a new game, as long as they fix x-factor and TAC, give us 8 characters or so, and some new moves, I’ll be jumping for joy. Spectator mode we’ll get as well.

Sounds great! I hope this is true even though it prob means we won’t be getting any new DLC chars for this version :confused:

I really hope they call it Super Marvel vs. Capcom 3. LOL.

Not unexpected, charging people to beta test their games and then charging them again for version 1.0 is pretty much standard fare for Capcom for the past two decades, why stop now? :coffee:

One has to wonder why you even bother in the first place with how much you dislike these things.

cool Super MvC3 next year, then Super MvC3 Arcade Edition. Gonna be sick!!! (-_-)

I expect that after all the DLC, another version will be sold on disc with all of the updates there.

lol if you didn’t already know this

Yooooooo maaaaahhhhveeelll

Marvelous Marvel vs Capcom 3 then Marvelous Marvel vs Capcom 3 : Galactic Edition.

If anything, I’d expect something SSF4-ish where the DLC will not be included but instead carry over between games.

Starting the petition to name it “Amazing Marvel Vs. Capcom 3” Today.