Lurker now graduated to Poster :) v.Nubbinsquestions


Sup Shoryuken,

I lurk here quite often but I never bothered to post. I’m trying to get back into playing again so I figured I would start postin’ maybe make some friends, learn some things, advance my game. I started playing in the arcade era (when I was a kid) and I lost touch around SF3. I didn’t get back till vanilla 4… yeah I know that’s quite a gap. Been playing vanilla, super, AE, and 2012 on a Dual Shock, now I’m ready to step up to a stick. I’m in the process of looking for a one. Ive found tons of great information here so I’m not even gonna bother asking. Unless you wanna sell me one lol.

I play as Fei, thinkin’ about picking up Cammy. I dunno, I’m just kinda ranting now. I’m not sure if anyone’s even going to post on this but, I gotta start my posting some where I guess. :slight_smile:


Was there a question hidden somewhere in that post?.?




Welcome to SRK :slight_smile:


Lol my bad i was going to ask about fightsticks and characters to main but I realized that there are entire forums dedicated to each character as well as fightstick info. Umm oh ive got one, why is the 4 way restrictor standard on most fightsticks. It seems like it would make curl characters more complex?


You don’t really need to watch the whole video, but this should explain it:



Welcome :slight_smile:


Holy shit, that rocked my world. Science ftw on that, hmmmm I guess I’ll just try and get used to the square first and probably opt for a octa later. Thanks :slight_smile:


There is also someone in the tech forums that sells circle gate adapters if you cant stand either