Lusting for PS2/PS1 sticks

Seeing as how everyone is using PS3 sticks these days, anyone know of some good PS2/PS1 sticks that I can actually still get? The Namco sticks are long gone, and most Hori stuff from that era is too. ;_;

Also, if you guys have ps1/ps2 sticks you don’t need I’m also willing to take those off your hands. =D

For PS2 a lot of used game places I go to, mostly Play N Trades, they all should have the Street Fighter Anniversary stick, or a Tekken stick, or can have one shipped to their store without any problems, itll run about 40 for the stick in most of the stores. I even had a chance to grab a Dreamcast green goblin from my store for 35. Just call around to the gamestop type places in your area, a lot of them may have one just not on display.