Luther 2 Part Special Coming Soon!

For those who haven’t seen the premiere yet, venture no further…

Alice’s words of warning are holding true, she warned Luther that the very people he works for would be the end of him.

The irony is, if this new woman proves to be more than a mole or convenient distraction, Alice might become Luther’s greatest and final nemesis.

I watched the first ep, but I’m gonna have to blast through season 1 and 2 over the weekend to refresh my memory.

Yeah, that car crash was a little too convenient, lol.

Agreed. Blondie’s mixture of innocence and charm is sadly a huge red flag in Luther’s world. Either she’s working with Ripley or she’s a standalone villain with her own agenda. (Revenge?)

Normally, Luther could probably see through the farce, but the dude is probably feeling a bit lonely in that flat with Alice’s postcards and a photo of his late wife.

Damn, the Luther gave Ripley that silent look like a disappointed father and then listed to the recording… dem feels man.

I need a HD capture of the photo with those girls giving a finger to that old murderous bastard. The short-haired one was a real cutie.

And it seems like the quirky blonde chick is true blue, which means only one thing. Alice is the FINAL BOSS!

loL And it wasn’t until this ep that realized Blondie was Jill from the RE:2 movie. I liked her much better as a brunette.

You think Alice will battle Luther? Seems like she’s infatuated with him no? They’ve helped each other out a bunch of times now.

I don’t think she will try to hurt/kill Luther, but she will definitely go after the girl, which in turn means Luther will have to go after Alice. At her core she is a complete narcissist, and could never stand anyone new coming into his life who could replace her. The only reason she accepted Luther’s rejection was because she knew there was no one else, and that his unrewarding job was his life. Now this isn’t the case.

Hell hath no fury than an Alice scorned…

I doubt Alice would go after her, I think she try to help deal with the two coppers, the guy seems like a bent copper himself, I expect they’ll try to pin something on Luther but he’ll flip onto them.

I think Alice has found love… for Luther. I kind of get a ‘no one will kill him except for me’. Luther should of fucked them two up… that is all. I felt for the dad of the victim… he was og to do that to his hand.

I’m sure she’ll help, because she probably won’t know about his “personal issues”. You could be right and Alice could surprise me by not being vindictive.

lmfao how you gonna let luther walk in and punk you out in your own house…ghetto office.

noooooo that ending…awwww dem feels nigga…dem feels!

I am so glad cats on SRK watch Luther. Been a fan since the series one premiere on BBC.

Well I am pretty sure that Alice is feeling Luther enough to fuck things up for whomever tries to jack him up. It’s nice to see Ripley actually stand up for John (even though it seemed more like clean up on his end). But I am pretty sure John knows that there is something more going on. Dude is super smart and is great at reading people. He just hasn’t shown all that he knows yet.

I’m in shock! Pedo lives and then that happens!?! Nooooooo!

[details=Spoiler]Justin Noooooooooo!!!
Alice is back![/details]

Just watched it. Me and my wife are both super salty. I totally was not expecting that. This next episode is going to be nuts.

Wooooooooooooow that was fucked up man. Sorta foreshadowed when Luther was all like this is my mate Justin. I love him.

Wonder if the actor was dating one of the producers and dumped her lol.

What the fuck man. It took me until this morning to finally be able to post this. Luther has inherited the Jack Bauer curse, everyone around him that he loves dies. Fuck…

Justin Ripley, a true friend and a stalwart copper until the end. Rest In Peace…


Alice is back to once again help clean up a big mess.

Even that reveal feels kind of empty right now.

sorry, guys. i did that on accident. i got too hype and screamed “let’s go, Justin!” when he was chasing that dude. my bad.

Damnit Shaft!

I was pretty surprised that the girl friend wasn’t an undercover copper too. Just realized the vigilante is the knight from Sinbad lol