LV 3s results

1st Danny Leong “Inigma”-Akuma
2nd Jason Gonzalez “Apoc”- Dudley
3rd Dan Akers “Nemesis Enforcer”- Ken/Sean/Ryu/Akuma
4th Josh Luera “Paranoia Evil”- Urien/Makoto
5th(tie) Phil Smolinski “Ekauq”- Akuma/Ryu
5th(tie) Philip Leong “DarkTien”- Makoto
7th(tie) Allen Patrick “HyperBomb”- Necro
7th(Tie) Matt Chun “Tank”- “Oro”

We’ll do it again in 2 weeks! Practice up=)


Apoc did you bother to tape it? or did my reminder just go to the wayside :slight_smile:

dan fucking owns me -_-’ i got lucky vs philip to lol

Not bad for a weeks worth of practicing Makoto, No need for mirror matching here (though I would have liked to seen 2 grown men in underwear go at it) hehe