Lvl 3 FA as anti air punnish



So, I’ve been playing around with focus attacking certain characters poorly used moves into highly damaging combos. The two that I have been using most regularly that are guranteed are on Gouken and Blanka.

On Blanka’s Backstep Roll, if it is not a crossup, you can FA slightly before it hits you and when you land the focus attack, Blanka will go flying.

On Gouken, if they do a poorly timed Tatsumaki Gorasen, whiffed or blocked, you can properly time a focus attack to send him flying.

This is hardly something that I use on a regular basis, but it occurs frequently enough that I think it deserves some discussion on further applications. It is an easy way to obliterate your opponent’s life bar for punishing one move, also you can land some very damaging, semi-easy, ultra setups without using ANY Super Meter!!!

The combos that you can use it for it correctly timed are

Lvl 3 FA, forward dash x2, f.RH
Lvl 3 FA, forward dash x2, f.RH, LTS
Lvl 3 FA, forward dash x2, f.RH, EX LTS
Lvl 3 FA, forward dash x2, f.RH, f.RH, EX LTS
Lvl 3 FA, forward dash x2, f.RH, Ultra
Lvl 3 FA, forward dash x2, f.RH, f.RH, Ultra

*Note. The FA has to be pretty well timed. There is a pretty large window on when you can land it, but you shouldn’t try to cut it too close. Play around in practice mode.

If you guys have any other matchups that have guaranteed Lvl 3 FA on an airborne opponent, please post it. Or if you have any feedback on the drawbacks of using this, please comment.



A smart blanka shouldn’t really ever use this attack against sagat unless it’s a cross up. It’s simply too easily punished by blocking the ball followed by f.RH x2 (into ultra if you have meter). The FA is really hard to time and in the end does less damage than f.RH > f.RH ultra

f.RH, f.RH ultra = 594 damage

Lvl 3 FA > f.RH > f.RH > ultra = 587

Though the lvl 3 FA does add 200 more stun, it does 7 damage less. The FA also send the opponent spinning which makes the f.RH much harder to land and the ultra tends to whiff a lot because of how far away they fly.

No gouken would throw this move out naked since it’s one of the most unsafe moves in the game, but in the event it was an execution fail… Again f.RH x2 into ultra is easier to land and does more damage

One more thing to note about level 3 FA anti air tends to launch the opponent into the corner even from as far as midscreen which is something you don’t want when comboing into ultra.


For most of those combos, You just need to dash once. At least in a tourney yesterday I landed lvl 2 focus released on hit in the air, into double forward round house, but the opponent fell too far away for an ultra. Maybe if I dash twice I can land that. Good stuff booty.