Lvl 3 Hyper Combo

2 questions about this thing:

  1. How do I effectively combo into it (other than using the assists shown in the hyperguide video)?

  2. What determines where the targeting reticle shows up? Sometimes it’s right on Chris, other times it’s way off screen.

  1. boulder punch H or standing magnum can be canceled into level 3
  2. hold button during cutscene, L close, M midscreen, H fullscreen, if you do nothing then the targeting reticle with start on top of chris.

I already knew that. I was just testing to see if YOU knew.

(thank you, this is very helpful)

Im sorry but this did not require its own thread, there is a video in the video thread that shows how, there are numerous combos in the combo thread the talk about this, and the general discussion thread covers this numerous times.

This, search before duplicating something that already exists.