Lvl1 Rogue.

Ok, i’m from the philippines (manila) and well, the damage settings here are in level 1. Here, rogue can’t do damage; with tron at back the damage she can do to a normal character (cable) is nearly half the life bar… chip damage also has much bigger significance (this is the reason why Iceman moves to a solid top tier bracket in the lvl 1 settings) and well, rogue lacks giving block damage. the thing is, due to the damage, she has better stamina (as said by most, she has the 2nd best stamina in the game); she can’t die as fast. and yeah, i still love the character to death. I love it everytime she says “get ready!” it just sounds so cool. That “get ready” line is possibly the coolest thing in fighting game history, i’m serious. I want to be a good rogue player; i’ve been playing strider/doom ever since i started the game, and i just want to have another impressive character; something, nobody actually uses here (not that many people use strider here) and i really like rogue, so i’m playing her to the end.

The problem is. I suck with rogue. I really do. The A.I. rogue >>>> my rogue by far. I’ve been watching veg-x videos; i let the a.i. rogue rush me down, so i can learn… but i just can’t rush that great with rogue.

My main problem is SJ canceling. after a few ground chains i have a very difficult time canceling into a super jump… sometimes, when i do pull off a super jump from the small ground chains, i jump way to high… it becomes an actual super jump. I’ve watched how Vegita x and the A.i. rogue do it: sjing+airdash as low as the opponent in the crowch possition… i just can’t do it. How does Veg-x do it?
I hope that i have explained my problem well… in a way most of you can picture. It’s just the basic rushdown method of rogue that i can’t do.
the c.normals/s.normals xx sj,airdash, d.rh…

Also, the corner infinite: some people say it’s impracticle, but since i play at the level one… then i think it’s needed. and yes, i can’t do it: launch, [sj lp,lk,lp,lk,drh], pause,, j.lpblahblah…

after the jlp, that’s it. i want to see a vid of this… does Vegita-x have one? I can’t download in Combovideos since i’m afraid it would take long… i was about to down load meikyo bid there, and it would take around 11 FUCKING HOURS to download.
Does veg have a video of the corner combo in

oh yeah, how can i do that c.lp teleport thingy? it’s mostly accidental when i pull it off…


11 hours? I’m assuming you’re dial-up. I havent seen aything on combvideos that would take that long via broadband. . .

Dude, I have yet to see a human rush like the pissed off CPU Rogue, although the CPU does it a little more recklessly than a human would, I was like damn I sure wish they’d play Mag/Storm/Sent/Cable like that. Hell, anybody like that for that matter. . .you know how much more fun the game would be if the characters fought like human players? It would always be challenging, and everybody would be top-tier. I dont know about you, but if I see a CPU’s tweaked out Strider Doom, I’d be amazed. . . I think I’ll start a thread on this note. LoLz

I think Rogue’s teleport thing is only with speed up, but it’s just after her elbow.

For super jump canncelling:

  1. If you mean super jump cancelling a normal(I.E xx sj. . . .) I dont think you can sj. cancel unless the attack hits.
  2. For rushing down (I.E sj xx airdash forward. . . . .) What I do is go down, up + pp. You’ll get it if you practice it like that. It’s like point something of a second off.

Also, just because you’re cabinet is set to damage level 1 doesnt mean you cant do damage. Try Rogue with Juggz. . .Glitch is teh Shit an will still damn near K.O. ppl from full health. LoLz try jump lk , lp, hp, s.lp, lk, lp, lk, qcf+hpxxGNS, DHC glitched Headcrush. . .then smile. . .

glitch juggs ** doesn’t do much here. seriously, it does about 10-13% damage on a normal character and about 13-17% on a character like roll/akuma.

I’m going for Rogue[a]/Storm[a]/Sentinel[a]… or i might trade in sentinel for Ironman since the DHC’s are massive in level 1. although, it does seem that Doom ** is Rogue’s best assist in level 1. the chip damage is just everything rogue needs.

I’m also loving Rogue[a]/Ironman**/Warmachine[a], i know this may sound scrubby to you… but I use the thc for this team. The damage it’s self is so heavy and it’s so simple to connect. just one, and that’s it. from a sentinel in 88% of health, just about a,, A1+A2 sends his health down to about 11%. It’s just cable that worries me (Cable is the strongest character in the level 1 settings).

Thanks allot btw.

Damn. . . .glitched Juggz does no damage? Well, it sounds like you got to go for hits more than damage. If that’s the case, then IM would be good for your team. Shit, IM himself would be a great addition to your team. Infinite to corner, Proton Cannon will still damn near, if not kill a char. Cable’s cool, but he’s not going to be as potent when people arent scared of losing 70% plus life form on string of AHVB’s. If you can play Mag, he’d be a good addition to your team just because he can rack up 100+ hits anytime he wants to. As a matter of fact, he could probably
get 143 hits which would equal up to 1 character even if the damage is set to one. He can also make good use of Rogue’s assists, preferably her throw assist.

On the other hand. . . .If the damage is that low, you could always think of other ways to get your damage. . . One of my favorite pairs is SailSam/Doom. Silver Samurai’s shuriken does the same amount of damage blocked as if it hits. . . .and we all know what Dooms capable of, both as an assist and on point. Also Iceman/Doom is pretty neat, and above all is Strider/Doom, which if played right can take a nice chunk of block damage for no money down, and 0% interest for 18 months LoLz. Umm, oh yeah there are also some teams that do murderous block damage. For instance, Spiral/Anakaris/BB Hood will damn near kill in a THC blocked or not. Im hungry, I’ll be back later with more info. Peace out

The top tier list in the level 1 goes as followed.

Tier 1.

  1. Cable
  2. Magneto/Sentinel/Storm (even)

Tier 2 - In any order
Ironman - ironmans infinite plus pc does heavy damage. To most people here, he is the closest to the gods.

Doom - Can you imagine that in the level 1, Doom has a good match against Sentinel? Infact, Doom becomes a tough match for sentinel.

Strider - Block damage doesn’t change in level 1; so the chip damage Strider/Doom deals in level 2 is equal to that of level 1. And well, strider can’t die as fast as in lvl 2. a sentinel,, LP-RP - with tron assist probably does around 29% of damage to him. Although, he still needs doom… allot more than in level 2. JFYI

Spiral - Do i need to say why? She’s the master of the chip and lockdown game. Plus, since Cable beasts on every single character in the game, she is allot more significant to use. She’s the only one in the lvl 1 settings that can fatalitize cable if played right. Another thing, her lk,lk,xx meto super does heavy damage here… VERY HEAVY. there are people who use Spiral [y]/IM/BBhood[a] because the THC can give an instant kill. but yeah, it’s nearly hard to pull off against a real good player.

Iceman - Yes, he is a solid top tier character. For one, his basic ACxxAA does more than 60% of damage to sentinel, and that’s to sentinel and juggs only. The rest, around 40-50 i guess. The damage of his icebeams is the same in the level 2 settings, and it also eats up assists like nothing else. Also, the chip damage issue… and since he doesn’t take block damage from most of the other moves in the game… it makes it clear that he is top tier.

Dhalsim - same as Iceman

Cyclops - out of everyone in the top tier, he pretty much takes a huge lands slide in the level 1. He is in no way as reliable on point to most people compared to ICEMAN… iN LEVEL 1, he can’t give any great open damage for shit. Seriously. Here in the level 1 he becomes a meter hog (but thats not as bad though), and becomes really assist dependant when taking on iceman. Although, he is still a top tier. His priority is too good; the MOB offers the best chip damage ever… he literatly owns spiral and iceman in the chip factor department due to that super alone; he also has a great match with anyone who isn’t Iceman.

Then mostly, the nearest to the tiers would be: Blackheart, Warmachine, Silver Samurai, and Anakaris.

Now, with rogue. Damage is a must. I can’t just stick Iceman or Doom with her since they provide such crap DHCs for her. I need something that would give damage and is actually safe just so i can dhc out when needed. So i guess Storm is a must.

What’s nice about rogue is her stamina. Infact, now that i think about it. Her stamina > Sentinels to some point, since well… there are some supers that sentinel does take heavy here. Such as the Arctic attack and Yoga flame, w/c i mentioned earlier; he takes the full impact of it. While, rogue doesn’t.

I’m going to Try out rogue/samurai. but… Samurai’s these days get killed by great players. I’m so picky.

Have you tried to ask the owner/manager to alter the settings?

We did one time, but that was only in our arcade… all the MVC2 machines are at level 1… anyway, when we did set it at level 2 none of us adjusted too well. Allot of my friends got pissed off since it only took about 15 seconds for a match. Level 2 is just insane; most of our good players lasted about 90 seconds in a match. I remember one time, i was using Strider/Sentinel/Doom against Ironman/Glitched-juggs/Tron[y], and the damage strider took from a glitched juggs was just beyond what i imagined. I (strider) was pretty much in good health… about 60% if i recall while my doom was pretty much about 40% of health. and well, just one hit fromm the glitched juggs assist destroyed them both.

I can see why most of you consider cyclops a solid top 5 character though. He is amaising in the level 2, and yeah… ironman falls allot since the patience game is slim for him.

We’ll be showing some videos soon (hopefully i’ll have some) of how it is like here in Manila… so watch out.

Oh yeah, i’ve noticed that you can do that teleporting thingy even with out the speed up… but then again, i’m usually testing out rogue through the ps2.

I just got the teleport glitch down. And no, you don’t need the speed up… you can do it in normal mode. I can do the teleport glitch anytime at will.

here’s how. after the mp, put the stick at neutral then press the lk.

Well, i’ve got my team down.


The teleport glitch works without speedup only on some of the smaller/thinner characters. It actually works on Rogue pretty easily. I think Storm and Psy if I remember correctly. I haven’t tried the non speedup teleport in a long time.

The teleport glitch will work on Cammy and Psylocke without Speed Up.