Hey SRK,

Long time since ive posted, but I am a bit perplexed and google hasnt shown me much.

I just took out my PS4 LVT3 LED board out of my Ultra SFIV TE2 stick and put it into my brand new TE2+ stick RYU edition.

When I have the LVT3 hooked up to the buttons, the colors change, but the buttons are not registering any inputs.

I took the LVT3 out of the equation and plugged the buttons directly into the TE2+ PCB, and the buttons are working correctly. I did switch out the stock sanwas for sanwa silents, but i dont think that makes a difference.

In any case, I plugged it into my PC and did the button checks without the LVT3 and the buttons are properly showing inputs. Its just when i hook the button harness up to the LVT3, the buttons do not register any inputs. The Joystick does register inputs no problem.

So basically, when the LVT3 is hooked up to the buttons, the buttons do not work, but if the buttons are connected directly to the TE PCB, it works fine.

Any help would be appreciated!


Man I’m having serious issues with this to


This fixed the issue!

If you cant understand the diagram or the wording (like me im a dumbass), basically the wiring loom from the LVT3 to the Fightstick PCB the wires need to be swapped.

I used an exacto knife to pull the plastic tabs up on the molex connector.

Make sure you dont put too much force on the plastic tab on the connector or you will break it. Be gentle with it.


RoDcHaN, could you be more specific on exactly which wires need to be moved?


All of them. You need to move the top wires to the bottom and vice versa.

Edit: For clarification the wires to be switched are going to be the ones going IN to the te2+ pcb.


@filphil Is correct @Kingeptacon Basically the end where the LVT3 connects to the button connector on the TE2+ PCB needs to get switched.

So if you look at the diagram, the wires are flipped. All wires need to be switched around. so if the purple wire is on one side, it has to be on the other side.


So the wires that need to be switched around are the wires that is supplied to you when buying the lvt3? Ill be getting mine in soon and just want to get a general idea of it all before it gets here. Thanks guys for the tips so far!


The harness that the lvt3 comes with has to get switched around. Make sure you are gentle with pulling the wires out of the molex connector as the connector can break easily


Alright homie, I appreciate the quick response!