Lyghts Out Accusations



Ok the only reason I havent posted yet about this is cause I was waitin for a response Lyghts via a PM I sent which I never got so either he never got it or ignored it but anyways…

Lion this video is true evidence of you usin turbo.


2 parts in particular: @ 0:54 it showed 12 inputs for a throw attempt and @ 1:27 it showed 15 inputs for c. jab. Both of these instances happened in less than a second which Im thinkin is humanly impossible to do in that time frame. But givin you the benefit of the doubt and seein as Ryu’s also my main in SSF4 I decided to check my replays I had saved to see if maybe mine looked similar to yours when Im mashin in certain situations to get throws or reverse tech their throws. Most inputs I saw for throw attempts in a row for mine was like 5. Therefore it’s UNDENIABLE that you were usin turbo in this video and now a fact that you use turbo for SSF4 so you need to just admit it.

HDR? Who knows? Theres no visual proof like this for it, but chances are you used it in HDR too and credibility for you in HDR is mostly gone now. I dont condone or respect players that use turbo cause it gives that player an unfair advantage over the other player bottom line. With that said Lion youre no longer a part of AOD for the time bein. I suggest you go hit up Wednesday Night Fights in CA for HDR and the next major offline tournaments near you and perform the same as you do online if you want your credibility back.

NHC - Our Team Battle we just had is completely irrelevant now especially seein as Lyghts Out had
most of the wins against you guys. If you guys wanna do it over we can set that up for sure its only fair to you guys…


Glad to see the turbo getting the shaft. Good job Royal!

Funny thing was like everyone knows, HE was always accusing others of turbo including ME. I actually have played at EVO and did quite well for my first tourny ever and played at Wednesday night fights in front of top players like DGV, SnakeEyez and my boys Papercut and AquaSnake, again doing well and never losing a set out of like 20.

Im actually doing better in person than online, hah.


Utmost respect to flush and aod for this move. A lot of class and integrity.

Lights was central to a lot of the friction I had with aod in the past and I wanna take this opportunity to bury the hatchet.

With regards to my beef with u flush it was unnecessary and unfortunate. We always hit it off and I felt wronged by u and lashed out. In the process I went overboard.

I’m gonna take this opportunity to apologise for my actions and my part in those events and hope we can get some of those good aod rooms going again.

We need to keep this community alive and the beef helps noone.


Wow, I have been away too long. Guess he never turned it on with me cause every match seemed cool IF connection issues didnt arise.

So what else have I missed out on???


Goodbye Lyghts.

Justice is done…




All I’d say if there’s ever any doubt of turbo, look at things like the two button throws. How many people could mash 2 buttons perfectly that fast? If anyone tried to do it, I bet you’d get your input icons broken up by single jabs or shorts where you didn’t quite hit the buttons together. Happens to me when I mash lariat, I’ll tend to get a jab or something beforehand.

Also I play on GGPO with the input watcher, and the most inputs I’ve ever seen in legit normal play was around 10 or 11.


Sup wid it Koop?

Engravings or OG Fez or Blue Anchors or whatever you’re calling yourself now LOL! I’ll just ignore ya like I do that fairy from the UK =) stay scrubby “Claw” lololololol!

Anyway yeah I don’t use turbo. Gfg’s to the Battosai twins and Random aka St Playah sorry my place is kinda small LOL! Looking forward to next Wednesday when you guys come over again, I’m trying to get BTC to come thru too, looks like he might be able to swing it this time.

I made Top 8 at NCR last May not that I have to prove I don’t use turbo lol, but yeah that’s the last I say about the matter cause to me (and alot of us) it’s just too damn funny I get accused of turbo LOL!


Hmm casually brushing it off i see. Never thought you used turbo, but then again I don’t think I’ve ever won tiger knee throw set up against you. Looking at this from a neutral point, not being a turbo user you’d feel that you’ve been wronged by being kicked out of AOD, and seek some sort of justice.

You’re not explaining your imputs at all, that’s what really brings up a red flag. As far as playing at at tournaments anyone can open up their sticks and take out the led lights, or simply black them out by paint them over.


I encounter this a lot - some people perceive the use of turbo/autofire as ‘acceptable’ and ‘normal’ whereas they don’t consider how they are effectively cheating over people who like to play the game in it’s respective manner. All they care about is winning, and resorting to cheating tools if deemed necessary.

As for the video, it’s not hard to conclude that lyghts out was abusing autofire. :lame:


oh snap. I never thought about this. good idea.


HEY RP,I came across a vid of that hillbilly sf 2 dude He beat Lights Out and posted it on his dumb sf 2 page [media=youtube]fh35UYI2gDo[/media]


I seriously think Rocky is actually the KUNG FU hillbilly from jerry springer,Anyway hes dam good at HF [media=youtube]H-oX_rjXmPc[/media]


Hi Rocky, i see you are polluting SRK with your trash vids.

An inbred, hills-have-eyes looking hill billy who plays HF. Who’d have thought it.

Anyway stop spamming me, you are a horrible player, HF is dead and buried and at least play it on GGPO not the lagfest that is the 360 version which is a playstation port anyway.

Still waiting on your response to the first to ten. If you’re gonna challenge me at least dont back down when i accept and say im gonna film all ten matches.

Oh i forgot, all you do is post wins selectively just like you did against ceasar and all the other people you played. I think you realise that if someone plays you and actually films it your little HF dream is over. Poor little inbred retard.

Honestly, I dont think you realise how high the level of these players was back when this game counted.

So listen we play on GGPO, i know the speed increase is gonna be hard on your inbred reactions but thats life.

Believe me when i say, I wont just eye your tractor. I’ll take it and run you over with it while your cornfield burns, you and your hills have eyes looking family.

I wonder how many dead bodies and cannibalised victims of you and your family of freaks the police are gonna find when they come and find your charred remains.


LOL my tag is Flasker im not him I just hate lights


Sure it is, another or rockys alternate accounts.

All i know is that if you think rocky is a great HF player you must be garbage or know nothing about SF.


Well send him a request and yall duke it out and Tape it.Send him a request he plays every night but if you lose youll be fair game for more of his hee haw videos


Ill send him a messege on his youtube and tell him you want to play


Note to mr chong,This rocky dude is a hacker and he has over 50 gamertags,so if you get on HF and see some tag you dont recognize it may be him


He baits people on to come on HF and he uses multi tags to play them on


He spammed me inciting me to play him and then goes quiet when i take him up and offer to film all matches.

I’ll play him as iv already stated but on GGPO.

It’s an insult to play this piece of trash who disrespects legit players but i want to derail his HF dream.