LZ and Aki Adventures

Please Join our New Role-Playing Forum !!!

It is a sanctuary for creative minds. :slight_smile:

We all do our best to help out each others R-p’s . Mainly by trying to keep them alive and healthy with members. So far everyone’s Rp’s are healthy and active.

Our site’s main purpose is fun. All we want to do is grow and welcome Role-players from all over the internet. Our rules are fair, and most of the people on the website are fun and easy going . If anyone wants to bring over there R-p’s over to the site they are more then welcomed to . The more members the better right ?

We have several different R-p’s I haven’t mentioned. All very much alive and hungry for members . All of the GM’s are active and reasonable with the rules. Same goes for all the Role-players on the site. **(Street Fighter , King of Fighter, and Mortal Kombat Role-Plays are welcome. )