M.A.T. 2004 Results


CVS2 : Heero won the tourney without losing a single match.

1- Veasna “Heero” (A-Blanka, Sakura, Bison)
2- Arcadekid (P-Vega, Blanka, Cammy)
3- Prez (A-Vega, Eagle, Rolento)
4- JS Master (A-Rolento, Chun-li, Bison)
5- Victoire (A-Cammy, Sakura, Hibiki)
5- Ian (K-Rugalm, Blanka, Sagat)
7- Roger, Jay
9- Shen, JD, Mony, Rene
13- Dennis, Carlos, Seb, Ex-matt,
17- Twitch, Tony(TO), David, Ran, Jigg, Gwai, Sam, Will

3S : Unfotunately we lost the brackets so this is from memory

1- Veasna “Heero” (Chun-li)
2- Arcadekid (Ken)
3- YellowS4 (Dudley)
4- Jonstar (Chun-li)
5- Antoine (Dudley)
5- Carlos (Ken)

3S 5 on 5 :

MTL wins 13-12, See round-robin table in attached jpeg file for detailed results.

MvC2 :

1- Arcadekid (Magneto, Cable, Psylocke)
2- Jonstar (Magneto, Cable, Sentinel)
3- Samnang (Magneto, Blackheart, Cyclops)
4- Nagen (Ironman, Cable, Sentinel)
5- Nadir (Magneto, Storm, Cyclops)
5- John (Blackheart, Cable, Cyclops)

A3 :

1- Temujin (V-Sakura)
2- Prez (A-Dhalsim)
3- Veasna (V-Akuma)
4- Sandman (V-Akuma)
5- SARS (V-Charlie, V-Cody, V-Zangief)
5- Victoire (Random Classical Mode)

Very Decent tourney, actually finished on time. I wasn’t planning on running any tourneys or filming but I guess it’s a habit. Thanks alot Toronto, Mississauga, and Ottawa for coming it wouldn’t be a tournament without you (Except A3 cause none of you joined :frowning: ).
Until next time…


wow !! tony went 3-2 !! GJ
GJ also to the whole team for reping mtl :slight_smile:

This was like the best tournament we had in Montreal, thanks to Sauga and T.O. for comming :slight_smile:

p.s.: Jonstar is too good in mvc2.


Damn, Alex listened to me! Je t’avais dis que p-vega c’est bon. Did u put cammy r2?


What were the complete results for this tournament? I’m pretty sure Jiggabry, EX_Matt and JS Master all joined.


BAH, i went there to check it out…and came alittle too late, man i missed all the action…also, i played some sf3 3s against some TO players, 2nd player joystick waz messed UP!! medium punch didnt work well and u couldnt down block sometimes, and considering how tall i am, well hard to play without a chair, had to bend my kness and back alittle…next time, they should organise a tourney in a bigger and better arcade!!! thats all i wanted to say, specially for the person who organised this tourney! Cote Vertu isnt the place for big tournaments…Tabarnak! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


yes stick broken but man came and repair for tournament


yes yes I listened to you and yes I put Cammy R2


Re: Re: M.A.T. 2004 Results

hahaha c trop cool man…Prez a rien gagner pour une fois lolz bwhahahaha!

Yo alex pis Veas…on va manger mega bouffe man!


Oh pis je suis sure ! VEAs pis alex vous avez deal ensemble pis share le money bwhahahah comme tjours!:lol:
tk pour 3strike c sure hahaha! …so est ce que je me trompe les mecs? :cool:


For sure guy but not for 3rd strike


How am I in the last spot… someone must have gone 0-2 :mad: :lol:

hehe :smiley: Thanks for hosting tourney… was fun…





-Born to Play-

Good fight Prez for getting top 3. We have not forgotten you. Until then.


Great tournament guys, I wish I had a chance to play more MTL players. Arcade kid is a fucking beast haha taunt taunt. Canada is too good we need to travel for sure. Thanks to JD for letting us stay in his castle much appreciated!!!


yea nice tourney all…great job to all the winners !:smiley:


Yeah man, we definitely need to go to tournaments together as one team. Maybe ECC or EVO? Who knows…


ggxx result

3-sopeak thul
4-stephen"the nigger darkdragon"

i beat rene 3-0 then 4-0 in the final, i won the tournament without loosing a single match , same shit for cvs2 heheheh

alex beat samnang 3-2 in the winners final, sam loss 2-3 to jonstar, alex beat jonstar 4-3

i beat alex 3-0 and 4-1 in final

anyway see you guys next year


yea next years your all dead !:lame:


Nice games too all
we had a lot of fun

I must say Mtl is too good, they have amazing players at every game, Vess and Alex are beasts.

hope to see u guys next time


this touney was so much fun. i enjoyed it alot.
i still cant beleave i lost to vict in cvs winners bracket. i had such a big lead both matches he beat me. but i still came in top5.

all the peeps @mtl are cool ppl. everyone was friendly and the poutine was great.lol

see you guys again next year