M.A.T IX : Road To EVO Results


Hey everyone
Just a quick THANK YOU for everyone that showed up to M.A.T IX this year.
I will post tomorrow all my shouts and what not

Here are the results for the weekend

SSF4 AE 2012

  1. MTLSF|Chi-Rithy (Cammy)
  2. BT|Dieminion (Guile)
  3. MRN.MCZ|Wolfkrone (C.Viper)
  4. MTLSF|Snafoo (Dhalsim)
  5. DaFlipMastaXV (Rufus)
  6. Heero (Akuma)
  7. FreddyLoco (Fei Long)
  8. Saco Jericho (El Fuerte)
    9- PTS-One
    9- Karamba
    9- Mooney
    9- SSSF.Maqboub
    13- Rameo
    13- MTLSF|MTLer
    13- Rockman
    13- ThiryHitCheapz


  1. STC|Quandizzle (Magneto/Taskmaster/Dormammu)
  2. A&C|RDK (Doctor Doom/Trish/Wesker, Wesker/Trish/Doctor Strange)
  3. Dangeresque (Spencer/Wesker/Hawkeye)
  4. NiNiHeart (Zero/Doctor Doom/Dante)
  5. FreddyLoco (Vergil/Dante/Wesker)
  6. JimmyBones (Vergil/Magneto/Wesker)
  7. Chokehold (Wolverine/Taskmaster/Nova)
  8. Contra (Magneto/Doctor Strange/Wesker)
    9- Andy
    9- Smokey
    9- BT.Dieminion
    9- DarkDragon
    13- TTT_NeoRussell
    13- Steb
    13- Xerxes
    13- DaFlipMaster

MK 9
1- Zaf
2- Vida
3- WNBA|Jer
4- TTT_NeoRussell
5- T.Roll
5- Laquette
7- Fabbe
7- Ecodus
9- MTLSF.Snafoo
9- Abobo
9- Loling Octopus
9- Quito
13- Quantum
13- Angle
13- RandomBlaze
13- KOTN Hussler

SoulCalibur V
1: Scrubtile
2: TTT_NeoRussel
3: Hobbz
4: TerminatorCortez
5: Kirbster
5: NaizakiNomac
7: Thelo
7: PMOnline
9: KOTN Hussler
9: Fan
9: DragonFall
9: Ekkaia
13: Papercut
13: Chester 01
13: Fabbe bxl
13: Kiras

SFxT (2v2 Teams)

1- BT.Dieminion & Mrn.Mcz.Wolfkrone
2- FreddyL0c0 & Harmoni
3- Familyman & Tak
4- MTLSF.Snafoo & Rameo
5- MTLSF.MTLer & Heero
5- Contra & Friend
7- Kirbster & Friend
7- DQ

KOF 13
1- Paul Lee
2- GG.PatatoeBrain
3- Steb
4- AirMaster
5- Rameo (DQ)
5- FreddyL0c0 (DQ)

1- Kazuhiro
2- Ironstein
3- Brice
4- LoLimar
5- SeriousJokar
5- VinceX
7- DerQ
7- JimmyBones
9- Sagin
9- VanilaNachos
9- ChaChaMan
9- Ekkaia
13- SRKMind
13- Steb
13- Dangeresque
13- T.Roll


**So its now time for The Directors speech after M.A.T IX

First I want to thank each and one of you who showed up to M.A.T IX this year. Without you guys there wouldn’t be any events in the end.

Thank you to Vivek Patel my partner in crime for being there before, during and after M.A.T IX we made it out in the end on time GOOD SHIT BRO !! lol

Thank you to my Girlfriend Marissa Marra for enduring this shit for the past 3 years now and supporting me in all I have done for this community! You all owe her a big thanks for keeping me motivated!

Thank you Alain Jin Veillette and Phoun Tastic (@FOONZO) for believing in MTLSF and hosting us time after time!

Thank you to everyone who helped by bringing Setups / helping run around to call people and what not.

Thank you to all our sponsors for M.A.T IX
Mad Catz - Canadian Joysticks - Foonzo - Gutsygeek.com - GDLK - Autmn Games

BIG FUCKIN THANKS to Vince Rxs Hui for running the Stream. I hope you and your gf enjoyed Montreal ! You did an amazing job bro ! Also Thanks for your team of commentators you guys also worked hard!

All in all M.A.T IX ran really well this year! The pool system helped a lot. I wish people would listen more but what can I do about that … it will never change lol …

I was happy pretty much everyone respected all the Venue Rules its a 1st time we dont need to deal with shit !! Gratz guys !!!

Gratz to my Team MTLSF crew for placing 1st and 4th in SSF4AE
Henri Oung (MTLSF.Chi-Rithy) & Richard Tuok (MTLSF.Snafoo) im really proud of you guys!

So yeah I think this is it for now I got lots of work to finish up with website updates and what not so I leave you guys with this…

Thank you all once again who came to support the event!**


montreal is the fucking best


Teddy top fucking 5!?!?!?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Pierre has already said everything i wanted to say so ill just keep mines short.

Thanks to Pierre for letting me help with the event and for making this MAT one of the best yet! You are my habbibi! (no homo)

Thanks once again to all of our sponsors, without you this event would not have been possible!

TTT Crew/Vince, again for providing another godlike stream on the limited bandwitdh we had, you do great work vince! Congrats on being the azn Canadian Spooky!

Thanks to all of the outsiders who came, namely Dieminion and Wolfkrone, you guys showed us love even when you had the choice of other tournaments to attend, i hope you guys had a good time in mtl and will come back in the future!

Team MTLSF, great performance guys, Henri i knew you got this theres much more to come! Richard, forever fourth wont last long dont worry! you will get dat money soon enough! We are proud of you guys!

and finally a huge mega thanks to Foonzo Cafe, whom for real this never would have never happened if not for them, letting us use their venue and for being helpful and keeping us fed and boozed up! A new partnership is born!



Shoutouts to Pierre & Vivek for organizing the event.
Shoutouts to Autumn games for sponsoring the Skullgirls tournament
Shoutouts to every Skullgirls players I played
Shoutouts to Chun-Li being bottom 5 in 2012!