M.A.T VI Equipment Thread

This thread is for the people willing to lend us TVs , Consoles, Games for the event
if you have sticks or controllers you don’t need to post that because everyone has to bring their own sticks/controllers anyways.

Here’s what we need:

-12 Tvs

-6 PS3s


-2 DCs

-4 SF4s

-2 HDR

-2 3rd Strike

-2 CVS2s

What we have untill now

-7TVs ,
-5 ps3,
-4 ps2,
-2 dreamcast.
Game copies should be cool.

Now for the people who are going to post if your gonna post be 100% SURE that your gonna be able to bring it because I’ll be depending on you to bring them if you dont have a car just tell us and we’ll come to pick it up (MTL ppl of course DUH) if your not sure your better off not posting at all


I can donate:

  • 1 PS3
  • 1 PS2 (modded)
  • 1 SFIV
  • 1 STHD
  • 1 3S
  • 1 CvS2

Make a note. My copies of 3S and CvS2 are both on a 5 in 1 and 6 in 1 disc respectively. You’ll need a modded PS2 in order to use either of them.

Brian, i’ll help you bring your 3 T.Vs and stuff.


  • 1 SF4.

I have 1 modded ps2, 1 cvs2 original, 1 3s copie…

ps3 with a controller

come on guys… write it down so we know where we are at !!!
Montreal new comers I can assure you that we will take good care of your equipment.
Nobody from TO or MTL is gonna steal or break your shit…(maybe Ottawa tho).


Please refrain from posting in this thread if you’re not going to make any contribution
come on mtlsf i hope we’re not going to have to drop this year’s MAT due to lack of equipments

yeah get real people we need equipment. you want MAT6 to happend ? so let make it happend !!!

For those who are bringing their PS3s with HDR, plz download the patch. Its Out.
Just connect to your PSN, play the game, download.


wow Julien. We dont break shit or steal shit. Actually maybe that scrub D would

Yeah… I was thinking of Dee when I wrote this…hes a scrub and hes black…So he breaks and steal shit.

MM 5$ Dee cvs2 talk pas shit

Im moving in may so dont expect to stack the equipment at my place this year

well if we cant have a places to stack equippement then it migh be a big trouble .
getting more complicated now …

well we can stack the stuff at my place though it is kinda small…
ill ask my brother in law, im sure hed help, and his house is pretty big, so that could work

ill bring my ps3 and 2

done! that perfect!!! your place its enouf for it dont worry.:cool::nunchuck:

Bump! I need equipement people location and date have been confirmed


Sorry but after lugging the PS3 around to local tournaments and considering the setup I have for it now at home I won’t be disconnecting all of it for MAT. I’m sure there is enough consoles local to Montreal regardless that Toronto doesn’t have to be bringing a ton of gear with us. I’m just going to bring my stick with me this go around.

I can provide:

-1 PS2 w/3S
-1 DC w/MvC2

(And if optionally needed, a 360 w/SF4, 3S, and HDR)

Come on people we have to make this done!!!

I will bring ps3 and sf4.