M.Bison - Alpha 3 Help

I’m having difficulty adapting to M.Bison. His normals dont link very well and often are hard to connect close up. Also, his head press is awkward to use. Any advice, combos, strategies? I’m happy to report that I’m coming along nicely with Charlie, my first CC. Has made the game refreshing :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time.

well, i’d check the a3 help thread.
have you searched?

Dictator is more of a poker than anything in this game. s. MK is your friend on the ground (slide occasionally if spaced properly), c. MP has great priority close-up, s. FP is his main anti-air. Resist the urge to abuse s. RH as it whiffs completely on shotos and shorter characters. Scissor kick is useful occasionally, but it’s garbage compared to other games. A basic way to use the headpress is when you think they’ll do something with a long animation like a projectile since they won’t be able to move out of range or hit you out of the air. I would not recommend doing the follow-up punch on anyone using V-ISM unless you like getting anti-air VCed.