(M. Bison C-Groove thread...)

I know C groove is not the best groove for

Bison but, since I’m into it, it’ll be nice for you guys out there to

post some tactics for Bison C-groove, specially some links with

super cancels and stuff. By the way, pls gimme some advice of

using Bison against Shotokans… that’s probably my worst

enemies with Bison. Thanks! I know you guys won’t let a class-B

playaer like me down… =}

I can’t imagine Bison having any difficulty vs. Hibiki.
His B&B beats hers straight out, and C is nice for turtling, so he can do that until he finds an opening.
Unless, of course, the Hibiki you’re up against is sitting on full A meter and can mix it up like Gunter…

Nah i think it has to do with Hibiki’s fierce stupid hibiki players will finish her bnb forgetting that bison gets a free scissor kick and CC

bison has a hard time against her for sure just like chun

check out tokido vs morikawa in sbo1 youll see that morikawa has bison cornered but tokido mangages to get a combo out and resets the match


Kaizer, can you give me some tips for M. Bison? Like, how to defeat Vega? thanks!

my my!

Well, I think your Bison needs a little more lessons on basic characters than Vega. To be frank, my Bison is having a hard time on Vega too! Gotta keep a bit distant with him, specially in air, coz he can throw you there. (which where i usually ends up) Try to abuse Bisons higher air and punish Vegas “hops” with a sweep, I bet you can apply pressure with that. But with combos, try asking the better men here… maybe kcjx can help!


Thanks anyway Kaizer, I really appreciate that.
BTW, I’m not a guy FYI. I did swept my Vega opponent here at home, when he tries to do that gay-hopping thing backwards. I sure landed on him. =)