M.Bison Combo/Tech Thread: Psycho Power!

Let’s round up interesting tech with Bison in here.

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5F safe jump setup

Backthrow crush counter setup

VT Inferno 4F crush counter setup

EX-Blast wakeup pressure setup

V-Skill compilation

Corner mixup

Forward throw into corner dash meaty

MP inferno knockdown into df.HP crush

Inferno mixup #1 (meter heavy)

Disappearing Dictator Meaty Setups

Punishing with Bison

Bison Combos #1

Bison Combos #2

Reset Combo #1

Reset Combo #2

Reset Combo #3

4f safe jump if no recovery

If they quick recover (standing or back) your stMP beats their move (I presume a 4f move ?)

Bison EX-Head press / Throw Tech / V-Reversal OS (not sure if this will work with Alex DLC patch update yet… will test)

Reset Compilation #1

Reset Compilation #2

RnK Clan Resets (Bison combos start at 3m 19s)

Shadaloo TV Bootcamp #1
Shadaloo TV Bootcamp #2
Shadaloo TV Bootcamp #3

Bison Punishment Guide


gilley’s frame data doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1976rt8B91PqVCeYJAmcnW1uwVJ0H03QJtV-dJC5ohL8/edit#gid=1686056911

V-Trigger Cancel Properties

Attack	VT Hit	VT Guard
s.LP	1	0
s.MP	9	5
s.HP	9	4
s.LK	2	0
s.MK	6	2
s.HK	10	7
c.LP	0	-1
c.MP	6	3
c.HP	11	5
c.LK	0	1
c.MK	5	3
c.HK	Kd	4
df.HP	15	10
s.MP~df.hp	15	4
LP blast	Kd	15
MP blast	Kd	15
HP blast	Kd	14
EX blast	Kd	17
LP inferno	Kd	19
MP inferno	Kd	20
HP inferno	Kd	28
EX inferno	Kd	29
LK knee press	5	-2
MK knee press	5	0
HK knee press	6	3
EX knee press	kd	7

Awesome job

I dug up videos from the last few pages in the general thread. Feel free to post what I have missed. We will evaluate if they are still valid with the retail launch build.

This is such a pleasant surprise. Here I am bored and decided to jump on here and see some awesome tech!!! thanks. I will be watching these videos everyday until SFV.

Edit: on that 4frame video. He uses the SK to switch sides. Now would he be able to dash back on the other side to confuse the opponent even more if they were expecting it (SK)? I’m not sure exactly what his dash properties are yet. as far as him phasing through stuff. Also the more I watch all of these the more the mind starts thinking.

Got my ps4 hrap. Didnt play the beta but im looking forward to another era of dictatorship with everyone. See you dicks next week

He phases out on frame 6 in v-trigger forward dash.

Yeah the timing sounds about right if they read it and try to DP. The timing is perfectly lined up. You swipe them with df.HP on the way down and finish your combo, technically if you started with that same jump in the average character should probably stun. I don’t know if the stun meter starts to deplete that quickly after a quick rise and DP frame animation time frame.

Meaty pressure options

Safe jump options

Got those covered. Thanks


AHHHHHHHH Fresh forums.

Let’s round up interesting tech with Bison in here.

5F safe jump setup


I don’t know if someone noticed the fact that if you do an empty jump instead of jump attack you are safe from 3f reversal. A good way to bait dp

@SUPARNOVAX - can you please delete any of the videos in your first post that have tech that doesn’t work anymore (on release day obviously).

i found that one of the problems with the sf4 guile forum is that original posts weren’t kept updated between new versions of the game it just became a big mess. thanks in advance.

Yes, invalidated information from the retail launch testing will be removed. :slight_smile:

I feel like there’s going to be a ton of overhasty and unnecessary “tech” videos this time around. Like in that v-skill video half the stuff doesn’t even work. And that that oki video leaves out the most obvious followup to Inferno which is the safe jump. Also all that silly editing and 30s intros and all that other unnecessary shit.

Oh and while I’m complaining about things, why does no frame data site/app/whatever list his target combo?

Good stuff so far!

The data mined stuff from Dantarion lists it as “TC PSYCHOAXE” but the properties are slightly different supposedly.

The Prima guide comes out in a few days anyway. Be patient.

Tony what do u mean? Target combo is going to be different for the final release? Ive been dreaming about a use for that move. I get dead normals, it can happen, but something as unique as a target combo and it doesnt work?

The psycho axe from a raw df.HP is not the same as the s.MP~df.HP.

The raw psycho axe is +1 on block. The target combo psycho axe can be jabbed point blank because it’s -5. It needs to be spaced. You can’t spam it.

Need that damn early retail copy :frowning:

Hopefully I can score it before launch date and get it rolling. Got two local events to hit up including NLBC.

I thought he was alright in 4 but I’m definitely making him one of my top characters in this game, looks godlike.

But isnt max st.mp the furthest you can space it? That combined with df.hp forward movement, thats gotta put you pretty damn close.

Even if it were minus 2 or 3 what would be the use. You cant really tic throw off st.mp so theres no reason to push buttons afterwards. Theres safer options for hit confirm counter hits. More damage for dp punishes. Regular df.hp is so much better. What the hell is the point and how could it be made useful? Right now it seems utterly pointless but i want it to work.

Good question. I feel MP~Axe could use a tweak. I mean if it were like -3 it’s just a signal that they don’t want you to spam it since it moves you forward and it’s like, hey Bison, block or retreat. But I think for the most part it’s gonna be really hard to punish online. The stuttery block stuns kinda throw me off.