M.Bison Frame Data

For those interested<br>
Startup / Active / Recovery (Hit advantage / Block advantage)<br>
na = not available because of… knockdown or in air doing his own thang.<br>

<pre>Close standing normals
LP 6/2/9 (+6 / +2) Rapid fire cancelable to light normal moves
MP 5/3/13 (+5,0 / +1,-4)
HP 7/3/19 (+5,-4 / -1,-10) Forces standing on hit
LK 3/2/8 (+7 / +3)
MK 7/3/11 (+7,+2 / +3,-2)
HK 6/3/19 (+3,-2 / -2,-7)

Standing normals
LP 5/2/13 (+2 / -2) Rapid fire cancelable to light normals
MP 5/3/13 (+5,0 / +1,-4)
HP 8/3/24 (-2,-10 / -7,-15)
LK 4/2/10 (+5 / +1)
MK 6/3/17 (+1,-4 / -3,-8)
HK 6/3/20 (+2,-7 / -3,-12)

Crouching normals
LP 4/2/10 (+5 / +1) Rapid fire cancelable to light normal moves
MP 7/3/13 (+5,0 / +1,-4)
HP 11/4/18 (+4,-5 / -4,-13) Forces standing on hit
LK 4/2/10 (+5 / +1)
MK 5/4/15 (+2,-3 / -2,-7)
HK 15/12/24 (na / -12,-21)

13/2/54 (switch/-34)
Crushes crouching attacks, launches opponent while switching

Cross Cancel / Alpha Counter
15/22/18 (knockdown/-15)
Full body invulnerable 1-17 frames

Vertical jumping normals
LP 6/2 (+12 / +4)
MP 7/6 (+16 / +5)
HP 6/8 (+20 / +8)
LK 6/14 (+12 / +4)
MK 7/10 (+16 / +5)
HK 6/10 (+20 / +8)

Diagonal jumping normals
LP 6/7 (+12 / +4)
MP 7/3 (+16 / +5)
HP 8/8 (+20 / +8)
LK 5/7 (+12 / +4)
MK 6/14 (+16 / +5)
HK 7/6 (+20 / +8)

Hell Attack
1st 7/3 (+16 / +5) Input MP after 7 frame for follow-up attack, knockdown on airborne foes
2nd 6/4 (+16 / +5) Knockdown on airborne foes

Throws (front = 150 damage, back = 140 damage)
7/2/20 (hard knockdown)

Special Moves
LP Psycho 15/23/18 (na / -7) Airborne frames 15-48
MP Psycho 15/27/22 (na / -13) Airborne frames 15-52
HP Psycho 15/33/22 (na / -16) Airborne 15-58
EX Psycho 16/23/18 (na / -15) Full body invulnerability frames 1-15, airborne 16-49, absorbs 1 projectile hit

Head Press 23-36/na/16 (-22 / -26) Homes to foe’s position, knockdown on airborne foe, airborne on frame 1
EX Head Press 24/-36/na (kd / -26) Full body invulnerability from startup until active, homes to foe’s position, airborne frame 1
Skulldiver 8/3/na; 8f landing (+18 / +15)
EX Skulldiver 8/3/na; 8f landing (+18 / +15) Full body invulnerability frames 1-10

Devil’s Reverse na/na/49
EX Devil’s Reverse na/na/49 Full body invulnerability frames 1-14
Follow up 35/na/16 (+1 / na)
EX Follow up 35/na/16 (+1 / na) Invulnerable frames 1-grounded/hit/block, airborne frame 1

Bison Warp 1-30 invincible/43 recovery

LK Knee Press 11 / 2(1)4 / 20 (na / -2) Airborne frames 13-17, 51 frames for Super Charge, 100 frames for Super Arts
MK Knee Press 17 / 2(1)4 / 23 (na / -5) Airborne frames 19-23, 51 frames for Super Charge, 100 frames for Super Arts
HK Knee Press 21 / 2(1)4 / 22 (na /-6) Airborne frames 23-27, 51 frames for Super Charge, 100 frames for Super Arts
EX Knee Press 15 / 2(1)2(1)4(7)18 / 30 (na / -31) Airborne frames 17-21, Full body projectile invulnerability frames 1-38, 51 frames to Super Charge

Super Art
13 / (1)2(11)4(2)2 / 27 (na / -10) Full body invulnerability frames 1-11

Cross Art
9 / 2 / 47 (na / -27) Full body invulnerability frames 1-9

Disgusting. Added 4 frames of recovery to stand hk. No wonder I’m getting tagged by fast pokes ON BLOCK. Yeah. And no wonder I couldn’t really punish Juri’s blocked light pinwheels with short frame 4 hahahahaha. Also enjoy the nerfed AA hitbox on roundhouse. Crossup took a hit too. Thanks for share.

edit: and ofc -2 light kick scissor LOLOL

so it’s better to link his s.MK chain combo for tag combo (+1,-3)

yeh but you still get punished by certain character when ending with a blocked stand hk. So far I noticed Vega and opposing Bisons can do it within certain spacing. This character is crap. If anyone disagrees, please enlighten me.

my beef with him (copypasta)

So how are those c.lk, scissors bnb for you? Is your team Juli + Bison? I keep playing him like I’m SF 4 so those, timing on scissors really messes me up. Guess I won’t be going back to SSF 4 for a while.

Slide seems to be bad if spaced right? why is (NA/12). If he had rolento’s frame for the slide this would be awesome…

dude, I’m not using Bison in this game unless they fix him big time. Dropping him for Chun. And the timing is easy BUT you need clean inputs and when I went to SSF4 Bison today I couldn’t do his 2 frame links until I practiced in training room. I actually enter tournies for that game so it’s one or the other. I choose SSF4 Bison

Her pinwheels are like -2, -5 and -7. They are safe. Like I said, lol I’m getting thrashed by SF4 characters in here and it’s totally because their frame data’s not the same. This is a new game afterall :frowning: Feelsbadman. Getting slapped by 40% to 50% corner combos by Juri is insulting yo!~!

There’s nothing to change for Bison. This is a new character. Gotta adapt to different frames and mechanics. You’ll find new stuff if you keep playing. I am intermittently playing with Bison stuff here and there.

Oh snap. EX skulldiver and EX skull diver are invulnerable.

Build meter, and go in for free

:eek: I learned very quickly if you try to play this Bison like IV Bison, you will be extremely disappointed.

The game doesn’t encourage jumping offense, which is why crossups almost across the board took a hit.

The character is designed for offensive aggressive poking into big damage for his partner off of tags.

Scissors is not supposed to be the safe utility move it was in IV. Here, it’s used for combo damage with its new juggle and for corner carry (MY WORD :hk: SCISSORS MAKES THE CAMERA LOOK LIKE YOU’RE PLAYING SONIC 2). The corner gives Bison his crossups options (if you want those) or his lockdown roundhouse and forward (if you want that). For utility, you want Skull Diver and Psycho Crusher. PC is pretty much the new scissors. Scissors is pretty much the new PC.

He has solid damage meterless, not anything fantastic or outstanding, but if your links are right he gets easy poke damage into his combos. His main strength is forward or roundhouse into tag, though, for half screen hitconfirmed tags. Bison does his best work by staying alive, actually, as opposed to doing damage. His teammates do the heavy lifting, he does his job by giving them the barbells to lift.

If I can get enough time to write up my thoughts on the character, I’ll be willing to do that and see what you guys think about it. Just don’t play him like IV. It doesn’t work. I promise. He reminds me more of CvS2, maybe a little (just a tiny bit) of ST Bison. Forget Alpha and forget IV. Almost no similarities. If you’ve only ever played IV Bison, try him out in other games to see his different styles.

thats actualy how I’ve been playing him on my end haha. I’d run in with pokes, and try to poke confirm into launcher. if I had lili for example I can do ex HK rabbits foot, ground bounce, cr.HP and then CFB+lk for another hit confirm. pretty decent damage. And then hard tag bison back in (unless he’s lost some life. since tagging back in loses their recoverable life)

hella fun. I don’t mind bison in this game you just have to play him a bit different.


Yeah. He seems like a Team Player… utility… getting the tag… but now you need to be careful with poking because they added 4 frames of recovery to hk and even frames to mk.

Same, but why not just use Chun Li? She can do poking with more options like overhead, crossup, fireball, air grab, and she now as an awesome AA with stand mk. Bison just feels a bit outclassed now sadly.

I’d feel weird because I had been maining Bison since AE. Character loyalty and all that.

Plus chun is all commands now via half circles. I like Bison atm because I’m also a bit familiar with him. I’ll probably try out chun to see what stuff I can do with her and maybe with lili, king or marduk as her tag in partner (NOW ITS YOUR TURN SISTAH)

Every character got slower stuff, weaker stuff and more recovery frames. Just look at chun and ryu.
This is a different game. They changed lots of stuff.
Bison had some adjustment to his playstyle. Less pressure, more movement.

We should figure out the exact active frames for Psycho Crusher.
In SSF4 it was something like 12+something.
Knowing the second hit’s active time, its possible to measure how safe it is

I don’t have any frame data atm, but yeah I’m using Chun over Bison and I’m afraid to use sweep lol.

Check those pdfs released for Ryu, Ibuki, Chun.

You’ll see everything is different.
For example, throws are 7f now. Everyone.
Ryu’s EX Shoryuken is 5f. His cr.lp has 9 recovery frames.
Chun’s cr.hk is now 8f
only their lights are at 0 or more. Everything else is unsafe.

link please?

ask and you shall receive

Notes on Bison’s EX moves:
EX Psycho Crusher: Invincible 1~15f, airborne 16~49f (yay no more getting ground thrown out of EX-PC), absorbs 1 projectile hit
EX Scissor Kicks: Projectile Invincible 1~38f, airborne 17~21f, chargable
EX Head Stomp: Invincible until active, airborne frame 1
EX Skulldiver: Invincible 1~10f (all active frames are invincible)
EX DR: Invincible 1~14f
EX DR attack: Invincible until grounded/hit/block (!)

OK, Time to pick up onslaught gems and spam that shit